The Daredevil trailer is here!

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Hot damn, the trailer is here already! It looks f-ing amazing. And here I was in the middle of writing another post that I’ll now have to modify. Also, just on my way out the office door.

Look for a proper podcast dissection of this trailer very soon! Comment away, but don’t go either there or anywhere near this video if you’re avoiding spoilers!

Update: Yours truly will discuss this trailer with Claire from The Defenders Podcast (it’s a tradition!) in a special podcast episode that will be released on Saturday. Stay tuned!


  1. Donald Reif

    Well now there’s context to that leaked photo from August.

  2. geb

    Hot diggity DANG!, looking real, REAL! good.. It feel’s that they’ll surpass even season1.. and by QUITE a few lengths.. Oh my goodness gracious, it’s been decades since I’ve been PSYCHED! outta my everlovin’ MIND!!!

  3. Jenny

    I know fights look good in a trailer, but they are not my favorite thing to watch. Still I liked it. I’m most excited to see Karen’s backstory and the Nelsons’ Butcher Shop. (The flashback scenes in Nelson v. Murdock are probably my favorite thing in the whole show, so far ;).)

  4. Georgia

    Somehow no one talks about, how he “causally” sits on the egde of this roof. 5th screen on the right (with Fisk), apparently two dead people at the Bulletin.

  5. Donald Reif

    While a “villain frames the hero as a bad guy” story is not exactly innovative (in fact, Fisk had kinda done this before when it came to blowing up the Russians as well as the deaths of Detective Blake and those other cops), but I can see this working. Unlike the other times the Netflix shows have done it ( people only confused Danny and Davos for like five seconds before it stops mattering; while Diamondback’s scheme to frame Luke for murdering a cop was pretty contrived and quickly dismantled), Matt’s the kind of character where it could stick, in no small part because Matt really is crossing some serious lines. He’s given henchmen injuries that would leave them brain-damaged, and he did toss a Russian off Claire’s roof (and he did the same with Nobu).

    • Christine Hanefalk

      @Donald Just to let you know, and I hope you understand, I took down your other comment since it contains more information about things than what’s evident from the trailer. Based in part on the fact that even I am starting to feel that I know too much going into this, I’m making up a new rule on the spot for openly stating which episodes various scenes are from.

      While they do a terrible job of hiding this (for people who do want to know, check the image file names in places like Spoiler TV), we can’t consider this information on the same level as what is being stated openly in interviews with cast/crew and shown in the trailer since it’s something you actually have to actively go out and look for. I will stop looking myself from now on as well as even I don’t wish to know more.

  6. geb

    Whew, glad to hear some rebounding.. I was holding my tongue due to respecting the wishes of the no spoiler party but.. hope I’m forgiven for a teeny, partial, semi-encrypted quote of just one scene that verifies our biggest hope—–>”etc, etc, etc, that YOU don’t **come the m**ster”.. sound’s as though much heavyweight-class punching will be thrown for the title of the Murdock persona in this season.. Cheers.. CLINK!

    • Christine Hanefalk

      @geb Discussing whatever is talked about in the post is always okay. So if I post the trailer, anyone is allowed to discuss the trailer. I always put spoiler warnings in when needed and they apply to the comment section (of that post) as well, so no worries.

      However, I think we should be careful with discussing things that lie outside or beyond what the post is about.

  7. geb

    So true, and as it should be—–>Hey thank’s Chris, I got.. ha.. SO psyched hearing “THEM” saying that “particular”, it just dazzled me into borderline criminality.. No sweat about not spilling beans though.

  8. Jenny

    After thinking about it, I’d like to amend my earlier thoughts to “I’m not crazy about fight scenes, but I’m thrilled that he’s not fighting mystical ninjas!”

    I watched the trailer again last night, pausing every few seconds and noticed a few more things I’m intrigued by. I’m really looking forward to this season.

  9. Donald Reif

    That was definitely a panel out of Born Again at the very end of the trailer (Fisk sitting around a wall of monitors with newscasts).

  10. geb

    @Jenny… I can relate to your feelings about fight scenes, and most definitely relieved that we actually do seem past the tale of “The Endless Ninja Cluster Dance”.. And although I appreciate a well choreographed fight sequence, truth be told, if it’s not enveloped within a well planned, timed, and executed situation that’s a logical extension of the plot/sub-plots then it really has much less effect on the more important complete picture and does very little to save the final outcome of an inherently bad production.
    I’ll add in defense of Matt’s Daredevil side MO that when regarding our No.1 hero there is a factor of elevated interest in his action scenes simply due, as you may easily guess, to the circumstances under which ManWithoutFear MUST deal with life or death situations but, additionally, it’s also quite a challenge to the choreographers/stuntmen teams in exactly just how they handle Murdock’s specific and unique situation as blind tactician that demand’s a significantly higher amount of viewer attention while, if fully grasped, simultaneously commanding quite a deeper respect for all involved in these particular fight sequences over the norm.
    Large part of the “magic” I suppose.


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