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Artwork by Monique Müge from the cover showing a pair of red-tinted sunglasses resting in a flat surface.

A Look at the Contents of New Book “Being Matt Murdock”

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From the Introduction to “Being Matt Murdock
– One Fan’s Journey Into the Science of Daredevil”

“[It] is not a coincidence that I have chosen to give this book the title Being Matt Murdock. While Marvel has long excelled at featuring the people behind the masks as prominently as their costumed alter egos, I cannot help but feel that this is especially true for Matt Murdock. His civilian persona has been at the center of some of the most interesting Daredevil stories ever told, and his unique combination of sensory enhancements and deficits is guaranteed to affect every aspect of Matt Murdock’s life, whether he is in costume or not.

During my many years of blogging at The Other Murdock Papers, a blog devoted specifically to Daredevil that I launched in 2007, I have been fortunate enough to connect with other fans who share much of my appreciation for the character, as well as my occasional frustrations. When I gradually turned to writing more frequently on the topic of Daredevil’s senses and how they relate to real-world science, I was worried that it might turn some people off. Perhaps the subject would be too technical, or my takes too… well, “nit-picky” is a word that comes to mind. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my science posts consistently ranked among the most popular – and the most commented on.

I think this has been partly due to the lack of information on this topic elsewhere. Aside from the occasional mention in the popular science press, usually when a writer wants to make a culturally relevant point about echolocation, there has been little written about Daredevil from this perspective. I also like to think that my regular readers have enjoyed my science posts because they have conveyed at least some of the enjoyment of writing them. If I’m having fun, the odds are good that my readers are too. I have brought that same passion, and more than occasional irreverence, to the writing of this book.”

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