Daredevil season 3 is officially happening!

Jul 24, 2016

Daredevil season 3 is officially happening!

Jul 24, 2016

I know I haven’t posted for a good long while (more on that some other time), but with the news that Daredevil has officially been renewed for a third season, I was given a perfect reason to break my hiatus. Below are my thoughts on this and the other Defenders-related news to come out over the last few days.

Let’s look at Daredevil first, even though we can safely assume that this will take the longest to reach the small screen. When Netflix says “coming soon,” I think they probably meant to say “coming eventually.” Although, of course, that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. I’m not surprised that there will be a third season (given how the second season ended, I was actually surprised that there weren’t solid plans for it ready to be announced shortly afterwards), but relieved to finally get it confirmed. I’ll happily wait until 2018, if that’s where we end up.

If we’re going to do some analysis of the teaser (see it, and all the other new teasers/trailers for the Defenders-related series below), I’d be willing to bet a decent amount of money that the season will feature Daredevil having a fight with Bullseye in the subway. After all, the Bullseye character feels like a given at this point, and showing a bloody subway sign reminds everyone of a very classic scene from Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil. On a side note, though, that scene in the comics plays very heavily on Daredevil’s inability to function well in very noisy environments, something that he’s not been shown to have any real trouble with in the Netflix take on the character. I’m sure they can probably make the scene work well anyway, but it’s one of those little things I’ve noticed.

Stick will clearly be making an appearance in the Defenders series, since that’s his voice in the teaser. I don’t mind this at all, and think that the Defenders will be a good place to deal with the mystical stuff from both seasons of Daredevil, as well as what will most definitely be introduced in Iron Fist. By the time we get to the third season of Daredevil, however, I very much hope that we’re done with the ninjas. Yes, ninjas appear with some regularity in Daredevil stories, but they do not appear in the majority of them, and there is absolutely no need for more ninjas in a third season of Daredevil. I personally found the mystical elements to be, by far, the least interesting part of season two, even though seeing droves of them scale a hospital wall was visually intriguing.

Before we get to any of this though, there’s Luke Cage coming out on September 30, and I’m actually really psyched for it, much more so than I am for Iron Fist. Again, this has a lot to do with my preference for street level over mysticism. Luke is also a character we already know from Jessica Jones, and I thought that Mike Colter nailed the character in that show; there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll do great things with his Luke Cage’s own show.

What are you guys thinking about all the news we’ve been getting?

Daredevil season 3 promo

Defenders teaser

Luke Cage

Iron Fist


  1. Jack Batlin

    The music in these trailers is A++++. Wu Tang in the Luke Cage trailer is freaking perfect.

  2. Emma

    Didn’t have time to read this through and could only skim for now so you might have mentioned it but the paper peeling in the defenders teaser that reveals the Defenders written in sort of magazine clippings of parts of the characters titles has a hand around it so I’m assuming the hand will be their enemy in the series

  3. Tate

    So I’m betting still The Defenders will be a good (and much more complex) version of the Shadowland story with a possessed Elektra leading the Hand instead of Matt. And this actually sounds great to me.

    I love, let me stress, love, love, love the ninja aspects of Daredevil. I disagree about the ninja/mystical aspects of Season 2, as they were the most thrilling and interesting for me. The Punisher/Karen scenes really dragged in the second half of the season upon my re-watches. The Matt and Elektra plot worked like gangbusters every time.

    That said, I agree 100% that The Hand plot needs to be wrapped up in The Defenders so future Daredevil seasons can explore other stories and villains.

  4. Jem

    Thank f**k for that! I was starting to think they weren’t going to do season 3 – and relax….!

