Returning supporting characters in Daredevil’s second season

Mar 13, 2016

Returning supporting characters in Daredevil’s second season

Mar 13, 2016

Aside from core staff of three at Nelson & Murdock, most of the promotional attention for season two has thus far been directed at The Punisher & Elektra. This is not surprising considering how central they are bound to be for the story going forward. And, they are also very high profile characters in the 616 Universe.

We’ve also known for some time that Claire will be back in the second season, especially since one of her roles is to provide some of the narrative glue holding the various Netflix shows together. It’s unlikely that she’ll get nearly as much screen time in the second season, but I’m sure that whatever scenes she does have will be great. We also know that Stick will be coming back for another three episodes. This was announced quite a while back and, of course, makes perfect sense considering the inclusion of Elektra and, well, ninjas.

What about some of the other characters though? There were several from the supporting cast that I really enjoyed last season and am very happy to see back. I should say that I would absolutely love to see a flashback scene or two with Jack Murdock, but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen. Below, however, are some of the players we should keep an eye out for.

Sgt. Brett Mahoney

Brett Mahoney has already been seen in the first trailer for season two, and I was thrilled to see him in Jessica Jones as well. The “one good cop” of season one, actor Royce Johnson’s was a performance I really enjoyed the last time around. Brett has got a cool, no bullshit attitude and exactly the kind of dry and understated brand of humor that I tend to enjoy. Considering that he doesn’t get a lot of screen time in the first season, I think the creators did a pretty solid job of infusing the character with a distinct personality and giving him some pretty unforgettable lines. Welcome back, Brett!

Sgt. Brett Mahoney talking to Matt and Foggy, as seen in the trailer for Daredevil season two

Marci Stahl

I must admit that I really liked Marci Stahl in the first season. She’s something of a bitch, probably not someone I would personally be friends with, but she still has a nice bit of heart and complexity to her. The combination is refreshing. The “bitchy” girl is not an uncommon archetype – we’ve all seen Mean Girls right? – but Marci never becomes a caricature. She gets close, but right when you think you’ve got her figured out, she turns out to have a few more layers. As for an appearance in season two, actress Amy Rutberg has more or less confirmed it on Twitter. Whether she and Foggy will still be “frenemies with benefits” next season remains to be seen. I’m sure Foggy will have plenty of reason to go to her for “I’m pissed at my best friend” sex.

Foggy and Marci in her apartment, as seen in episode eleven of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix

Turk Barret

Actor Rob Morgan has also confirmed on Twitter that he’ll be making a return in season two. Oh, and if you don’t follow him on Twitter, you absolutely should. He’s a super funny guy who is happy to interact with fans. With his former boss in prison, there was no guarantee he would be back this time around, but in the comic Turk has always been a resourceful guy. It will be interesting to see where he fits. Perhaps as someone targeted by the Punisher? Or will this be the time we get him seen thrown through a window at Josie’s bar?

Turk running from the police, as seen in episode thirteen of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix

Melvin Potter

Though I haven’t seen much talk about this, it seems pretty much a given that Melvin “The Gladiator” Potter will return in the second season. First of all, he is still alive. While that may not always be necessary (see below), it certainly helps. Secondly, the evolution of Daredevil’s costume is looking to continue and be ongoing throughout the season. Potter is the costume guy, and he only really got in on the action toward the end of the last season, leaving us with plenty of untapped story-telling potential. I think we can safely welcome Matt Gerald back to the show!

Melvin Potter in his workshop, as seen in episode eleven of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix


While there is no real confirmation on this, there has been plenty of speculation that Peter Shinkoda might reprise his role as Nobu in the next season. You might point out that he died in the first season, but as we all know, death appears to be a much less final state in the comics. Especially for people who deal in the dark arts. Look here for more on this theory.

Nobu in his fight with Matt, from episode nine of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix

Did I miss anyone? You guys let me know if I did! Whose return are you most looking forward to seeing this coming season?


  1. David

    Good list! I personally hope Nobu does not return even though I enjoyed his performance very much in season 1. The “Tadaa! I’m still alive!” thing is one of my least favorite aspects of comic books. Writers go for the emotional impact that death has on the readers (Elektra comes to mind) which is impactful especially because the characters were so important to the story, and then they turn around and bring them back. It’s bad writing in my opinion. Dead is dead unless there is a terribly good reason, and I can’t see that happening in the case of Nobu. He was skilled, impressive and made for one of the best and most brutal fights in season 1, but he was burned to a crisp.

    We’ve also seen (heard) Father Lantom in the trailers for season 2, I hope he has a big role. I love how he functions a bit as Matt’s conscience and reinforces the doubts that Matt already has about killing and his own morality.

  2. Christine Hanefalk

    “We’ve also seen (heard) Father Lantom in the trailers for season 2, I hope he has a big role. I love how he functions a bit as Matt’s conscience and reinforces the doubts that Matt already has about killing and his own morality.”

    Good call! I was going to put him up in the intro section with Claire and Stick, but totally missed him. Oops! And yes, he was a character I really liked in the first season, much more than I had expected to actually.

  3. David

    Christine, do you think there is any chance we could see Sweeney (The Fixer) turn up in season 2? When I first watched the first season I expected Matt to get revenge on him in some way like in the comics but it never happened. Do you think they will clarify what happened to him after Jack’s death or if they’ll even have a scene reminiscent of the comics?

    Thank you so much for writing this blog by the way. I wasn’t a big comic book reader when I was a kid so the only knowledge I had about Daredevil was from the unimpressive Ben Affleck film. It wasn’t until I checked out the Netflix series that something about Daredevil really connected with me and I can finally see why you and others like you love the character so much. I’ve been reading a lot of DD comics these last months and your blog really provided some awesome additional insight and analysis into the character. So thank you and keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Tate

    My wife and I have been re-watching all of Season 1 over the last two weeks. Tonight we’re watching Nelson v. Murdock. Still an amazing episode, but I caught something this time that I never gave any thought to before.

    Madame Goa is asking Fisk about “The Masked Man” and Nobu’s fates.
    Fisk tells her “No” in response to her question if they found the body of “The Masked Man”.
    She then responds, “While Nobu’s clan prepare his for what is to come.”



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