‘Twas the night before Iron Fist

Mar 16, 2017

‘Twas the night before Iron Fist

Mar 16, 2017

I know what you’re thinking: “Did hell freeze over? There’s a new post!” Personally, I knew this day was coming eventually, and for the last couple of months, I’ve known that it’s been drawing nearer. Having said that, going on hiatus for close to a year was an absolute necessity for me. Come December, this site will have been online for ten years, so in some ways it’s probably more remarkable that this has been my only long hiatus (I’ve taken shorter ones in the past), considering all the changes any person’s life goes through over the course of a decade.

For me, this hiatus has coincided with plenty of time-sucking projects at work, as well as a big move. Some of you might remember that I also moved in the fall of 2015, but this two-stage process was always part of the plan so, yes, I moved again in October of last year. I now live in a big apartment I absolutely love and where I plan to stay for many years to come. I’ve put a lot of time and energy into painting, buying new furniture, getting rid of old things and sorting through many years of crap. I’ve always tended to be on the messy side, but for the first time in my life I’m well on the way to building the kind of home where everything is just the way I wanted it. I’ve even realized my lifelong dream (I’ve obviously been a nerd since childhood) of having my own library – a room full of nothing but books. And an armchair.

What about the elephant in the room? Yes, I’m talking about Daredevil himself. As many of you might recall, the ending of the second season of the Netflix show didn’t sit well with me. This is paradoxical in some ways, since I feel that, in terms of sheer production value, the second season outperformed the first in my opinion. The only problem was that it broke my heart, starting with the ninth episode onward. By the time we get to the scene where Matt declares his love for Elektra, my heart felt stomped on. It was the wording of it really, the way he – in my view – rejects his civilian life that really got to me. I realize that 1) characters on screen (just like real people) are not always the best judges of their own thoughts and feelings, and 2) that this can just as easily be read as a protective “good riddance” reaction to the fact that he actually feels rejected by everyone in his civilian life at that point. Whatever the case may be, the latter half of the Netflix show is something that I hesitate to revisit, even to this day. I will get to it, though. If nothing else, I think it might be therapeutic to just get through it. And, it almost always helps to have this online community to bounce ideas off of, and get a new perspective on things.

When it comes to the comic, I haven’t read it in about six months. I’ve dutifully picked the book up from the shop, but I have a bunch of issues at home that I haven’t even opened. I suppose that’s pretty sad coming from someone who has run a Daredevil blog for almost ten years, but I simply can’t compel myself to care. And it’s not that I don’t still care about Daredevil. I do. I think about Matt Murdock daily. The core of the character, as I imagine him, is still alive and well in my mind. It’s just that, for me personally, the comic doesn’t feel relevant to me at the moment. I’m sure that’s unfair to the creative team, especially since I haven’t even read the last stretch of issues, but it feels odd to force yourself to read a comic book when you don’t feel like it. I’ll get caught up eventually, no worries. But it’s part of why the past year seemed like a good time to just back away for a while.

As I’m writing this, we’re fewer than twelve hours away from the release of Iron Fist. And to think I didn’t even get around to commenting on Luke Cage yet! I’m sure I’ll have reason to return to Luke in the future, now that I’m sorta kinda blogging again. For now, I’ll just say that I really liked it. All of the Marvel Netflix shows thus far have had some pacing issues, and I found that to be true for Luke Cage as well. On the flip side, I quite enjoyed that it took its time and didn’t rush things. While there was plenty of action, the show’s creators didn’t shy away from more letting us spend some quiet time with the characters, more so than I’ve found with the two seasons of Daredevil. Aside from the Frankenstein overtones in the episode where Claire does surgery on Luke with acid and a toaster (which I did quite enjoy), it felt like a very mature show.

