Dissecting the Daredevil season three trailer with Christine and Claire

Oct 6, 2018

Dissecting the Daredevil season three trailer with Christine and Claire

Oct 6, 2018

Hey gang! Me and Claire from The Defenders Podcast are dissecting the season three trailer and going off on all kinds of weird and fun tangents. Listen below and follow along by looking at the screen shots!

“I used to listen to people, asking for help…”

Matt Murdock
Matt, dressed as the man in black, sitting near the cross on top of a church.

“…that’s what I was trying to do. Help people.”

[Machine gun fire]

“But I was fooling myself. Darkness only responds…

Matt Murdock

“…to darkness.”

“I’m Daredevil”

[Credit scene]

“I have made many mistakes, but I accept the debt I’m paying because of them.”

Wilson Fisk

“Prison has changed me.”

“What is it you’re saying?”

Ray Nadeem: 

“I want to make a deal”

Wilson Fisk

“He’s claiming to have changed…”

Matt Murdock

“…but they don’t know him like I do”

“Last time that we spoke, you threatened me. That is something I cannot forgive.”

Wilson Fisk

“I’ll stop him, for good this time…”

Matt Murdock

“There’s only one way to stop me, but you’re not going to do it.”

Wilson Fisk

“You’re sure about that?”

Matt Murdock

“Just be careful that you don’t become the monster.”

Sister Maggie

“Because I tried to make this city a better place.”

Wilson Fisk

“I will tell the world…”

“…who you really are.”

“Someone who is showing his true colors.”

“Sometimes you have to hurt one person for the greater good.”

Matt Murdock

“This city needs a new villain.”


“I think I might have found him.”

Wilson Fisk

“Daredevil is our true public enemy!”

“According to eye witnesses, this brutal attack has been carried out by none other than…”



“Who are you?”

Matt Murdock

“I’m Daredevil.”



  1. geb

    Hello finally again, to both you Chris and Claire.. and Gee it’s been a lONG time since hearing you gal’s laughing together again, this was great!. Some really in depth hypothesizing found on this here Podcast.
    Did the barely audible background music sound quite a bit like.. ha.. “Brain Damage” in the beginning?
    I too thought of Melvin when that sawblade swipe roundhoused.. Then..
    ..maybe this is confirmation that if they showed this much in the trailer, then they’ve so much more than met the eye in store fore us.
    Well, you ladies covered it quite well, and made some probabilities a lot clearer.
    But yes I agree, I also hope that they go (extra) light with the use of the “Guardian Devil” storyline.. After the glitz and hype wore off, I too could never come to grips with the lazy storytelling, and it even seemed that in so many way’s it wasn’t even the Daredevil I knew.

    So, in the “newsroom?” collage.. there are 2 pistols, one in Karen’s and one in Bullseye’s hands.. Claire is right, Karen is pointing it at an unmasked man, I can even see his ear under his hairline.. certainly not Matt for she would have been exposing him, even if it was after the Daredevil committed crimes I doubt she would.. Bullseye obviously shoot’s someone, but who?. And Karen’s wearing SUCH a surprised expression then.
    And when Matt stops Bullseye’s batton, it’s a suited man he’s protecting.. an offical?.. Bullseyes gunshot must be before hand so as Daredevil appear’s to be wanted for 1st degree, which may explain his earlier show down with SWAT.
    In the “Last time we spoke , you threatened me..” collage there are 3 shot’s of Matt, 2 are him holding the phone and in the left 1/3 of the 1 of the farther panoramic view their appear’s to be a 1/2 shot of a human obsever behind a one way glass (ear again and perhaps bald), then Fisk is looking at Matt, who’s now hung up the phone, from perhaps an upper isle through the same? glass or wired and to now screen on while Matt’s now hung up the phone, and with that look on Matt’s face it look’s as though Fisk’s threat was made right then and there in prison.. Which would explain the earlier hallway scene coming right after he exist’s and meet’s the assaulting inmates.. and again his earlier bloody appearance in the frames outside his terrace, and then sister maggie cleaning him up.
    But it’s confusing.. Fisk is wearing the same blue inmate clothing as when he’s theoretically observing matt in the infirmary as when he’s sitting and staring at what appears to be a blank wall and we hear his “I accept the consequences of my mistakes..” and then in the same uniform I believe, he’s looking out a window at New York.. But is weraing orange when speaking with Ray about wanting to “make a deal” suggesting this was before his encounter with Matt because when Foggs see’s Fisk in the headline he’s now wearing blue again during his transport.

    I reiterrate, I think you’re both correct that this S3 will be SO focused on the core character development that the action pack’s from start to finish!

