Countdown to Marvel’s Daredevil: The unbridled excitement post

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This is a site where I express opinions on all things Daredevil. (“I” in this case obviously being a massive fan of the character, or it would have been insane for me to pour three-four novels’ worth of words into this undertaking over the course of seven years.) Still, even while “opining,” I always at least try to approach things from the perspective of someone who takes the craft of writing seriously. I want to write things that aren’t just a version of “OMG, that was awesome!” or “Boo, this sucks!.”

All I can say after seeing the two additional two-minute trailers that were released yesterday, is “screw that.” Well, at least for this post. Because you know what? I FREAKING LOVED IT!!! See what I did there? I put a sentence in ALL CAPS. In bold! With more than one exclamation point!!! (Stan Lee would be proud.)

I’m throwing my pretentions of semi-serious comic book journalism to the wind, and willingly admitting that seeing these trailers yesterday (see below, if you haven’t seen them yet) has turned me into a 21-year-old fangirl who writes things like “squee!” on Tumblr. I can assure you, this is the first and last time you’re going to see me write “squee” (oops, I did it again), but it’s quite possibly the only word – is it even a real word? – that can do justice to my excitement right now.

So, welcome to a post I didn’t plan – in fact, I was too excited last night to finish the post I was working on – where I do nothing but gush. It may or may not be coherent. My apologies in advance for that.

Some things that finally convinced me I’m going to love this show

  • Action scenes even I can care about

    This may sound strange coming from a fan of Daredevil in particular and comic book superheroes in general, but I’ve always considered the action scenes to be the least interesting aspect of any book or movie in which these heroes appear. They are obviously an integral and completely necessary part of the genre. Without the action scenes, without Matt being Daredevil, there can be no Daredevil comic book. Clearly. However, relatively speaking, the scenes writers and artists spend on character building are just as necessary for making us even care about what happens to the hero. And, from the perspective of what I enjoy the most, character moments are going to be at the top of the list every time.

    With all of the trailers to date, though, I’m really genuinely getting a kick out of the actions scenes. I’ve even gotten over the somewhat silly look of the costume (the reasons for it’s silliness actually make it brilliant). I think part of it is how brutal they are. I’m not the type to get off on blood and gore, but part of the problem with how violence is often portrayed in movies and on television is how unrealistically inconsequential it tends to be. The violence in Marvel’s Daredevil clearly has consequences.

    What little we’ve seen of the action so far – even though there’s reason to suspect that the trailers are disproportionately heavy on the action – gives us a taste of really inventive and well-choreographed scenes that doesn’t shy away from the “otherness” of this particular character. Clearly a formidable fighter, you can still tell that Daredevil operates differently than you would expect from a sighted character without heightened senses. The sound effects help drive this home, and I’m sure glad I decided to upgrade my sound system for this show.

  • Foggy and Matt

    That scene where Foggy calls Matt up on the phone put to rest any doubts I might have had about their relationship (see my last post). It’s so incredibly spot on, and I can’t wait to get to hang out with these guys. I think we’re going to see some real magic happening there. This scene, and the next one with Karen, also lets us know that there will be moments of levity and humor in this show. I suspected as much, but with all the talk of this show being darker than dark, I was at least a little concerned that Matt was going to walk around with clenched teeth 95% of the time, despite the fact that they cast the very charming Charlie Cox in the role.

  • Foggy, Matt and Karen

    On that very same note, the scene where Matt and Foggy meet Karen is brilliant. Not only does Deborah Ann Woll put in a very believable performance as someone completely rattled and confused, but those few lines of dialogue are bound to be an instant classic

    “Who the hell are you guys?”
    “I’m Matt. He’s Foggy.”
    “So, how long have you been practicing law?”
    “About seven hours.”

    And the way both of them actually check their watches before that last line? Loved it!

  • Claire Temple

    While not an original character in the larger Marvel Universe, her role in this series is mostly new, aside from references to the Night Nurse. I’ve seen her described as the heart of the show, and it’s clear that that’s probably an apt description. Rosario Dawson is a fantastic action, and she’s so perfectly real in this role, you can just tell she’s going to be a real fan favorite. It’ll be interesting to see her take on the role as Matt’s (first?) confidante in this series.

You know, I could go on and on, but I actually have to go have Easter dinner with my family so I’m going to have to cut this post short here and head out the door. Are you guys as excited as I am? If so, what’s excited you the most so far?


  1. Matt Ingrouille

    OMG! I had the exact same thoughts regarding the Matt, Foggy and Karen scenes in the trailer and I can’t wait to watch. The doubts over the costume everyone seems to be having don’t even matter to me. I think this is going to be a great Matt Murdock show and that’s what I want the most.

  2. jeffro

    i am with you on wanting to see character interactions. the fight scenes are going to be awesome [i’m anxious to see this sequence at the end of ep 2 i have read 3 reviews on it and it’s got me all squeee-like as well!],but i want to see them being real people. it’s also what i want to see more of in the upcoming avengers movie.
    great site btw. it’s going to take me a while to read all this. DD has been one of my favorite comic books since i was 11 or 12, and when he appeared on TV’s “Trial of The Incredible Hulk” i thought it was the coolest thing ever. How cool would that be to remake that into one of Ruffalo’s Hulk films? Hulk, Daredevil, & Thor?


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