When it comes to Iron Fist, early reviews of the first six episodes have been average to poor. I still hope and expect to enjoy it. It may very well be that the final Defender might not have as strong a first outing as the rest of the gang, but that still leaves room for some pretty solid viewing compared to many other things on TV. It also seems like there might be some mass psychology at play here. A lot of people seem to have been anticipating a dud, and the somewhat absurd controversy about the casting of Finn Jones is part of it. I agree that there aren’t enough parts for Asian actors on mainstream television, especially for the male action hero type. I’m just not sure that the conclusion that a ninja type must be played by an actor of Asian descent isn’t equally problematic. If you really want to shatter some stereotypes, make sure you have Asian men in other kinds of roles. It seems to me that a lot of the criticism on this particular point comes from people outside of the comic book reading population who are not familiar with Danny Rand. Who knows, it might be a mess of a show, but I’m not going to assume that going in. And it may be culturally insensitive for a number of reasons, but again, I’m not going to assume that. What do you guys think? (I’m going to allow full spoilers for the show in the comment section for those of you joining us after it’s aired.)

Well, this was my first post in a long good while, and it’s going to take me a little while to build up to anything near my posting frequency of two or three years ago. It’s actually a bit scary to notice just how quickly you can break a good habit and how the time you used to devote to something fills up with other things. But, one step at a time! Last, but certainly not least, thank you so much to the people who have kept commenting and even sent messages of support and encouragement over the last year. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.


  1. Joe

    Really happy to see you’re blogging again, love the site. Hopefully Iron Fist isn’t as bad as the reviews say.

  2. Donna

    Glad to see you are back to blogging. I’m jealous of your crap sorting because Its been on my mind to start doing it myself. It must feel good. Here’s hoping Iron Fist is good stuff….

  3. sacha M.

    Here is my take on DDs02 and the way it ended. He seemed to reject his life as Matt Murdock because he was being consumed by Daredevil. He has yet to find that balance within himself and hopefully that is something that they work on in the 3rd season.

    As for Iron Fist, yeah…the whole race drama is idiotic as casting an Asian actor to play a martial artist is in and of itself….well, racist. Now that is not to say that the show won’t be a let down…it is quite possible that that will be the case. I will watch it with an open mind and hope for the best.

    Glad to see you back and posting….adnd do you duty and READ THEM COMICS!!!

  4. geb

    well, i am one of they who will have to wait and compare the reviews of those of our reviewers who are more familiar with the likes of cage and rand.. because many times from where you least expect it, “poof”, a goldmine.. it happens frequently enough to warrant open ears..

    i am aware of your feelings regarding our major dude in red.. i also have repeatedly been turned on/off down the course of our “relationship”, depending on a lot of different proponents/opponents and circumstances.. but, our love for matt will be there and know when it’s time to fully jump on the wagon again.. rather than straining and faking it, i would do just as you..

    glad that you’re completing your living arrangements.. in truth this is a case that takes priority.. for how can we do anything else correctly and with ease if not so.. working only sporadically is frustrating, but also living a form of handicap in that there are quite a few elderly (beautiful) people relying on me that leaves not only very little time time but many things unattended, i can relate..

    it looks as if rosario will be in on this one so that’s a plus.. i like finn too, and the colleen actress, oh and stroup was good in that silly following series, and i guess her “mad” love for rand will throw some oil on the fire of conflict.. it’s good to hear good news about luke, for i really like that actor too.. waiting for more from the others on him also..

    glad that your organizing your life to better sits.. and don’t you worry, you have more than adequate stuff posted here to keep us happy (almost 10 yrs!) while you enjoy your personal library.. (but i am still very envious though).. bravo and keep taking care of you

  5. Elizabeth

    I’ve been in a comic book lull for the last few (3?) years and ironically Daredevil is the only one I have been keeping up with, albeit sometimes a month or two behind. The other titles I get every month have been piling up. I can’t quite give them up though so one of these days I am going to have to sit down and have one heck of a read.

    As for Daredevil in general, I have found that the series since I started reading it many many many moons ago has always had its ebbs and flows. There were some long patches where I can’t explain why I kept with it. (The run with Mephisto comes to mind.) Taking a break and coming back to it later seems reasonable to me.

    It’s great to see a post from you again and I am glad you are well. Feel free to add as much or as little as you like. I look forward to watching Ironfist tomorrow but it will be with relatively new eyes because the only memory I have of this character was when he guested on DD (not that memorable) and his interaction with Jessica Jones during Secret Wars (not very nice). I am mostly looking forward to seeing Claire and any other crossover characters from the other shows.

