Daredevil’s third season may bring shocking developments

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Hello all. Believe it or not, but I do have a half-baked post about Bullseye ready for publication some time between now and whenever Daredevil, season three, comes out. And, I have so many things I want to say about the second season of Iron Fist, most of them good. What I found most impressive about it was the serious amount of world building that happens that I think is setting us up for som major developments in a future season three (trust me, there will be one).

What prompted me to come out of what probably looks like semi-retirement (it really isn’t) this time, however, was the teaser released by the official Daredevil twitter account a few hours ago. It actually started making the rounds last week, but I didn’t watch it myself until now. I’ll admit it, it was definitely a bit of a shock. A “what the actual f*#! am I looking at” kind of shock. One that made me wonder, if only for a flash second, whether this will the time I throw in the towel for good. Then I took a chill pill, and got over myself. 

What I reacted to initially was not only the tiresome insistence on diminishing the role of “Matt Murdock” reflected here, as purposefully out of character as it may be, but the drastic change in Matt’s voice. This makes me wonder whether it’s actually even him. Alternatively, is he having a psychotic episode? Or is he being possessed by some demonic entity (Shadowland anyone)?

Long-time readers may even remember when Bullseye took over Daredevil’s identity during the end of Ann Nocenti’s run as Daredevil writer (see panels from Daredevil #290, with art by Kieron Dwyer, below), and managed to severely tarnish Daredevil’s reputation. Considering that Bullseye is pretty much guaranteed to make an appearance, this storyline might have some relevance.

If this is indeed Matt (which, despite the very strange-sounding voice, is probably more plausible), I definitely prefer a physical explanation, such as a severe mental breakdown, to a mystical one. Clearly, Daredevil exists in a world where mystical forces exist, but I much prefer him in the more grounded stories which make up the majority of the character’s canon. Besides, isn’t the Beast, or something similar, taking the helm a huge cop out that doesn’t provide any real character growth?

I will say this though: Matt being in a really strange place at the beginning of the season is about the only valid reason I could think of for his staying away for several months without letting anyone know that he’s alive.

Perhaps my biggest concern is this sense, going back to the two previous seasons, that the people behind the Netflix show don’t quite know what to do with Matt Murdock, the civilan identity. Presenting the conflict that is at the core of Daredevil, and the challenge of balancing the two sides, is one thing. But Daredevil isn’t Batman. Matt, the lawyer, is not just a convenient secret identity. Matt has tried to run away from his life many times in the comics, and it never ends well. Hopefully, that realization is what we will be left with in the end.


  1. Joanne Antonelli

    I saw this tease and immediately thought that this is going to be a inner struggle for Matt’s soul. He needs to decide whether he can live this dual life or if he needs to choose to be able to survive.

  2. Luzita

    That voice belongs to Charlie Cox, though he is speaking strangely.

  3. Daniel

    Very interesting. This is just a very brief teaser taken out of context that I think is meant to be controversial to draw viewers in. I do think that Matt is going to be at a very low and strange place at the start of this season. After the end of Season two and the events of the Defenders, Matt’s civilian life has been slowly falling apart. He has a deep need to be Daredevil, but he has never found a sustainable way of balancing both sides of his life. And as we have discussed a lot here, Foggy and Karen have been anything but supportive. I think in this season we are going to see the end of that road, where Matt finally just says enough is enough and tries to completely give up his civilian life after trying and failing to live as just Matt in the Defenders. I do think that the major overall arc this season will be the fallout from that decision and a rebuilding of a balance between the two halves of Matt’s life. This will probably come about from Fisk and Bullseye tearing apart Matt’s civilian life and Matt realizing how much he loves and needs that aspect of himself.

    On a side not I have not started Iron Fist S2 yet, but from the preview it looked like Danny was going through a similar character arc with trying to find the balance between the vigilante life and the regular life. But I am glad that you liked this season better. I will have to start it soon.

    Also, are you planning to catch up on the comic reviews, or just stick with the Netflix stuff? It might be cool to do retro reviews, where you pick a random issue or arc and give your thought on it.

  4. Daniel

    Also, I just noticed that Matt has what looks like a white bandage underneath his mask that covers the top of his head. He might have some sort of significant head injury?

  5. G

    Assuming this scene is from the beginning of the show, it suggests that his character arc will be to move away from this mentality – to become someone proud of living as Matt Murdock. If that’s true, I’m very much okay with this!

  6. Donald Reif

    I do kinda hope that they will have Matt connect with Karen and Foggy sooner rather than later. ‘Cause those relationships were really neglected in season 2, and I want to see Matt and Karen working together as a duo to investigate Fisk. I’d rather not have to wait until halfway through the season for Matt to reconnect with Karen and Foggy.

  7. Christine Hanefalk

    @Luzita: Yeah, I agree. When I listened to it again, I could hear it more clearly.

    @Donald Reif: Amen!