  5. Isaac

    I wasn’t actually hoping for a new season, and was fine with the story coming to an end in the upcoming Defenders series.
    Seriously: I was getting bored at the end of the show, mainly because of that Karen storyline. The last episodes felt rushed. That ninja fight on the top of a building was promising something great, and then it didn’t deliver (how it’s possible it was filmed by the same crew that filmed both “corridor fights”?). That conversation between Matt and Elektra prior to the fight was awfully done and broke the pace completely (they even muffled all that ninja sounds during it, and the sense of danger was away). Just like in the first season, the last episode failed to build something compelling and felt rushed.
    I’m not saying I won’t watch the next season, but I won’t certainly be insisting on my wife watching it with me. Despite its good production values, I feel the series to be somewhat formulaic, the characters to be unrealistic and plain (Frank Castle and Karen amongst them), and some dialogues to be there just because, well, there must be some dialogue. It’s not like I’m upset or something, because I was actually expecting this to be worse.
    Does someone here feel just a little like me?

  6. Pat

    Very happy to see the series renewal and personally v much looking forward to Iron Fist as I’m wondering how they’ll do it..

    With regards to series 1&2 and the flaws and whatnot. Personally I feel like that about most of the comics…there’s ups and downs, exhilaration and then so so stuff. It’s a pacy medium so I expect diamonds in the rough and I feel the same about the netflix show.

    Mostly though, I just really really smile in front of it, it gives me a lot of simple sheer pleasure and I’m happy to overlook stuff that doesn’t quite work (the dialogue on occasion is too ripe for my taste for example).

    2 cliches sum it up for me:

    “Better done than perfect”
    “Strike while the iron is hot”

  7. Daniel

    Its really no surprise that there is going to be a third season. Season two really ended on to many cliffhangers and was to successful for them to not come back and do more. I just hope it isn’t to long before we get it. A two year wait would suck. But it looks like Netflix is going to be flooded with Marvel material. In addition to the four shows previewed in this post we are also getting a Punisher series, and a second season of Jessica Jones. That’s a lot of sweet Marvel shows.

    I might be in the minority, but I am really looking forward to the Iron Fist show. The Brubaker run on The Immortal Iron Fist is enough to make me chomp at the bit for an Iron Fist series. Fingers crossed that it will be as good as the rest of the DD and JJ content has been. I am also hoping that the connection between Madam Gao and Iron Fist is dealt with. Although, I agree with you Christine that we should finish up the Hand/Elektra plots in the Defenders show so we can then move on to new material in DD season 3. Can anyone say Bullseye? I am also looking forward to the moment when Matt meets Danny and realizes that his families’ company was partially responsible for Matt’s accident and blinding. That should be tense to watch.

    This is a great time to be a Marvel fan. Lot of good stuff coming our way!

  8. Daniel

    It looks like its been more or less confirmed that we wont get season 3 of Daredevil until 2018. They are not going to start filming JJ and DD until after The Defenders airs. I hope that the quality is kept high, because that is a really long wait for a TV show. Especially considering most people binge watch a season in a day or a weekend. It’s really bad for Jessica Jones. We might end up going three years between seasons of her show. At least we will get to see her in the Defenders, and maybe in Luke Cage. I just hope all the people working on these projects stick around. Otherwise these shows could go sideways pretty quickly.

  9. Broomstick

    So good to see you posting again, Christine. I hope your reasons for being away were happy ones, and thank you for putting the time in for this site.

    Looking forward to the new shows.

    Me, I’d rather wait an extra year for a quality show then get a half-baked one earlier. Of course, if we could get quality and quick that would be fantastic but reality often dictates otherwise.

  10. geb

    cool site. been quite a long time since i bought comic (some time after digimedia took off). old country folks got me richy$, briar animals,chip”n”dale, an you know, supergoofy kindav stuff on occasion when i was kid. never really could ndrstnd the dialogue very clear so, yes, most for looking at the artworks. No critic. believe there are pos+neg elements in all design. with all (quite a bit) that a team has to deal with and create acceptable merchandise on a continuous long term basis w/deadline an probs and so on.. more than remarkible.. believe there is merit to be found in even the washed away stuff.