  6. Martin

    I am also really happy to see you are blogging again. Your site is an absolute gold mine of information and thoughtful analyses.

  7. Mike C

    As someone who is relatively new to your site (and new to Daredevil in general), I am very glad to see that you are posting again! The posts that I’ve read thus far have been awesome!

    I totally get how you may need a break. Having read comics as a kid (primarily Spider-Man and The Flash), I had moved away from them as an early teens for the most part and never read Daredevil. I had seen the movie when it came out and mildly enjoyed it at the time, but it didn’t leave any lasting impression. I had kept up on most of the MCU stuff and when I heard about the Daredevil series being pretty good, my wife and I decided to give it a try.

    I immediately fell in love with the character of Matt Murdock and after reading that the series was a great interpretation of the comics I immediately went out and bought the MWOF, Miller Vol. 1-3 and Born Again. I read through all of those in a couple of days and was even more hooked. Born Again maybe the single greatest story I’ve ever read. So right after I finished those I bought the Touch of Typhoid EC, Guardian Devil, Yellow, Parts of a Hole, Bendis Vol. 1-3, End of Days and Brubaker Vol. 1-3. While I loved just about everything I read (Bendis’ run was incredible and I am obsessed with Maleev’s artwork; didn’t care for some of the Nocceti stuff and GD was just ok in my opinion) by the time I started reading the 3rd volume of Brubaker’s run I had to put it down. As someone else mentioned in the comments, it is certainly an emotional roll coaster with our buddy Matt. I am just now working my way through Vol. 3 and will be moving on to Waid’s run when I am finished. Given my experience I can only imagine yours is a 1000x greater given how long you have been following the character. So take all the time you need!

    I too am looking forward to the IF series, I will try to go into with an open mind. I didn’t get the casting controversy either. And despite my limited knowledge of the character (outside of his appearances in DD) my understanding is that the Power Man and Iron Fist title was used to explore a lot of social and economic issues given the dichotomy in the lives of Luke and Danny as well as Danny’s relationship with Misty Knight. Not sure if the series will go there, but it would be another argument for keeping true to the source material.

    All said, glad to have you back!

  8. Daniel

    Welcome back Christine! It is good to hear from you again! I have high hopes for Iron Fist. I hope it is better than some of the reviews. But like you said, even if it is of lower quality than the other Marvel/Netflix shows it can still be really good. For those of you that have not read Matt Fraction and David Aja’s run on The Immortal Iron First you are missing out, that was a really good comic! It’s right up there with that creative team’s run on Hawkeye! That series alone had be chomping at the bit for an Iron Fist series. I have not started it yet, but I will probably start tonight. Although I tend to take my time with the Netflix series and enjoy them. I don’t binge watch them in a day. So I might have to avoid this post for fear of spoilers lol.

    I have my own problems with the second half of the second season of Daredevil. It was kind of depressing. But to me I could completely understand the decisions Matt made at the time. It doesn’t mean that his mindset at the end of the season will hold for very long though. Matt has always been his own worst enemy though. To me the biggest problem was the Hand plot. It was just never explained or given any real detail or depth. I mean we are never really given an explanation on what a Blacksky is, or why they were digging a hole in the ground. It might be explained later on, but for right now the season really just devolves into ninja hijinks for no real reason or explanation. Other than the quick flimsy story that Stick gave. Although I did still enjoy the characterizations of Matt and Elektra and the metaphor of the light and dark sides of their personalities that they are both constantly fighting. Just my quick two cents. Good to have you back again Christine!

  9. Genesaur

    Aw, shucks.

  10. Mike Murdock

    Welcome back. It’s good to see an update. I agree completely about DD Season Two. It’s very deliberate the way he builds a wall away from everyone, but it still sucks on an emotional level.

    Taking a break from Daredevil comics might have been a good idea. I don’t think the early stuff was bad, but I thought it improved significantly. Reading it all at once might be a way to get through some of the slow stuff to what might be more interesting. I don’t want to set expectations high, but I hope you’ll get a chance to catch up (maybe in May when the current arc concludes).

