Netflix gives us one final Daredevil trailer

Mar 15, 2016

Netflix gives us one final Daredevil trailer

Mar 15, 2016

Just as we’re nearing the home stretch, Netflix released a final trailer for season two (see below). While much of it consists of clips we’ve seen before, or simply different portions of known scenes, some of the new material (see screen shots further below) offers a nice bit of mystery. It also appears that if the first trailer centered around Frank Castle, and the second one centered around Elektra, this one clearly focuses most of its attention on the greater powers they’re all up against.

Have a look at the trailer, some of the new scenes, and the transcribed dialogue, and I’ll get right to my comments after that.

Gallery of stills from the trailer showing some of the new material

Full script

Stick: “I haven’t told you everything… This city is ground zero in the war it doesn’t even know is happening… And everything will change… This war is bigger than everyone.”

Unknown 1: “The rising is coming.”

Matt: “This is a war I need to fight alone – my way.”


Unknown 2: I fear… that the path you’ve chosen… isn’t going to be an easy one.

Elektra: The war has begun, Matthew. And if you get in my way, I’m gonna kill you too.


I’ll just cut to the things that stood out to me the most. First of all, what a visually stunning show this is sure to be. Season one looked good, but wow, this is like watching a (violent) ballet. I know a lot of us were worried that the relative stiffness of Daredevil’s fighting style in the new suit in the final episode of season one would carry over into season two, but that clearly isn’t the case. We’ve seen great fight scenes in the previous trailers too, but they’re obviously all going to be impressive. Speaking of the suit and Daredevil’s equipment, it does in fact appear as if Daredevil will be getting a grappling hook this season. I’m not against this in principle, but it is something that should be tricky to adapt for live action. Let’s just hope they do it in a way that doesn’t make you question why his arm is still attached to its socket every time he uses it. 😉

The other things that make you wonder, in order of appearance are 1) Who is the guy with the sai? That is very clearly not Elektra. 2) Holy crap, what happened to Frank Castle and why is he wearing a white shirt? Is he escaping from a psychiatric ward? 3) Is the girl in the cage another Black Sky? Is she a trafficking victim? Is she Lady Bullseye? Is she someone else entirely? 4) What kind of awful day is Matt having that he’s standing, in his civilian guise, next to what looks to be a dead waiter? Bad date with Karen? 5) What is up with the creepy zombie children. Are they also “Black Skies”? Are they random kids who have been reanimated by the Hand? Are they prisoners who just haven’t seen daylight in ages or – not unlikely – some combination of the above?

Feel free to throw around your wildest ideas in the comment section! And, in case you missed it, below is the clip that was shown at the beginning to the AOL Build session with the cast. The only one of its kind we’ve seen thus far.


  1. Mike Murdock

    Not everyone can be Lady Bullseye 😉

  2. Tate

    I’m trying to temper my expectations, but damn if everything we’ve seen from Season 2 doesn’t look amazing.

    When I shared this trailer on Facebook I took a little jab at the upcoming Civil War* movie in that we have Murdock and Castle saving New York city from an ancient army of ninjas, while the Avengers are having a slap fight in an airport parking lot over who gets to be who’s boss.

    * I am absolutely thrilled about Civil War and expect it to be amazing.

  3. Doug

    Thanks for all your work on the site. I have really enjoyed reading it. How good does this season look?
    Do you think those Zombie kids are the Purple Man’s kids? Are they going to put Frank Castle in jail? It kind of looks like it with the bloody shirt scene.


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