    remember feeling foolish, waiting till store24 was empty than buying the 1st few (n only) bat, spidy, atom, gren aroww type issues but.. then something happined.. gettin married and then a kid was great. I could sudennly go any where (sold). pickup the months batman for the kid and descretely slide MWF between bat-splashpage.. we had a great time.. id read for him an hed ad the wham pow slam bang booms ect..kid prefered the bat, always skeptikal bout flying xrays metaphysical “power”. and such.. probably due to very early exposure to the older kids in his mothers daycare.. ” ah comon baba, doesnt even take a pill?”. he dug th bat mechanical stuff too.

    mwf was a diff story. usually couldnt finish reading to him cuase of his endlless chain of whys. lose intrest, but would find him later checkig the art.. (allot of xplaining was to soon come… to his mom that its not THE DEVIL… (goodgod, thinking backwards, funny what i had to go thru, what covert means were executed, lines of defense in my case when soon exposed…

    “then whys he red?”.. well.. hes redhot hero… “even his eyes?.. why.. he doesnt even have EYES?!!” … its merelely a costume, geesh, chillout.. “an whats about those, what are.. are those horns?!!!”.. no babe.. i i i . i mean yes they are horns but not real ones and that is xact reason to select this caracter to teach the kid bout the good the bad and the.. “the what?!”.. well, you you know, the things.. that.. that.. “yes?.. cloven hooves”… yes.. no .. no hoof… see?.. i mean things that we as adults know… “such as..?”.. oh fr christ sake.. the kids listening.. its a mere comic look.. see? .. marvel … ok…. “hmmm… you fly him out of nest?”… yes.. there yu go.. now your in our waters…. “hm hm.. just be sure you don fly him over the nest .,, of kukus.. and down in your waters.. w/you.. if there you flyin.. hmm?” (silence).. “OK?!!”… ok ok.. dont worry … hes with oldman.. “scratch?.. you mean?.. no?… hmmm… better.”


    intrigue.. this character has it in deep space black… seemingly limitless.
    will foremost up n coming xpert psychologists have a field day and open new and separate branch study regarding mwf syndrome? if mwf gets enough exposure?

    forgive me ranting. never posted anything. glad that folks are becoming aware. (i think?)

    loved affleck, has the dimple chin, reminds me of holliman.. what he and dammon wrote for goodwillhunter says a lot.. farell claimed not into heros but like this one.. . film line, same old story? yes, ok for a visual intro.. artistic ability restricted by big products.. shame. bat v super was saved by the actors. dont really undrstand this interactive (moneyplay?), alternate unisexy-versible, ex-man and stuff.. not for this character at least.. although loved the way they handled wonderwoman integration so that didnt know who she was until near end (excellent music accompanying her biuldup) without corn getup, gorgeous capable actress too.. had me going (still). the electric vision was flash? hmm. no comment there.

    agree w/chichester>. “believe weve tired enough of how many times weve heard “fisk, be sure you dont cross this final line.. what?.. you did?.. oh..well.. ahh.. ok.. then.. be sure if you cross THIS here line, then so help me, ll, ill, well.. then ill.. ill”.. and so on nso4th”.

    believe mwf deserves (needs) exclusive too characters.. especially owl replacing kiingpin.. by nature, lore, and all, the owl is one of if not the craftyest critters. there are a plethora of options for building (reinventing?) up owl.. or jester? as owls tactician what evil that one could be capale of. (i know… the jokers done it all already).. but has he?

    invent of 3 vol novel in england (keep them coming back for more).. paperbacks (expedidient and reach the lesser $ classes at same time. in turn upper profit).. tolkiens superhuman an successful rewrites turning hobbit childrens into lord o rings creating higher fantasy genre that all ages can wow.. an much more if done correctly.. great for rowling reaping innumerablefold on harry… but wat about one of my very earliest girlfriends, did yo gyus see how they messed up the immaculate eartsea cycle in that best forgotten miniseries?… rowling was granted near total control of transition to film.. but my heroin, was licked n promised as consult (not to say this greatlady didnt know b4hand (well b4) how jackals hunt) in end result w/no input into the transmogrification from poetry in motion to picture motion sickness, even with a fresh great face and acting calibre like ashmoore.

