TOMP Podcast: Daredevil Trailer Special

Mar 15, 2015

TOMP Podcast: Daredevil Trailer Special

Mar 15, 2015

You asked for it! Okay, a couple of you did, but I was more than willing to comply and tackle my more in-depth analysis of the trailer in a podcast episode. This time, I’m joined by the lovely Claire Laffar whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person in London a few months ago. Claire is a massive Daredevil fan, and is also co-hosting The Defenders podcast (find them on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, and here).

Claire and I had a great chat and hope you guys enjoy our one hour and fifty minutes of talking about the trailer in general, our hopes for the show, and our reactions to individual scenes. For reference, you’ll find numbered screen shots from basically every single individual shot of the trailer below. We refer to some of these in the podcast, but I also wanted to include them for the sake of anyone who wants to comment on the trailer and refer to a particular scene. Click on any image to browse the entire gallery.

During the podcast, Claire mentions a podcast interview with Charlie Cox conducted by EJ Scott (who, among many other things, is Deborah Ann Woll’s boyfriend), so I’m posting the link to that as well.

Enjoy, and please add your own comments below!

Other listening options:

Screen shots from the trailer, images 1-20

Screen shots from the trailer, images 21-40

Screen shots from the trailer, images 41-60

Screen shots from the trailer, images 61-80

Screen shots from the trailer, images 81-106


  1. Aidan

    What a small world! As an avid listener to Intro to X and formerly the Twin Peaks podcast I’ve known of Claire and her Daredevil love for a while but never expected her to show up on my favorite blog!! Can’t wait to listen!

  2. Mike Murdock

    Love the podcast. Love that it covered everything from how the show covers the source material, to cinematography, to beating people on the head with billy clubs. Lots of good insight on what we’re going to see.

    On accents, I agree New York is difficult. I think the reason is it’s very fast and clipped so you have to do it instinctively rather than think about it (while southern accents are slowed down). I’ve never thought of Matt having a New York accent, but I usually think of Jack having one. The idea would be the divide caused by education. Jack was blue collar throughout while Matt went to college where he would be more likely to lose it.

  3. CBL

    I haven’t heard this podcast yet, but I have a confession to make. Every time there is a new TOMP Podcast up, I get the urge to take over the kitchen and cook while listening to you discuss Daredevil. So, that is the plan this week. Maybe tomorrow night. I’m thinking seafood. (My wife is the certified cook. I try to stay out of her way most of the time.)


  4. Tate

    Really awesome. Thanks for taking the time to do this. It was a fun listen while I cleaned house yesterday and today.

    I agree with most of what you talked about and watched the trailer frame by frame a couple of times myself, analyzing every little detail.

    One thing that really stuck out to me was your discussion of Matts age when Jack died. I completely agree that its a little questionable to have him that young. I’ve defended the 2003 movie, but I didn’t like him being so young there either. First of all it brings up a comparison to Batman, and Daredevil has enough parallels to Bats anyway. With artists in the comics drawing him too young, well thats another discussion, but I wonder if one reason they went with a kid rather than a teenager or college age is with a kid you don’t have to match the actors as much. And by “don’t have to” I mean people are more forgiving of that in general. Though as you talked about, that kid doesn’t look like Charlie Cox, but they may have thought that a better trade off than trying to cast a teenager or making Cox look younger for flashbacks.

    You mentioned the idea that maybe he is raised by Stick in the show, I could get behind that if it turns out that way. I hope as you say, that there is some explanation because that is a big chunk of his life. With as much as this is obviously influenced by Miller’s TMWOF, its a shame they couldn’t have just made him a senior in high school when Jack is killed like in that story.

    I liked your brief discussion about Matt’s various girlfriends and the type of women that works best for him. Have you thought about doing a new examination of the women that Matt has been seriously involved with? Kind of a compare/contrast between Karen, Natasha, Elektra,Milla, Kirsten.

    I’m betting also that there will not be a “radar sense” in this show as we traditionally think of. Frank Miller leaned that way heavily in his later stories, especially in The Man Without Fear where there was no “radar” it was just “heightened senses”.

  5. Claire Laffar

    Haha it really IS a small world Aidan! ūüėÄ

  6. Rose

    Great to hear that you are finally getting exited about the serie. I have been following you for a while and I didn’t know how to react since you werent covering much about the netflix’s series. I was kind of wondering if it would be as bad as the 2003 movie and I was the only DD fan exited about it. But hearing this from you two made me feel so happy. I am more exited than ever! I am preparing a whole DD directed weekend here, invited some friends over and we are going to watch it as a marathon!
    You know what would be nice?! If ppl would get together on chat or video conference on the April 10 to share thoughts on the fisrt episodes.


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