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Hey gang! I’m almost halfway into my two and a half weeks of vacation and it’s been pure bliss so far. Sure, it would have been nicer to not be in the middle of the warmest month of July in 260 years (no joke), especially since I decided to spend much of my time going through all the stuff in my basement storage unit (and getting rid of half of it so far), but I can’t complain. Yes, even going through old stuff in boxes can be a joy when it’s something you’ve been wanting to get to for a long time.

The only thing I regret is that I haven’t gotten more writing done, but it’s hard to juggle too many project at the same time. Of course, I did keep an eye out for what was happening thousands of miles away in San Diego, and while there’s been little Daredevil news, there’s been plenty of coverage of Iron Fist which will be out as early as September 7!

There are a few things coming out of the Iron Fist news that I think are really interesting. And that’s besides the hint of costume we see in the second –
– brand new! – teaser below. (In case you missed the first teaser, you can catch it here.) So, let’s take a dig at what we’ve learned so far!

A change in tone in “post-Hand” New York

In the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movies have been coming out in distinct phases, with some kind of major Avengers team-up event marking the end and beginning of each phase. If we look at the Netflix Marvel shows, The Defends does much the same thing, even though only Daredevil and Iron Fist can be said to have contributed any significant build-up to what actually happens in the Defenders, aside from simply offering character introductions. The first post-Defenders season, Jessica Jones season two, makes little mention of The Defenders (presumably because it may have a relatively large viewership that is exclusive to Jessica Jones), whereas the second season of Luke Cage benefited greatly from the relationships established in The Defenders. It had the most “interconnected feel” of any of the seasons thus far.

For Iron Fist, The Defenders should mark an even more obvious “before and after” than it did for Luke Cage, which could have taken the Jessica Jones route without things seeming weird. All plot threads from the first seasons that deal specifically with The Hand should have been dealt with, and I am very much looking forward to a third season of Daredevil without ninjas. For Iron Fist, too, this should translate into a shift in tone that may seem even more striking since Danny’s world is the most “magical” of all of the Defenders. I expect many more flashbacks to K’Un-L’Un, especially since Davos’s story is just getting started, and other references to Danny’s (literally) out-of-this-world abilities and experiences, but I also expect much more street level action. Much of what’s been said about the upcoming season also seems to suggests this, as Danny is now dedicated to protecting his New York neighborhood.

A well-known Daredevil villain makes her first appearance

One rather shocking piece of news that’s been revealed lately is that Typhoid Mary, a well-known Daredevil foe, will make her first live action appearance. Of course, this has lead people to speculate on whether she will show up in Daredevil. As far as season three is concerned, I very much doubt it. If Nuke, who appeared in Jessica Jones as Will Simpson, is any indication, these creators don’t mind borrowing villains from outside a particular character’s usual niche. Nuke also made his comic book debut in Daredevil, but will not (spoiler alert for season two of Jessica Jones) be appearing in Daredevil’s television show. If there is a fourth season of Daredevil, or even a fifth, they might bring Typhoid, played by Alice Eve, in for that. For the time being, my money is on her being brought into Iron Fist’s world for the simple reason that her character fits the story they’re trying to tell.

Typhoid Mary takes on a foe in her first comic book appearance in Daredvil #254, by Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr.

Speaking of which, I’m also expecting some changes to her backstory. In the comics, she was supposedly born with her multiple personalities. Considering that there is no such thing, and that a trauma-induced etiology is more interesting – and more realistic, I expect some changes here and there. The panel above is from her first comic book appearance in Daredevil #254, by Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr.

Daughters of the Dragon are teaming up! Maybe?

Simone “Misty Knight” Missick has been making appearances along with the rest of the Iron Fist cast and will be officially added to the roster this season. Honestly, it’s hard do tell what kind of presence she will have though (IMDB list her as appearing in only a single episode, though this may or may not be off the mark), but it does mean that the second season of Iron Fist will continue the momentum from the second season of Luke Cage in terms of allowing the worlds of these different characters to bleed into each other. Whatever the case may be, I enjoyed her interaction with Colleen Wing in Luke Cage, and look forward to seeing their friendship mature here. Misty’s presence also serves to ground these characters in the street level world of New York.

Speaking of cross-over appearances, it wouldn’t surprise me if Luke Cage shows up, even if it’s just for a minor cameo or as a voice on the phone. The same goes for Jeri Hogarth. She’s not listed as appearing in season two, but I expect her to appear in some small way at least. Unless she’s actually working with Foggy and sends him. 😉

Though we haven’t seen much mention of Ward and Joy Meachum, to the point where I was beginning to suspect they weren’t going to appear at all, it seems they are set to appear regularly throughout the second season as well. I probably wasn’t the only one who became a fan of Ward, in particular, during season one, so I don’t mind an encore. I just hope they make good use of these characters.

What are your thoughts on what we can expect from Iron Fist? And what did you think of his appearance in Luke Cage? (I thought that particular episode was a bit of a mixed bag, personally.) Speak your mind in the comments!


  1. Mike Murdoc

    I was really hoping it was a true rumor that Typhoid Mary was going to be in Jessica Jones Season Two. I think the interesting sexual politics her character raises would have fit very well when contrasted with Jessica Jones who emphatically rejects being placed in a box. I understand why they went with the character they did, but I was a bit disappointed.