    even the best packaging (which in grim reality is crucial espec to new matter) wont work if the other, just as critical aspects (art control, timing, etc) are not adhered to.
    but wat m i ranting about? I’m glad to hear good stuff about the netflix rendition. i will add to collectibles.. but.

    is HIGHER comics what we want? or can it even ever be achieved? is there still the humor, usually so corny you just have to laugh anyway cant help it?
    is this a rational direction for what was once just for laughs? especialy for mwf.
    i was just throwing n thoughts to intrested folk who may know sum1 who may know sum1 whomay,, you know.. eventualy find foot on the 1st rung of the ladder of influence… but.. not so sure.
    does mwf belong there or there or here or everywhere.like in interaction or parallels or watever and if ever they know what theyre trying to accomplish.. as many sales in as many media as poss?

    or is this character better off down here with us, dikhed proof packaging an all? a private player for those who seek.

    consider.. if the govt legalized marijuana, tacking control of productn, distribution and all… sure would be safe frome a legal viewpoint… but… would they do wat they did an continue to do w/ tobacco.. continuously synthesize new chemicals so tha the majority will never break away and expire well before thier time. in pain.

    btw. will they ever get his getup correct? how many suitups has he had in all?

    again forgive the lengthy rhetoric I was was going to forever keep my fingers silent but since netflix deal, well..

    ive not read too much of the posts just discovering site. will do and reply where i know a thing or 2

    free to feedback… preffrably, blast me as hard as poss… please… or scroll past if you wish… what matters in my view is others people opinions about opinions. cause they are and are not just opinions.. i mean a kid can argue with a proff.and 99.9% wiill have a change of heart.. but a kid defntly does know what he likes.

  11. Nora

    My comparison of the Netflix series so far. Spoilers for all series!

    Making the protagonist likable but with distinct edges so he or she ist still interesting and I can worry about her or him is a very fine line.
    DDS1: Charming sometimes isolated lawyer with serious anger-issues. JJS1 Rude, impolite alcoholic with severe self-loathing who does remarkably altruistic things throughout the series. I especially loved how she gave Hope her money when she had clearly none to spend and how she shut the door in Ruben‘s face when he brought her banana bread and then ate it anyway. DDS2: Selfish jerk who puts knowingly his friends in danger (physically, financially, professionally) without ever asking, explaining anything or apologizing. LCS1 Innocent framed cop who eventually assumes super hero duties. Tries to kill Scarfe in one episode but is essentially the good guy without edges.
    DDS1 3 points, JJS1 4 points, DDS1 1 point, LC 2 points