  11. Le

    HI! I was so pleased to see your post in my inbox! Welcome Back. I haven’t got to Iron Fist yet- being a bit strapped for Netflix time currently- but it’s the character out of the Defenders that I know very little about and so I have few preconceptions. Probably luckily. The only thing is, that I’ll probably be forcing my OH to watch this one with me (he missed the others totally) and so I would really like it to be as good, and then maybe I’ll have a chance of getting him into DD, JJ and LC retrospectively! If it’s a dud then… well… :-/
    I quite often have hiatuses from fandoms. Doesn’t mean I don’t care, but a break is good, and a step back every now and then- I usually come back to them when the time is right. DD season 2 just disappointed me a little with the lack of communication between the Trinity of Matt/ Foggy and Karen, and all the Ninjas. And the guff about not being able to sense them- which, to be frank, seemed just ridiculous in every way. Other than that, Matt was quite irritating at times- but not out of character, and Foggy was annoyingly whiney at times, but again, within the character’s remit. The whole Karen and Frank thing was great IMO, and I could definitely understand Matt’s point of view as regards running away with Electra. I loved her character, actually. Worried about what season 3 will bring for Karen though. Poor Karen. It never ends well for her, does it? And she’s Sooooooooo nice.

  12. Le

    Oh, and as Daniel recommends, I also MUST catch up with the Fraction/ Aja Immortal Iron Fist, because their Hawkeye stuff is some of my all time favourite comic book stuff. It’s been on my wishlist for ages but no-one is biting… 🙁

  13. Jack Batlin

    Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Christine, Christine, yay Christine!

    Glad you’re back!

  14. geb

    ninja.. yes, too bad.. a great angle.. but like everything, if over employed without a solid integration.. well, it can get worn to quite the thin frazzle..
    and, you know, the thing is that as a story ingredient, they were actually a well conceived entity.. meaning that.. from the thematic angle that to what mr. upstanding citizen murdock reverts to when leading his double-life, well.. then

    they also can be viewed in the same light in as that of their existence not not being essential if not for the necessity of the honourable samurai.. to maintain that same image of honor in the public eye, that is.. poor, misunderstood ninja were merely conveying the mandate of their lords when they themselves were on the edge and unable to resort to the action required to deal with evil of extenuating circumstance, without crossing the line drawn by the samurai code of ethics.

    for to lose face then and there meant, ugh.. gash…enter the backdoor men.. dirty deeds done DIRT cheap.. secret service?. could this be viewed as a further extension of the ideological question of which kills, the gun or the hand, into the upper level of the socialsphere?..

    historically, they have been shown to have been capable of accomplishing some very IMFish type of things via execution of methods that would at least appear to border on supernatural.. but that’s not really a point i feel that contributes to their general speculation.. (even in comics? ha.. true.. although if one considers for a moment that they were bred and trained for near an entire lifetime?.. for one specific purpose?.. well).. anyway

    the point i think which could cohesively be played upon if handled well would be the similarities mirroring the protagonist(s), mwf, and antagonist(s) or ninja in this case.. perhaps by the sowing of seed of empathy for (at least some of) that clan and thus creating a bridge for a convergence and creating a more essential role for rand as a defender..

    i read somewhere on the net that this actress portraying colleen studied wushu.. which was an advent of the martial arts embracing the humanistic philosophies (con-fu-tse) as a means to a more fulfilling, meaningful life, and not just war.. she more than most likely would be an invaluable asset to the creativity team.. perhaps even substantiate her defection (temporarily) for a certain and irresistible element ala ninja?..

    mindblock.. for now.. hope this sits well with all interested in improving the complete picture.. and assisting chris to relax.. be wll all

  15. Tagak

    So glad you’re back! I’m an almost lifelong Daredevil fan; I discovered him when I was 8 in a reprint of Daredevil #14 in a Ka-Zar special! That’s the one where they defeat The Plunderer with the plastic machine guns! It was totally silly to me even at that young age, but I fell in love with the blind acrobat and the intimacy of his supporting cast.

    I liked season 2, primarily because of the texturing of The Hand saga with Frank’s story along with Foggy and Karen’s personal journeys. The ending was quite sad, but that is a DD hallmark. I’m anxious to see where they launch the third season from.

