Countdown to Marvel’s Daredevil: The home stretch

Apr 9, 2015

Countdown to Marvel’s Daredevil: The home stretch

Apr 9, 2015

We are so close now. I’m getting ready to go to bed, and when I wake up, Daredevil will start airing at 9.01am in my time zone (Central European Time). Yes, I realize that I live in the best time zone possible for taking the day off work and binge-watching Daredevil. The snacks have been purchased, and I know there’s enough coffee in the house to get me through the day.

I haven’t been able to post quite as religiously as I had intended to over the last few days. Part of the reason was some real world time constraints, but another part of it was the massive onslaught of news coming from everywhere that I didn’t feel the pressure to keep you guys entertained. Besides, just keeping my Facebook and Twitter accounts updated has been work enough. Suddenly, everyone is talking about Daredevil, and that’s definitely an odd feeling.

In case you’re wondering, I did cave and read all the reviews, and I don’t think it’s spoiled the experience for me. Most of them are, as you know, very positive. I learned something else, though: That infographic I made of all the casting information on IMDB is wildly inaccurate. Don’t blame me, though. Blame IMDB (or whoever at Marvel or Netflix who supplies the information). But that’s good. If you thought it had too much in terms of potential spoilers, consider that damage undone.

So with fewer than ten hours to go, I guess it’s time to start looking at what comes next and what the ground rules are going to be. I will watch all episodes right when they start airing, but I will also stay away from social media, and the Internet in general. When I’m back online, I’ll be sure to not spoil anything for anyone, posts will have clear warnings at the top, and also directions on what can and can’t go in the comments. I don’t yet know what kinds of posts I’ll be writing (by theme?, by episode?), as that depends entirely on what I think of the show, in all its aspects.

So, with that, I’m going to sign off. Below is one of my favorite clips from the last couple of days (there’s also the scene at the end of this interview). Enjoy, and I’ll see you on the other side!


  1. Medda

    Wahoo! 😀 😀

  2. Gideon

    Can’t wait!

  3. Aidan

    The violence is too excessive. Daredevil’s morales are more dubious than they ever should be.
    D’onofrio is AWFUL. Not the Kingpin at all.
    The romance is silly.
    And other than that? It’s perfect. Foggy, Matt, and Karen are perfect. And I really liked the portrayal of the senses.

  4. Christine Hanefalk


    Careful with SPOILERS in this particular thread. 😉

    How far into it are you? I thought the senses were fine for the first few episodes, then they started annoying me the exact same way the (otherwise excellent) Bendis run did.

    Episodes 1-5 are definitely the best, and I can see why only those were released to critics. But I’ll have more to say on this in later posts.

  5. Aidan

    You’re right about episode 1-5. It all clicked for me despite those few issues in those. I’m up to 7 and the episodes after 5 aren’t bad, just don’t click together as well.

  6. Tate

    7 episodes in. This show is everything I wanted it to be and more so far. Absolutely everything about Murdock and Fisk is perfect.

    All the other superhero shows out there are just amateur hour next to this.

  7. Cj

    I think the black may shift suit is excellent. In particular the focus on how far the mask comes down on Murdock’s face. When the costume or body armour mention by the Night Nurse is introduced, it should not allow the exposure of his nose that one is able to reveal his alter ego character. The mask should cover his face like it does now and perhaps his chin area.

    Since this show takes the bold initiative to make the comic series so graphic and R rated from that of its Big screen kid friendly features, it should embody a complete sense of realism. Giving the shows popular and powerful impact while revitalising its comic following and new on screen fans, giving them something different and believable.

    In fact the suit should take on more black,to embrace his stealth positioning on his enemies, in the vein again of realism.


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