    Super powers
    In a super-hero show I find that the laws of biology and physics can be stretched to a certain extend but consistency is extremely important so that the audience has a clear notion when to be worried about the protagonist. And overstreching the powers would open a pandora’s box of unanswered question. Turning the super-powers up and down to one’s convenience so it simply fits the plot is sloppy.
    DDS1/ DDS2: A slight enhancement of his senses would make Daredevil actually a quite believable character. But in both seasons there are serious flaws in the consistency of the powers. Hearing: In S1E4 he can overhear Sergei talking when he is in a car parked outside Clairs building but loses track when distance is too great (yes!). S1E5 He can overhear a conversation in a warehouse when crouching on the roof (yes!). S1E13 he can hear people talking on a car radio anywhere in the city (eh???). S2E13 he can hear people talk in a conversational tone in a building behind a skyscraper (excuse me?). S1E6 he has to move closer to Wladimir in order to hear him talking softly so Wladimir can headbang him (…?). If Matt can find anyone anywhere in the city by just standing on the rooftop and listening, why did he bother to read all of Marcies papers in order to find Hoffmann’s whereabouts or go to the warehouse and battling Nobu when he could simply listen for Wilsons appartment? Enhancing the hearing more than two- or threefold doesn’t make any sense, would not allow Matt to function normally anymore and makes it impossible to construct any meaningful plot. Let Matt figure the approximate position first and then he can use his hearing. And he can use his other superpower (brains) in order to do that. Smell: S1E5 Matt can smell the exact loaction a small cut on Claires back over the scent of freshly made scrambled eggs (argh). In S2E1 he can’t smell his own blood approximately 10 cm away from his nose. In S1E6 he can smell the exact quantity of two torches! In S1E3 he can smell himself bleeding (yes!). In S2E1 he can’t smell Grotto going into a hemorrhagic shock (eh!!!!). JJS1: Jessicas strength is enhanced but she has no healing powers. So there should be a limit of her strength so she would not injure herself to much while punching something or jumping to high. The quantification of her powers were actually quite well defined (stop SLOW moving cars, flying is actually more jumping and then falling). I also liked the scene where she lands after a jump and you see that she hits the gound with force and it hurts. LCS1: Lukes skin is bulletproof but Clare can scrape off cells to put under the microscope. The subcutaneous tissue (under the skin) is like stone, too, although it has nothing to do with the skin. And Luke can still move. But he can shave and clip his nail (skin derived). And somehow being bulletproof enhances his strengths and healing powers to absolutely ridiculous levels AND abolishes Newton’s second law. That bullet’s can’t penetrate his skin does not mean that Luke should not feel their impact (or the impact of punches for that matter). There is that scene where someone actually breakes his wrist while punching Luke while his head moves not a single milimeter. If it‘s impossible to accelerate him, how would he ever use a car?
    DDS1 3 points JJS1 4 points DDS2 2 points, LCS1 1 point

    Main antagonist
    DDS1: Wilson Fisk. No super powers, incredibly menaching, intelligent, fully fleshed out personality. JJS1: Kilgrave. Creepy. I found the execution with the horrible childhood and a power-set that made him prone to lose contact with reality and compassion for other people quite convincing. DDS1: The Hand. Ninjas, who are so insubstantial that no sound bounces of them but they still can hold swords. The can suppress their heart beat but not their breathing. They can lower their body temperature but still move fast (ask any poikilotherm animal – you can’t have both!). They are immortal but very easy to kill. Sorry – I can’t bring myself to find the Hand menacing. With this odd power-set the protagonist is about to reveal a convenient weakness anytime. Probably they dissolve into mist if you spray water on them. LCS1: Diamondback is a classical silverage villain with the proper motive (none), a ridiculously complicated plan to harm the protagonist and the maniacal laughter.
    DDS1 4 points, JJS1 3 points, DDS1 1 point, LCS1 2 points

    Supporting characters
    DDS1: Every character had emitional depth and a backstory. Especially in the finer moments. Sergej, when he said „vsjo?“ with a combination of resignation, fear and loyalty when Wladimir declares the ultimate war on Fisk, Fisks mother „get the saw!“ (woah!!), Vanessa when she embraced Wilsons dark side „and are you going to let them?“, the fantastic E10 with all the intense flashbacks. JJS1: good, but definitiely not as good as DDS1. DDS2: well, hm. LCS1: Misty was cool, I nealy cried when I learned Scarfe’s backstory. I absolutely loved the jouney of Mariah becoming more and more ruthless.
    DDS1 4 points, JJS1 2 points, DDS2 1 point, LCS1 3 points.

