Frequently Asked Questions

I know the name of this page is Frequently Asked Questions but, let’s face it, I’ve never been asked any of these questions. I’m just guessing that people might be wondering about certain things. Besides, all sites need an FAQ section, right? If you have a real question, add it in the comments, and I’ll try to answer it.

Have you read every issue of Daredevil? 

Yes. As well as most of his appearances elsewhere and all Daredevil mini-series. I’m a completist, what can I say?

Why do you post about only one character?

Lots of people read dozens of comic books every week and do a fantastic job of writing reviews and discussing the medium as a whole. I’m not one of those people. Daredevil is not the only comic I read, but he’s on a short list, at least when it comes to ongoing series.

From a blogging perspective, there’s also the matter of creating your own niche. When I started this blog all the way back in 2007, it was the only one on the Internet dedicated exclusively to Daredevil. I try to write what I know and feel passionate about.

In what issue did the Gael (or some other random character) appear?

I don’t know off the top of my head. This site doesn’t have that kind of stats on it and I don’t plan to add them. Daredevil fandom has been blessed with one of the best sites in the genre with Kuljit Mithra’s which does have that kind of information on it, along with much more. This is primarily a blog.

Some posts are dedicated to providing solid information for newbies (such as Conflicting continuities – A look at Daredevil canon and Daredevil Volume 2 for Dummies), but I have no desire to reinvent the wheel and redo what someone else has already done better. Besides, I’m too lazy (and too busy) for that.

Is Daredevil difficult to get into?

That’s a solid ‘no’. Daredevil got me back into comics as an adult and is probably one of the most accessible books Marvel puts out. Daredevil has always had only one book, aside from minis and the odd guest appearance, which makes it easy enough for people who want to have a go at reading the whole thing. Even storywise, very little background is needed for those who want to jump on.

While I sincerely recommend both the Miller run and the slightly more recent work by Bendis and Brubaker, especially if you’re coming to the book from the Netflix show, you don’t need to read them in order to follow along. In fact, the current (2019) run by Zdarsky, Checchetto et al provides a perfect jumping on point.

How do you find things on this site?

Good question. With currently 831 posts, only a fraction of the site’s content is immediately visible when you pop in here for the first time. It’s sort of like the tip of the iceberg. To find what you want, try browsing each category (see menu above), or check out the full list of posts on the archives page. There’s also a search box in the header section.

Do you like making fun of silver age Daredevil?

Yes. Yes, I do. What gave me away?

May I suggest a post topic?

You sure may. I’m always open to new ideas, and sometimes my creative well runs a little dry. Contact me at

Would you consider running ads on your site?

No, I’m not currently interested in putting ads on my blog at this time because I find them distracting to look at, and doubt that the money it would generate would be worth it.

Why is this site called The Other Murdock Papers?

The Murdock Papers was the name of Brian Bendis’s and Alex Maleev’s last story arc on Daredevil, and the name of this site is simply a play on that title. The mention of ‘papers’ also suggests a written document of some kind and I just found it suitable the second the name popped in my head.

Now add your own question to the comments and I’ll answer that one too!