    About all this Iron Fist criticism – enough! It’s a very good show. I like the unique approach they’re taking. I’m halfway through it, and it’s been a fun ride so far! Of all the Defender series, it relies most on good ol’ Marvel continuity…

    Has anyone else noticed how central spirituality is to these shows? Not Jessica Jones so much, but all three male characters are from devoutly religious backgrounds. I wonder if that’s by coincidence, and if these themes will be exploited…

    Anyhow, great to see you back!

  16. geb

    well.. it’s good to hear that iron fist was in all an acceptable show, above par than most of the more usual grade stuff on tv.. glad that your opinion supports the bulk of the season, and that the finer, just as important aspects such as pacing and plot were handled better than expected..

    (the pacing is, as mentioned somewhere, most crucial, and similarly as with music.. sometimes it’s best to sacrifice a killer solo for having the lead work more inconspicuously with keyboards almost invisibly giving an extra flavor of a “that’s it” to the rhythm throughout the duration of the song.. makes for a longer lasting impact of content and lends more desire for repeat.. for when a solo, or any one aspect, stands out so well but alone, it can leave the remainder in a shadow)

    this shows that there is still enough interest within the creativity dept, with seriousness about the quality, and that there’s a very good chance that the bugs in the rand characterization will be worked out along with other improvement by the time the defenders are ready to roll..

    good news.. here’s to more good viewing

  17. Nora

    Welcome back!
    Actually, I really liked Iron fist. It has many qualities I appreciate. For one, there was enough plot for 13 episodes and it was one plot where every bit fell into place in the end. There were supernatural elements, but they were handled consistently so for me it was believable. It even managed to reconcile me a bit with ninjas. To tell the story of the Hand as a cult which recuited youth with sports and social work is actually quite smart and down to earth. Before I always thought that supernatural fighters without brains or personalities who just happen to volunteer to be slaughtered by the dozen is a bit stupid. There was no fighting, except when it fit the plot. I really liked that Danny and Colleen did NOT fight when Danny found out about her connection to the Hand. There was no indiscriminate violent killings. All persons (perhaps with the exception of Harold Meachum) were layered. There were no out-of-character moves. For example, in Luke Cage I almost screamed in frustration when Luke said, “well, I don’t need a lawyer because I’m innocent” or something after just having spent years in prison. Madam Gao was fantastic, menacing, manipulating and mysterious. Overall, in my opinion the writing in Iron fist was much smarter than in DD S2 or Luke Cage.

    And I am really looking forward to reading your detailed analysis!!!

  18. Christine Hanefalk

    “There was no indiscriminate violent killings.”

    This! I couldn’t agree more. The have been so many gratuitous deaths in these shows, and I appreciated that it wasn’t the case here. This will definitely go into my longer analysis.

  19. geb

    well, more good news about iron fist.. started with all of us hoping.. and then daniel and le, and then tagak and now nora all giving thumbs up.. oh, and let’s not forget first and foremost, chris giving the positive go.. well that is just great.. because having read these reviewers before on other topics, i feel that they are very true to subjectivity.. but..

    wait just a second..

    did the series evolve the way nora’s quick sum up defines?.. wow, hold on just moment.. with the humanization of the hand and colleen’s connection to them?.. now i’m beginning to scare myself..

    haha.. good to hear that the so called weakest series still packs a wallop.. but..

    perhaps it’s my turn to stop, take a step back, and re-evaluate this comocal mwf syndrome.. goodgod.. what have i become!?..

    still good news though..

  20. Le

    I’m liking Iron Fist so far- haven’t been able to binge-watch it this time, but particularly like Colleen, and to see that they’re having fun with Claire- definitely some humour she’s getting into the role there. IF doesn’t seem to take itself quite so seriously as the others, which IMO is nice, and kinda cute. Took me longer to get into, and only now half way in am I growing to sort of like the Meachums (except Harold, who still annoys me as yet) In the other series’ there were NO bad guys that I didn’t like, I don’t think- they were all very nuanced. (On second thoughts- never entirely took to Kilgrave- but mainly I just don’t like DT’s English accent much!) I hope these turn out the same. Danny has a sort of Benton Fraser-ish innocence which I like- he is essentially Tarzan, after all- and yeah, I like that the violence is less gratuitous. The main thing I’m missing is the dark gothicism of DD and JJ- which I missed too in LC, although I still loved it. I’m just that way inclined, I suppose 😉

  21. Elizabeth

    Yay! A Northern Exposure reference.

