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I know, it’s been a minute! Or a few, rather. It has, in fact, been so long since I last posted that the current WordPress post editor feels completely foreign to me (can I have the HTML editor back please?)*. Oh, and I noticed a new bug in the theme I was using I that I couldn’t seem to get rid of, which is why this site has an entirely new look. I really liked the look of the old site, but the fact that most of the links didn’t work (but right-click to open in new tab did), weighed pretty heavily against it, as you might imagine.

Putting technical issues aside, I’ve decided to temporarily use this site to chronicle (and parallel) the slow but steady progress I have made, and continue to make, on my non-fiction Daredevil science book. While working my way through the different topics and findings that end up in the main text (several chapters of which I have already more or less completed), I will offer some teasers here, take a few deep dives, and even go on little detours.

My hope is that this will help me further flesh out my thoughts, while hopefully entertaining at least some of you guys, and allow me to focus on those aspects of the Daredevil character that I have always felt genuinely passionate about.

It would basically be all “Daredevil science” all the time, but I think we can agree that it sure beats the current state of no content at all. And, whatever feedback I get from you guys can be used to further refine my arguments, or improve my explanations of difficult topics. The hardest thing about writing a book about this stuff is to figure out what level to aim for. I don’t want to talk down to my potential readers, but I don’t want the material to be inaccessible either.

The first topic I wanted to address with the “relaunched” TOMP is the “world on fire” effect from the first season of the show. And, by the time you’re reading this, it should already be up! I’ll see you there.

*) Oh, and I found the HTML editor. Phew!


  1. Bill

    Welcome back. Always love your DD insights, and have for years and years!!!

    • Christine

      Thank you so much, Bill! I’m really excited for what I have planned, and also happy to see my longtime readers back.


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