    Overall Plot
    DDS1: Mobster wants to improve the city. Lawyer/ vigilante wants to improve the city. I really liked the mature plot and that there was no personal connection in the beginning. JJS1: He is stalking her after a relationship, that included kidnapping and rape from her point of view and abandonment and a murder-attempt from his point of view. Mature, well executed. DDS2: Two disconnected storylines: two vigilanties with conflicting strategies battle with each other physically and mentally. Ninja dig a big, menacing hole in New York and do other menaching yet unexplaned stuff. LCS1: Luke Cages father liked his half-brother less than Luke. So the half-brother frames Luke to go to prison where he can be experimented on so he would either die or be imbued with super-powers. When Luke survives and is bullet-proof further on, the half-brother goes to ridiculous lengths to be able to shoot again him because poisoning, drowing, suffocating, burning or simply telling the Feds his whereabouts and let him rot in jail is simply not an option.
    DDS1 4 points, JJS1 3 points, DDS2 2 points (only for the punisher part!), LCS1 1 point

    Finer Plot twists
    These little things work for me far better in order to build tension than fights.
    DDS1: I loved E6 when Wilson framed Matt for abolutely everything. This was so smart and unexpected. JJS1: The whole psychological dimension added to the story was so incredibly tense. DDS2: I missed the emotional depth of season 1. Many things happend but had no emotional impact of the characters. Matt loses his senses in E2, recovers and then simply punches on. LCS1 The framing of Luke with the robbing and later the murder of Cottonmouth was fantastic.
    DDS1 4 points, JJS2 3 points, DDS2 1 point, LCS1 2 points

    DDS1: I’m probably part of the minority who enjoy a slower pace and thorough caracter development. The show took it’s time to provide a complexity and a background story to every person and every motive, so very single death in season 1 had a visceral impact on me. I even pitied the russian goons. Some scenes were only there to build atmosphere or to define the characters. And I throroughly enjoyed that the individual episodes were structured and that individual themes, a beginning and an end. JJS1 the series felt more like a long film without distinct episodes and in the end the story ran a bit thin. But overall very good pacing. DDS2: completely overpaced. There was not a single scene without the purpose to advance the plot (with the exception of sister Maggie). The even captured the atmosphere building scenes even if it made no sense whatsoever. In the first episode there is this very cool billard scene that goes down the hill in the moment Grotto shows up. So he is the lone survivor of a massacre, seriously wounded and he does what? Goes to a BAR in order to hire LAWYERS. In the latter half of the season I could not figure out what all the plot twists were for. Stick hired Jacques to kill Elektra? The Hand kindnap people allegedly saved by Daredevil? Including the old man from the roof when the police could never know that he was saved by Daredevil? In the end I was simply annoyed by just another violent death of someone I don’t know or care about. LCS1: in my opinion the best pacing so far. Tension until the very end.
    DDS1 3 points, JJS1 2 points, DDS1 1 point, LCS1 4 points

    When people in series a shown in their professional capacity, they should act – well – professionally. I find it very irritating when somebody is supposed to be a spectacularly good lawyer, for example, and then screws up at the very basic stuff. This goes for any profession (and in Matt’s case, I count his blindness as another profession, too). Rarely is a character supposed to be crappy at his job on TV. It can’t be so expensive to hire professional consultants for any profession shown in a TV-show compared to the overall production costs.
    DDS1: I really loved how Ben insisted on multiple sources, verifyable facts, corroboration in the beginning. Then, in episode 8 he started to write a truly horrible, pathetic thing that would never count as a journalistic article on any planet in this galaxy. Fortunately, he deleted it right away. I don’t know anything about lawyering, but Matts courtroom speech in episode 3 really worked for me. And what Clare did and said (or the physician and the nurses in episode 12) actually made sense. Matt’s blindness was very well executed. JJS1: Jessica was a really convincing investigator. Claires handling of the unconscious Luke was good, cooling and draining cerebrospinal fluid in order to lower the intracranial pressure could work. It would have been even better if she had thought to put him into a upright position as well. DDS2: nobody can convince me that whatever Matt did in episode 7 in the courtroom has anything to do with lawyering. And Stick digging aroung in the intestines with unsterile pliers in order to remove poison – well, that‘s definitely not evidence-based medicine. Karen was supposed to be an prodigy investigator, so she gathered facts by reading old newspapers. And her article in episode 13 was even worse than Ben‘s in the first season. Matt recognized people repeatedly only when they removed their masks. Argh. LCS1: Not many professions were shown, actually. The vendors didn‘t sell anything and the barbers didn’t cut the hair. I think the policework was quite convincing. Claire’s depiction as prodigy nurse did not convince me, though. Well, she did use an actual ultrasound machine to do ultrasound (bonus point) but she held the probe oriented in the wrong direction. There was a colour-mode window on the screen (the green one, this is used to show fast-moving structures, usually the blood flow) but it showed STATIC objects OUTSIDE the window. Probably only real nurses, paramedics and physicians would notice that but anybody who had chemistry in school would know that a fluid would get more acidic when the pH goes down, not up. And is it really possible to change the pH by turning a knob? Wouldn’t you have to pour acid in? So if Claire is so smart that she can reconstruct years of secret research with the help of google and a microscope, she should definitely know this basic stuff.
    DDS1: 3 points, JJS1 4 points, DDS2 1 point, LCS1 2 points