  22. Gordon

    It is so great hearing your thoughts again Christine!!!!

  23. Ellen F

    Welcome back! And by the way, if you want to see a different version of Matt, the one in Spider-Gwen has grown on me. (Even if part of me still wants him to eventually become a hero…)

  24. Antlerdruid

    welcome back! I am not impressed with the current DD series..except for the Casino issue…it just doesn’t grab me like the Bendis years…wasn’t a fan.of the Waist years at all

  25. Broomstick

    I was getting worried about your absence and I’m overjoyed to learn it was for good reasons (although I missed your posts terribly).

    I’m about halfway through Iron Fist and I can’t say I feel the love. It’s a watchable show, but in my opinion simply not as good as DD, Luke Cage, or JJ.

  26. Bill

    Welcome back. There is something a bit thin about Iron Fist, not sure why. Maybe because there was no real epic acting moments. In any case it is better than anything in the Arrow Universe .. ever. I’m looking forward to Defenders.

    Be well.

  27. Derrek

    Welcome back! You have been missed. 🙂

  28. geb

    well, we welcomed the first, early wave of family summer tourists from the states.. and due to the accommodation for ease of purchase and savings on shipping afforded them, i received my immortal iron fist series..

    bravo daniel and thank you for the recommendations.. starting with a unique tone, low key and believable origin and then having thus far proven an exceptionally strong read, with well planned and paced build ups.. and i’m thoroughly engulfed with the subtle tie-ins to those actual historic periods centuries ago..

    it is very heart lifting to have confirmation of my belief that there are indeed many newer, very capable talents out there.. and that they do not rely on mere remakes of older masterpieces.. as has been the case now and for quite some time with hollywood’s mainstream “serious” films.. or even going back further in time, screenplays (even if well done, still) merely adapted from masterpiece literary works..

    now, for the upcoming waves of tourists and my dive into the hawkeye works and then some, something that Le also reinforced.. thanx again..

    but what i’m really waiting and hoping for is that i can persuade our nephews, nieces, and godchildren (or rather even better, our grand-nephews-nieces-godchildren), especially those half chinese blooded technokids, to come and help get me in tune and updated so as i am not to remain a completely computer illiterate, and be able to explore and enjoy more of all those cool options.. but it’s kinda difficult to get kids to sit their butt down, and especially to help out the old folk..

    ha.. remembering..

    kids, nephews-nieces, godkids can really screw our world, hitting us with stuff like.. “you spent all that time, effort, and money teaching us to walk and talk, and to now what? to keep telling us to sit down and shut up?!”..

    (think that maybe i should invest in some extra collars’n’leashes?)

  29. Luzita

    So happy you are back Christine. I am a new Daredevil fan — got into him through the TV series, not the comics — and have gotten so much insight and enjoyment from your blog. I love Daredevil s2 despite the tragedy. More accurately, I adore the Elektra story line. That is what made me a huge fan, more than s1. Even though the Hand bits were jumbled and the ending rushed. The execution of the story — in terms of plot and pacing — did not do justice to the emotional and moral and dramatic depth inherently there, with Elektra struggling against the darkness within her in a way that mirrors yet also contrasts with Matt’s struggles. The two actors did such a great job though, they made up for the plot holes. The relationship between them was beautiful, the chemistry riveting. We know Electra is coming back in Defenders — which is sure to be more agony for Matt, but hopefully it will make for a great story.
    As for Iron Fist I enjoyed it, though it wasn’t as strong as DD or JJ. IMO, however, it had the best pacing of any of the shows.

  30. Luzita

    Also, regarding Matt’s rejection of his civilian life at the end of s2, I don’t think that’s as significant as it feels to you. Remember that in the series, Daredevil is still *becoming* Daredevil. He doesn’t know how to balance the two sides of his life. Charlie Cox has let drop that at the beginning of Defenders, Matt has rejected the vigilante part of his life and is living as a civilian only, because of what happened to Elektra. So he’s see-sawing back and forth. I look forward to him reaching a balance because I would like to see more of him in the courtroom. I think there’s great drama there as well.