    I agree that Typhoid Mary’s appearance in Iron Fist Season Two probably makes it less likely she’ll appear in Daredevil and I’m OK with that. Since they went with a crazier, corrupting Elektra (drawn more from The Man Without Fear than Frank Miller’s original version of the character), Typhoid Mary would seem fairly duplicative. Danny Rand feels like he adds something different.

    Regarding her multiple personalities – there’s a couple explanations. Karl Kesel tried to retcon it to suggest that it was trauma – that she was the woman pushed out of the window by Matt in The Man Without Fear. This is wildly inconsistent with everything we know about the character so I don’t agree with this. Alternatively, it’s possible the government experimentation triggered the personalities (they claim she had them first, but they might not be reliable narrators). Third, and most simply, she’s a mutant so what we know about science doesn’t necessarily apply to her.

  2. Rob W

    I was hoping to see Mary show up in JJ season 2. The psychological dynamics of that character, as well as her relationship with abuse, fits well in Jessica’s world. But, her inclusion in Iron Fist feels like something different and this show needs that.

    The new Iron Fist season 2 trailer intrigued me. Cinematography and production design (that K’un Lun temple specifically) look improved. The new showrunner said the mythology of K’un Lun really interests him and I’m excited to see it. Also, the SDCC footage reactions claim that the show has a very “classic” Kung Fu feel now and I’m siked for that. This is something I’ve always felt the show should lean into. While still being a show about the Immortal Iron Fist, it can also be a homage to classic kung fu films and media.

  3. Donald Reif

    Reportedly, Iron Fist season 2 will have fewer episodes. Just ten episodes instead of the standard 13 that the other shows have ( Daredevil season 3 is going to feature 13 episodes). Though I don’t imagine that this is about mitigating “pacing problems”, but rather is about allocating more money to better CGI and visual effects.

  4. Andre

    Just finished the season. What a huge improvement this was. Mary is just… wow.

  5. geb

    Fantastic-Fist Season 2.. EVERYTHING improved.. Danny was showing paced development moving on from where he left off in Defenders.. Though I do wish he didn’t seem a bit so much a cast away (more of a side character here) in the full plot scheme of things

  6. Donald Reif

    @geb: Yeah that definitely seemed like an issue. Danny seemed to be more of Colleen’s sidekick than the other way around in the back half. And Raven Metzner’s remarks about THAT decision did seem like they were pandering to people who dislike Danny and season 1 and adore Colleen.

  7. geb

    Response to Donald Reif:. Yes Don, I was hoping it was superficial timewise in regards to the episodes, but I couldn’t help not overlooking it glaring as an entire season syndrome.. I was in a way disheartened as the far more empasis on most all of the women and sidelining of even the main male lead harkened to what has started happening (though not to the same sad degree) with many big screen productions.. something outright insulting to and easily seen through as pandering by level-headed women.
    The only rational byproduct coming from this would be that the increased focus and screentime given to Colleen (and also Misty) by default can easily turn into a well planned Sisters Of The Dragon spinoff.. It’s too bad that this somewhat spoiled what could have otherwise been a not just good, but a very, VERY good sequel season

  8. Donald Reif

    @geb: Yeah, I know a few people who feel that Colleen got a bit “Mary Sue” as a result of that writing choice.

  9. geb

    Hey Donald + sorry about the delay (there’s quite a bit plaguing some of our elders lately, requiring our full attention)

    Yes, same here.. indeed this MarySue scripting for young (older too, but especially the former) women characters has recently evolved into a real party-pooper.. No need to state our and any sane people’s love for strong female leads, like Ripley, Conner, TV “Fringe”‘s Olivia Dunham, Princess Leia, and the like.. They’re just what we men (and surely women also) viewers needed, due to their being written properly with meaningful exposition and character growth and..’s of course not the actresses’ fault for just doing their job (and highly likely contractually blackmailed into a code of Holy-Wood silence, if wishing future work).
    In it’s more extreme form I must admit to all, Don, it’s the reason after suspiciously and hesitantly seeing “TheLastJedi” only once to test the waters, we refused to take our children/younger-adults for any viewing of it at all, period.. with Ep9 (a + b?) also remaining most “Iffy”.
    And the GodDamny is that it’s such a shame what with Daisey Ridley being actually such beautiful AND talented actress who we believe would otherwise rival then young and gorgeous Hamil as the wider audience draw (the rest of the actors/resses also are charming), but..
    ..we just CAN’T have our girls (especially) absorbing that false “great at everything without ANY reason except for just because she’s a woman” narrative, a lie that’s in fact contrary to the actual way a young kid become’s a real life heroine (and hero), and a major malefactor to their ultimate well being.

    (Incomprehensibly selfish and extremely egocentric of such writers/DIRECTORS adamant about doing “MY” show no matter what, meanwhile possibly jeopardizing their younger peers’ acting, etc career futures)

    Thankfully these TV series haven’t approached out of control levels, but truly hope the production co.’s quickly realize that this is unwanted by the vast viewing majority.


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