    JJS1: Hope dying in Jessicas arms after saying deep things. DDS2: Elektra dying in Matts arms after saying deep things. LCS1: Scarfe dying in Mistys arms after saying deep things. Pop dying in Luke’s arms after saying deep things. Shameek dying after giving the decisive information. Why can’t they simply die mid-sentence? Or survive? DDS1: Ben died alone!!!! Wesley didn’t say anything, he just died! Yeah!
    DDS1: 4 points, JJS1 3 points, DDS2 2 points, LCS1 1 point

    Out of character actions
    This is the plot-equivalent of stretching super-powers. When someone does something that makes no sense at all and is completely out of character and only serves to put him or her into a position needed to advance the plot. I find this very annoying and lazy, sloppy writing.
    DDS1: I didn’t notice any out of character moves. JJS1: Simpson first betraying Jessica and then turning nuts after almost dying and reentering the pill-programm probably a tiny bit. DDS2: half the season felt like out of character-moments. Claire quitting the hospital. The police consenting to send Daniel and the other victims secretly to Metro general. Claire consenting not to formally check them in. Matt quitting his job. Elektra first tying to kill Stick, then save him. Matt tying Stick up in his kitchen for whatever reasons. I stop here because I simply could not make sense out of any developement in episode 7-13. LCS1: Misty pretends to be on the phone with Scarfe and then simply waits until Perez incriminated himself. This was smart. Later, during the interrogation of Mariah, while Mariah was about to incriminate herself, the very controlled Misty burst in, told her that the sole witness is dead so that they have not means to hold her whatsoever. This was dumb. Especially after being heavily punished for losing her temper with Claire during interrogation which should have an abating effect on future outbursts.
    DDS1 4 points JJS1 3 points DDS1 1 point LCS1 2 points

    I admit, I don’t care to much about the fights. They may be interesting to watch but I find it more important that they support the plot.
    DDS1: overall, most fights made some sense. My favourite is the one a the beginning of E6. The fight with Melvin when Matt came in to order a costume was stupid. If you want to buy something you just talk and dont’t try to strangle the manufacturer first. JJS1: No fights which were not appropriate. Not so well executed like Daredevil. DDS2: They fought all the time whether it made sense or not. Especially Wilson Fisk who was so smart and menacing in S1 was just a stupid bully in S2. Whenever he encountered someone (especially the Punisher) he started a fisticuff. This was unnecessary, did not advance the plot, out of character and it weakend the character so much. LCS1: Since Luke is invincible I just waited until the shootings were over. I can’t worry about him. The visceral fights were the first murders of Cottonmouth or Mariah.
    DDS1 4 points, JJS1 2 points, DDS2 1 point, LC 3 points

    Overall: DDS1 40 points, JJS1 33 points, DDS2 14 points, LCS1 23 points.

    Please feel free to disagree!

    And, Marvel, you promised us to downplay the ridiculous. Anyone else concerned about the Defenders?


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