  8. Donald Reif

    @Christine: Without knowing more details, I actually think that Matt reconnecting with Karen would be a great way to open the first episode. Like, in a “some goons accost Karen, Matt shows up and dispatches the thugs and gets them to reveal that Fisk sent them; Karen can only think, “Matt?” then cue opening credits, and follow it with a bit of “How we got here” to show Matt’s recovery in the convent, juxtaposed with Karen preparing for coverage of Fisk’s trial and ending up on Fisk’s radar” type way, or something like that.

  9. Donald Reif

    An alternate possibility is that Matt, having faked his death and recovered, is operating full-time as Daredevil and that’s what’s happening here. He may not willingly reach out to Karen or Foggy right away, but I can imagine that Karen will find Matt first, using her position as the Bulletin’s police reporter to track him down. That’s handled by the end of the first episode. Then Matt and Karen have a serious talk, and then the Fisk threat kicks in. That at least would be the ideal way to handle things.

  10. Martha

    I’m totally with Christine in hoping there isn’t a mystical or supernatural factor at work in bringing Matt to a dark place in season 3. For one thing, it’s unnecessary. After all, this is the guy who told his best friend, “You’re better off without me” in season 2 – and apparently meant it. Add to that the cumulative traumas of the rest of season 2 and The Defenders, and it’s not a stretch to think that Matt would be in a bad place emotionally at the beginning of season 3. And this doesn’t even take into account season 3 events we don’t yet know about. So I expect some dark, maybe very dark, moments in season 3. But I’m also cautiously optimistic that the season may end on a more positive note, or at least a hopeful one.

  11. Donald Reif

    @Martha: Me and a couple of people I’ve discussed this with on Twitter don’t want them to drag out this “They’re better off without me” stuff for too long. Maybe the first episode or two, but by at least the end of the first if not the second episode, I think that Matt should at least be back in touch with Karen. And that he should be back in touch with Foggy by the fourth episode. I mean, season 3’s got its own problems to dealing with, and I really want to see the Matt/Karen/Foggy reconciliation play out, considering that the last time the three shared a scene was way back in season 2 episode 10 when Reyes died. Since then, it’s always been Matt+Karen, Matt+Foggy, Foggy+Karen, but never all three at once.

  12. Martha

    @ Donald: I hope you’re right. I’d really like to see the trio together again, the sooner the better.

  13. Nora

    I totally agree. I would like to see some balance between his civilian life and his vigilantism and some emotional stability.

  14. Jenny

    I hadn’t thought about it, but wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long since they have all been together. I hope season 3 brings Matt, Karen, and Foggy together ASAP.

    My mantra through Iron Fist season 2 was “No mystical ninjas!” I will be keeping this up through Daredevil.

  15. geb

    I feel that Marv/Net has showed adequate proof that they possess a more than usual (meaning usual of yestermedia.. as in literally non-existent) level of understandeing regarding the importance of the Murdock side of the story.. (even if it appears to sort of come and go a bit throughout the series).. also along with a degree of understanding of the schism between the two personas (perhaps soon they’ll rise to our level of comprehension of it’s importance).
    Judging from the growth and all in all progress of the recent Iron Fist S2, I think we can justify a quite high expectation that they will not dissapoint in this most crucial of points.. Hope this relaxes some worries expressed having to do with ill representation of this..

    Sister Maggie feel’s REAL promising, a very strong actress (and quite a.. ha.. morsel in her younger years).
    Had alway’s wanted Harrelson (bring further real backing status to this venture, as Sigourney had but which was wasted) as “y’all know who, but, yes, now a bit old, even though he may be indespensible as a future chronology rendition.. Kinda bummed that Statham wasn’t lured into the “y’all know who” role, and though I know some may not be attracted to the personality, that Jason would deliver just about the very best MWF v “Y’all know” live-action fight sequences, I stand firm remains undisputable.. But, hey, maybe the kid Wilson will shine diamond in the rough style (unless he is instead in fact is this new Fed)

    got a good feeling about this

  16. Christine Hanefalk

    @Donald: Regarding Marcy, I looked at the IMDB page for Daredevil earlier today and I think Amy Rutberg was listed for something like twelve episodes for the full three seasons, which, in spite of the many inaccuracies that plague IMDB before these shows come out, seems awfully specific to just be guess work.

    (I double-checked just now, and she’s even listed for the specific episodes: 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.7 and 3.13- Episode #3.13 .)

  17. Donald Reif

    Well, I’d certainly love to find out in a month or so what Rutberg was hinting at here:

    “I have a favorite scene. And it’s an early scene. But I would have to say my favorite day on set, was when there were many characters involved. Because up until this point, Marci’s screen time has mostly been with Foggy…but there is a moment at some point in season three where there is more interaction with the greater cast [sic]. To get a chance to see some of them work…to see them do their thing was a great joy…

    “There is a scene in season three that, from a technical standpoint, is going to blow everyone’s mind and is going to be something I don’t think has ever been done in television history. And that’s all I can say. But trust me, when you watch it…everyone’s gonna [sic] know what I’m talking about. Because when we read the script, that’s all we were talking about: ‘How are they going to pull this off?’”

    Going back to the teaser, Charlie Cox was hinting in the “after” that the first teaser is footage that’s been taken out of context. (That the dialogue would be taken from elsewhere isn’t an uncommon thing to see in trailer editing)


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