    (You have a good proaesthaisi Chris—–>”Willow” is quite overlooked.. Lucas was by FAR (Speil, Scot, Cam, etc) the more creative mind (“The Princess Bride” rates higher but that was adapted from a classic), and one of the biggest shames is watching all BS going on that’s destroying what he built.

    At any rate, thank you both for your hard work, participation AND especially, your sharing

  2. Jenny

    Loved the podcast! I hope your kitty is ok.

  3. Nora


    I could not resist to read the transscript of the daredevil panel at the New York Comic Con. In one sneak preview they revealed that Matt is deaf in one ear after the collaps of the Midland Circle building.
    This is a incredible smart move for two reasons: it connects one of the “orphan scenes” of season 2 to the larger plot and it is very elegant way to disable Matts “radar sense” without imcapacitating him in a more fundamental way that would impede the plot.
    In season 2 (second episode, I think) Matt is temporarily deaf after being shot in the head. While the scene was beauifully executed and must have been a terrifying experience, it hat no consequence in all remaining episodes and was never mentioned again. So if season 3 starts with a similar effect after ahead trauma, the scene would finally make any sense.
    For the second part: in our second year in medical school we did a beautiful experiment in the “senses physiology” course: We had a flexible tube connecting our ears behind our head. The tube hat markings that indicated the degrees on a circle. A partner tapped the tube on different locations and most of us normaly hearing medical students could discern the location of the tapping to a accuracy of 2-3°. Our incredible brain can calculate the direction out of the minuscule time delay between the sound detection of the ear closer to the source of the sound and the ear which is a bit more away.
    So, if Matt is deaf on one ear, he could still communicate and assess the quality of the echos but his use of the soundscape and the sense of direction would be severely disabled thus effectively turning parts of his “radar” off (assuming that the “radar mostly consists of echolocation).
    I am really excited whether Oleson found more elegant twists like this one.

    • Christine Hanefalk

      @Nora (So, also spoiler!!!!) 😉

      Yeah, I read the transcripts too and I had the exact same reaction. Knocking out one ear would preserve “superhearing” in the remaining ear but make his ability to detect objects and spaces turn to absolute shit (pardon my French). If they actually thought about this (fingers crossed), it makes perfect sense and I would be very impressed. I just hope he isn’t shown effectively Daredeviling in this state as he shouldn’t really be able to “see” much of anything at all. As you mention, hearing in stereo is crucial to spatial hearing. I’m hoping that he will have at least partially recovered the hearing in that ear by the time he goes out in the mask. Or, they could go the route (also a bit of an homage to that season two scene you mention) where the hearing comes and goes in that ear, until he gets better again.

  4. Martha

    Spoilers here, too!!

    @Nora, @Christine: This is something I can speak about from personal experience, having almost no hearing in one ear and normal hearing in the other. Based on my experience, this should be a major problem for Matt, in three ways. First, if someone approaches me on the side of my “bad” ear and speaks to me, I basically don’t hear them at all. But unlike Matt, I know someone is there, because I can see him or her. Secondly, having only one “good” ear makes it difficult to hear in a noisy environment (for example, trying to have a conversation at a social gathering with a lot of people talking at the same time, or in a noisy restaurant). Third, the inability to hear “in stereo” often makes it difficult to tell where a sound is coming from. For me, in my daily life, these things are usually just an annoyance. But I’m not blind. Even though Matt’s enhanced hearing on the “good” side may compensate to some extent, one-sided hearing loss has to be a major problem for someone who depends on his hearing as much as he does. I agree he could not function as Daredevil in this condition, and I will be watching carefully and hoping they get it right.

  5. Martha

    A small correction to what I said above (too late to edit). I should have said that I know when someone on my “bad” side is speaking to me because, unlike Matt, I can see the person. Of course, Matt’s other senses may still tell him that someone’s there, if those senses are functioning at their usual levels (which may not be the case).

  6. Nora

    @Martha: Thank you a lot for sharing. Actually, I do think that the showrunner did think about this and this is such a vast improvement to the undetectable Ninja mystery.
    Compared to season two, everybody involved in the show seems to be honestly impressed by the high level of writing. This enthusiasm definitely wasn’t there before season 2.

  7. Nora

    @ Christine: since you mention this article on twitter:
    For me this is just an example of sloppy research. Many details could have been accurate without impeding the plot and this would have improved the season so much. It always drives me nuts when someone is supposed to be an abolute hotshot at something and then the writers have him say or do something that reveals complete incompentence.
    This was great about season 1. I just re-watched episode 12, where Claire stitches Matt up. You can’t see her hands, but her movements indicate that she is actually tieing real surgical knots. As far as I can tell, in almost all areas they put in this level of love for details. Everything does not have to reflect real life 1:1 but should be a way that could work and is plausible.
    I am so excited for season 3.


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