  31. geb

    do not believe that i have ever come across another character with such an almost evenly dispersed love/hate fanbase as that has eletra..

    this elektra dilemma is one of the most intriguing aspects of the mwf cycle.. the blackhole (sky) in the canon.. rethinking now, i’m not so sure of that which is scripted regarding her conception as being a mere stand alone, one shot episode fill in.. it is difficult to asses an artist’s motive from what is critiqued by 2nd, 3rd, and so on hand sources..

    this love/hate relationship.. in her personal interactions especially with matt.. and from the supporting cast’s views.. and from the same love/hate views from fans of the characters..

    now, i am not saying that miller did or did not intentionally create such a confounding character in elektra.. but, as i’m sure that most all of you now you history, we here down south did not permit athens to be razed to the ground and let be burnt to ashes and to dust.. as wished most of her enemies.. and there was reason for not destroying her totally.. something was seen in athens that had feel of potential for peace on the grandest scale.. if it was to work then it would as it had with the trust that we had put in our elders, who had proven themselves.. else they would not have been there then to begin with..

    did it work out?.. we may judge historically as yes and no,, and so it continues.. Q:Are we not not men? A:We are devo.. (devolution.. if you know some greek, or through translation, or transliteration even better,, go back 21/2 thousand yrs and read the arguments presented by the by the representative plaintiffs to both sides, athens and sparta for their support.. you may be surprised that rhetorical wit has progressed very little.. if at all.. dare i say quite the contrary.. what with tubes and keyboards they’re predicting kids will soon be unable to handwrite).. unfortunately, or fortunately, democracy must permit all.. we leave faith to the people’s discretion and allow the communist and extreme nationalist parties active..

    this is my attraction to the schism created by the elektra character (use it.. below).. and my perception of her fitting role in reflection to the justice system that matt so wholeheartedly and vehemently strives to enforce, and to abide and live by..

    apologize if i may sound somehow (unsure?).. but i truly feel that there is the greatest potential for a definitive direction for daredevil, through elektra for one and quite a few other characters, to create an all out legal, street, black-op, socially significant and communicably intelligible and relatable series of story arcs.. a north vs south in an unequalled stake contra?.. with rigged courts, juries, crooked and straight judges. shyster lawyers, politicians, enforcement officials, etc.. on an intercontinental scale..

    i hope i do not hit a vein if i suggest that it most probably would help to lift him up and out and around from just NY.. occasionally at least.. sort of like those young musicians who unintentionally use too much local jargon when trying to go global.. it may be right on, cool and fast, true and just what they mean, but others in distant parts may have difficulty relating.. say,like the difference between the way pitbull and michael douglas talk..

    it’s been said, and i agree that older creative teams who have worked on mwf and other characters and have made their share of errors. should by all means be consulted for they now know far more and can be invaluable assets to these projects..

    oh.. yeah.. and death.. you all may know that they’ve discovered whales recently with harpoons embedded from the 19th century.. and huge deep diving sharks approximated at between 250-500 yrs of age.. and if resurrection cannot be viably defined scientifically, genetically.. then, didn’t DC do a house clean up with crisis?..

    heck, i’m going to hit the man with my ideas (for i believe some cool people hold chris’ site in high regard): Stan! what do you think?.. could you gather a large enough contingency, and large and capable enough creative group, and have them weave an international magnus opus.. where large enough factions are witch hunting, persecuting, killing the greeks for their perceived failures seen as critically jeopardizing world governance in peace?.. and all ignited through Elektra’s children, the Sparteens and their supporters from wolf’s paw island?.. wakanda could easily fit.. an actual legal armageddon (yes, it may come sooner than we think) eventually winding up in the Hague, with matt as nato’s head defense, due to his absurd love for Elektra?

    could work?.. might need a few silver bullets to pull this one off..

    just for all the joy you guys gave us as kids.. and now as adults

  32. Nora

    geb, I’m sorry, I really don’t understand what you are saying?

