For Daredevil (and TOMP) newbies

At the time of this writing, it’s the beginning of January, 2014. This spring, Daredevil will celebrate his 50th anniversary, and I decided that now was the time to finally make good on my old promise to put up a list of posts, most of the “full essay” variety, that are also suitable for people who are new to the character, not just seasoned fans.

While there are many good Daredevil resources out there (first and foremost, the Internet’s premiere Daredevil fan site, this list will be limited to old posts of mine that, when taken together, form a nice enough picture of the character as a whole. As such, this list is also a good starting point for people who may not be new to the character, but who may have recently discovered this site.

The list runs from earliest to most recent, and will be updated at regular intervals.

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