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I’m happy to say that The Other Murdock Papers has been blessed with some of the friendliest and best-behaved readers/commenters I’ve seen on any comic book site, and I’ve never had to remove a comment. However, should I come across a comment that is disrespectful or rude, written by someone who clearly doesn’t appreciate the kind of open and friendly environment that this site represents, I will not hesitate to remove it.

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  1. i love anything to do with daredevil, i have being a fan since issiue one which i used to own,my two favourite issiues were submariner first time we saw daredevil in red what an impact that made, plus the stiltman issiue,the new daredevil has a sixties feel which i love, and i love your website, keep up the good work, rob hawkins,

  2. Dear Sir,
    thank you for the creation of this website.It gives me a rare chance for expression.Tell me:The Ultimate Elektra will ever recover from her fierce injurie done by Moon Knight?I want to know.I really think Brian Bendis should have treated her better,and not with that so rough manner.

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