A 2022 retrospective – and a look ahead at 2023!

Jan 2, 2023

A 2022 retrospective – and a look ahead at 2023!

Jan 2, 2023

2022 has been one of the most eventful years of my life – in a good way! It has absolutely had its share of losses and setbacks, but this was the year I finally published that “science of Daredevil” book I’ve been talking about for a literal decade. This was also the year we saved Daredevil (more on this below), and the year I got to meet most of the people I hadn’t met yet on the campaign team, at San Diego Comic Con in July, and at New York Comic Con in October.

I wrote a whole damn book…

I’m sure some of you are probably sick of hearing me talk about my book at this point, but it’s a project that has dominated much of my life for the last eighteen months. And, it’s also been a major item on my personal bucket list for many years. And here’s where I may perhaps be able to offer some words of encouragement to anyone out there who has something similar they’ve been dreaming about doing or achieving: Do it now. Well, not “now-now,” but draw up a plan for yourself to get started, and make it a priority. It’s a gift you’re giving to yourself.

Mockup of paperback version of Being Matt Murdock

In my case, changes in my professional life (not to mention the pandemic) allowed me to carve out enough time to actually spend the many hundreds of hours that it took to finish Being Matt Murdock. I realize that any number of factors (time, money, personal obligations) may prevent someone from embarking on a dream project, but the key aspect is still probably going to be the mental part. If we’re talking about a creative endeavor, then putting it into the world will inevitably entail putting yourself “out there” to a certain extent. Diving head-first into a passion project intended for public consumption means taking the risk that you’ll fail miserably and that everyone going to hate it (or laugh at it!), and this may feel especially daunting if it’s something you care deeply about. But it is so worth it.

I also learned so many valuable lessons along the way. While I did work with an editor (a learning experience in and of itself), I decided early on to take the self-publishing route. In so doing, I had to teach myself how to accomplish all of the many steps entailed. I also knew I wanted to make an audiobook, and that was its own kind of learning experience, from recording it in a studio (over one weekend and eighteen hours!), editing the whole thing, and meeting all of the technical specifications. The audiobook was finished a mere month ago, and has yet to reach all of the available platforms (Audible, I’m looking at you), but is currently available at all of the places below:

I also want to remind those of you who bought the book (print or ebook) on or before December 1, 2022, that there’s an evergreen offer in the form of a free audiobook waiting for you if you’re interested. Just send me an email at my [first_name].[last_name]@gmail.com, and I’ll send it to you!

You may be wondering what I’m going to do with my free time, now that I’ve finished that darn book. Well, one obvious answer is to return to blogging more. One question I received while doing an AMA on the Daredevil subreddit a couple of weeks ago, was whether I would be making a third installment of my 50+ ways in which Marvel’s Daredevil reminds you that Matt is blind (for real)” posts, to cover Daredevil’s third season. I absolutely intend to, and there are lots of other posts I’d like to get to as well, including some kind of review of the final two thirds of season three. When the show was canceled, I couldn’t bring myself to finish the series beyond the review of episode five, and it’s only been since we’ve received positive news of  Charlie Cox’s return to the character that I’ve been able to enjoy the show again. I also need to get caught up to speed on the current comics. I set all of that aside while focusing on the book, and the current run also hasn’t really been my cup of tea. I feel like I need to give it another try though.

We’re getting more Daredevil!

Obviously, the biggest news in the Daredevil-sphere in 2022 was that Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio would be returning in an eighteen-episode first season of Daredevil: Born Again. We had already seen Charlie return briefly in Spider-Man: No Way Home at the end of 2021, and there were lots of rumors brewing about various other appearances. When the trade press announced, in late spring, that a new Daredevil show was in the works, we felt that it was safe to declare that Daredevil had been saved. Still, it was absolutely magical to be able to hear the official announcement in Hall H in San Diego. And holy crap, eighteen episodes! After that, the first She-Hulk trailer to feature Daredevil dropped, and our whole group just about lost it.

Of course, while we do know that the new Daredevil show is set to start filming early his year, we don’t know much beyond that. Which actors will be returning? How will this show tie into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will the characters be the same as the ones we know and love from the Netflix show? And when Matt Murdock appeared in She-Hulk (that’s material for a separate post as well!), was that the same character?

I will say this: It certainly felt like the same character to me, and I think that should probably be the default assumption. Why bring the same actor back to play the same character, especially with the old show now residing on Disney’s own platform (another big event that happened in 2022), if you’re not counting on the viewers “reading” this character as the same?

In general, I think we’re going to have to there are some things we won’t know until the show comes out, or at least until Cox’s Daredevil makes further appearances. I’m personally not worried about this Daredevil being some other version of Daredevil, though I will be ready to riot if Elden doesn’t return as Foggy. 😉

I think that’s it for now! I want to wish everyone a very happy 2023, and I’m looking forward to spending a lot more time around the blog going forward.


  1. Nicole Wohland

    Thank you for your work. Let’s see what will happen in 2023. I wish you all the best for your upcoming projects.

  2. Paloma C

    I’m a fairly new Daredevil fan (both reader and watcher), but your blog has been such an enjoyable thing to read as I get further and further into the obsession 😂. I am looking forward to your upcoming projects in 2023, and will be purchasing your book as soon as I have to time to read it!! Happy 2023!


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