  33. geb

    forgive me, i assure you you are not alone nora.. makes two of us at the very least..

    well.. DC’s crisis series’ on their earths created a cleaner slate.. and rebirth, was it? even more so.. now marvel is talking about their legacy, which would accomplish a similar cleaning up and out and tying in and out and in general bring a required comprehension and direction for loose ends.. and most probably much, more along with it if done really shrewd, a more accomplished rhetoric than myself would tell you (and be able to explain better just what and how)

    the above are just small samples that i have been trying and plotting and attempting to organize regarding this character..
    it’s an attempt at an outline, an index carding, at just what would be a most solid scenario that would best test matt’s abilities on every level, especially regarding the courtroom drama..

    or if there is something more specific confusing you (and then me too most likely), please, i would be very willing to do my best to explain myself.. sorry beforehand for the blackholes in my post..

  34. Broomstick

    I, too, find geb’s posts hard to follow and understand. Something about his writing style.

    Anyhow – I still haven’t finish the last two episodes of Iron Fist. It just didn’t click with me, I’m not sure why. I found JJ, Luke Cage, and (of course) DD all far more engaging

    Regardless, I’m looking forward to the Defenders and future seasons of the individuals.

  35. geb

    This Brubaker/Fraction Immortal series IS right on. I am loving it so that I have found myself dissecting it to the point that I may present a comprehensible analysis. What am I saying, I am BLOWN away! thanx Daniel, you were right! on with the reccomendation of this rendition. I just HAVE to include Rand into the select roster of essential characters after this read.. and reread.. and.. so on.

    I can’t wait to get my Chinese godkids here for a “HEY!”! wathe FK?

    Oh.. and the artwork is just MAGICAL in the way that it expresses the emotion of the characters.. i rarely find myself on this much on the verge of emotional connection through literal AND visual expression. This dude Aja has done his homework for sure. I love it’s tirelessness.

    pre-analysis: this is definitely a 5 out of 5 star effort from a newer team. Now I need to only wait for the BluRay disc of the TV series to become available for viewing in this region so that I may render an opinion.

    And then Hawkeye! For sure. Le to thank there

    (sorry my friends, I truly cannot afford NOVA or COSMOTE TV for select viewing at this point and time)

  36. kemptea

    Welcome back! Having a “Beauty and the Beast” style library is my life-long goal as well — though I’d certainly be happy with a room and a comfy arm chair!

    The newest DD comic series is pretty good — it’s a little bleak, especially in terms of color palette, and drags on a little. Also, you might also have an issue with the way poor Matt’s so divorced from his supporting cast. Still, it’s good as far as comics go!

  37. geb

    This is a bit off of the sight but, it sounded like a time worthy investigation.It came about along with this new found interest in Iron Fist and has sparked interest in the other martial artists that Marvel had developed at about the same time. In particular, surfing has led me to some history of Shang-Chi and the Master Of Kung Fu series he was spun off into after his intro.

    There is talk in the air about him in a motion-action adventure tie-in by Marvel. This sounds as if it could be a bonus and could work from the angle of the fact that Shang-Chi is another non-powered hero, who could contribute added weight to the types of Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Elektra, Frank Castle, Claire Temple, and even (too an extent) Matt Murdock, and such.

    These searches led to the semi-magazine typings Marvel published like The Deadly Hands Of kung Fu featuring Shang-chi, The Sons Of The White Tiger, some Iron-Fist exposes, The Daughters of The Dragon, The White Tiger. From what I gathered, these original publications are now extremely hard to come by, especially in worthwhile condition.

    Too bad that they were required to include so much now outdated commentary/ads, but i believe that the pages, size and covers were magazine stock. Taking a look at some of the art work, I can see why they are sought so. The artists who were simultaneously working on the regular colored runs gave these black and white periodicals even more attention (probably for that blk/wht reason). I must further admit that from what I saw, the somewhat later works of the Filipino artists that Roy thomas recruited in the nik of time (before the dictatorship regime) are, if not more impressive, then at least the equal to the established art order

    The omnibus’ reprinted are downsized, uselessly maintain the articles/ads, and are allegedly of dubious construction. Does anyone have any input as to a possible path that would be very worthwhile to some quite talented (and conservative, as in only where it would count) colorist friends of ours?



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