Counting down the hours until Daredevil Season Three

Oct 17, 2018

Counting down the hours until Daredevil Season Three

Oct 17, 2018

At the time of this writing, we are about 36 hours away from the release of the third season of Daredevil. Depending on where you are in the world, you may be able to start watching right away, or need to postpone it for a few hours. If you are a regular TOMP reader, I suspect you’ll hit “play” as soon as logistics and family and work responsibilities allow.

On a personal note, I think I’ve devised a plan that will allow me to finish watching within the first sixteen hours. While I certainly see the appeal in dragging it out, I don’t think I could put off knowing where it all ends. As long as nothing happens to put me off entirely, I’ll rewatch at a more comfortable pace of the next few days. Besides, I have to start pushing out those individual episode reviews ASAP.

I haven’t really had time to blog in the last few days, and part of the reason is that I’ve been so busy just sharing, retweeting and otherwise engaging with the posters, teasers and reviews coming out over the last few days on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This is just one of the many reasons you should follow me on those platforms, if you use them yourself (links in the footer).

And the Daredevil account has certainly been busy. In this post, you’ll find the Bullseye-centric trailer that came out just minutes before me and Claire sat down to discuss the official trailer. Below is the Wilson Fisk featurette, released just a few days ago. It contains interviews with Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox – that latter still covered in fake blood – and quite a bit of previously unseen footage. Whether the Daredevil marketing team has been too generous with what they’ve been giving away, or have been saving the best for last, is a discussion to be had after we’ve all had time to digest this upcoming season.

In addition to this, Daredevil’s Instagram account has been putting out a series of all-black videos (we all see what you did there…) with snippets of dialogue from the show. At the time of this writing, there are nine of them. For all we know, there might be more. As evidence of the marketing machine still being in full swing, there was the release of a new poster just a few hours ago. It’s gorgeous, I tell ya (see below).

For those of you looking for high-resolution versions of many of the promotional stills that have been released over the last few weeks, the marketing team has you covered. They’re available in a few places, including

Poster showing the Daredevil costume melting off of Matt's body, revealing the black "Devil of Hell's Kitchen" costume underneath.

There have also been interesting interviews and news stories. You may have heard about how Matt Murdock’s apartment was listed on Craigslist. The same apartment featured prominently in’s interviews with the set and costume designers. In addition to this are all the reviews – overwhelmingly positive – which have been posted since last Friday.

So, what happens around these parts of the Internet? Well, I won’t post again until after I’ve seen the whole show. I’ll start with either a “first impressions” type of post or a straight review of the first episode. 

In the mean time, feel free to chime in with your last-minute comments below. Anything known from reviews (though not individual episode reviews) and promotional materials is safe to discuss. However, I ask that you wait until I publish my next post to post your thoughts on the show after having seen it yourself. Let’s keep this and earlier posts safe for people who have yet to see the show.

I will see you all on the “other side”!


  1. Michely

    Wow!! I love your page! Just like I’ve been a fan of Daredevil for some time. I always follow your reviews. Your page is awesome!

  2. Georgia

    Every time it is the same. It comes out at 9 am where I live. I have to leave the house at 9.30. So far I watched the first 30 minutes of the Marvel Series. I don’t think I’ll do the same with DDS3, because I think, I would be too agitated at work. I can wait another 10 hours.

    I love everything they post.

  3. geb

    Oh fer Christ sake Chris, you’re making the last moments of countdown.. ha.. MOST difficult for me to remain neutral!..
    Hey, a Sony NT (helical scan, Non Tracking) Microcassette!.. Jesus, the memories, just the ticket for reporting on the go.. 13 total identical white suits?.. Like why Einstien alway’s looked so good but, nearly 2 weeks worth.. hmm.. an odd number?..
    So Bullseye appear’s to have been FBI?.. Oh boy—–>LOOK OUT!.
    Holy guacamoli, I don’t think I’ll be sleeping my scheduled normale soon

  4. Rob W

    I’m so hype!!! Took off work Friday. LET THE DEVIL OUT!

  5. Jenny

    I thought about taking the day off work, but ultimately decided not to. I’ll probably watch part of an episode as I’m getting ready for work in the morning and perhaps a bit more on my lunch break. I unexpectedly had evening plans pop up, so I will probably only be able to watch 1-3 more episodes Friday evening. I will probably finish on Saturday. I think the hard thing for me will be staying off Twitter until I finish. I don’t mind any spoilery articles now, but once I start watching, I don’t want to find out what happens at the end before I get there.

  6. Christine Hanefalk

    Just half an hour to go now (8.30 AM, my time). Through some weird intervention by the Marvel gods, I came down with a cold yesterday and will thus be staying home to watch today. While I’d rather not be sick in the first place, I can at least appreciate the timing. For the two previous seasons, I did take the day off from work. This time, my immune system has done it for me. Fortunately, it’s not the worst cold I’ve ever had so I’m at least alert enough.

  7. geb

    The Gods are smiling down on us?.. Good omen!. I’ve a GOOD feeling about this


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