The official Daredevil trailer is here!

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I was just going to start my official countdown to next month’s premiere of Daredevil on Netflix when the official full-length trailer finally exploded onto the scene. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below, and then let’s talk about it!

I think I’m in the solid majority who really liked this trailer, which I think shows great promise. At the same time, it’s easy to forget that, at the end of the day, it’s a two-minute glimpse into what is essentially a 13-hour movie. The creators are clearly trying to drive home the message that this is several shades darker than what we’ve previously seen coming out of the Marvel cinematic universe. At the same time, I’m hoping for a lot of variety, and I guess my point is that what we’ve seen so far, including the teaser trailer accounts for less than 0.3% of the finished product. It’s not all going to be people beating each other up in dark alleys; I can pretty much guarantee it.

One of my main reasons for thinking that things are not going to be as pitch dark as the impression you might get from the trailer is the fact that Charlie Cox was cast in the role of Daredevil to begin with. If they weren’t going for some amount of charm and heart, they simply wouldn’t have cast an actor with that kind of appeal. And even in the trailer, there are indications that we’re going to see quite a bit of Matt’s civilian side as well.

I will have much more to say about what we learned from the trailer – heck, I might even make a “listicle” out of it – but for now, I just gathered up som screen shots that I wanted to talk about. Not all of them for serious reasons. 😉

Look, it’s Matt, Foggy and Karen doing casual things and Matt actually smiling

Yup, I liked the whole trailer, but scenes like these two below put me at ease. Matt will crack a smile occasionally and the trio will do things together as friends. Daredevil has never been just about the punches. At its greatest, the book has always had heart. I would like to see that show on screen as well.

Matt, Foggy and Karen starting up a law firm, from the Daredevil trailer
Matt smiling, shot from the Daredevil trailer

Oh my god, it’s Ben Affleck!

Someone pointed out to me today that Jack Murdock looks a lot lite Ben Affleck in the scene below, and I actually thought of that myself. Rest assured, everyone. Jack is not played by Ben Affleck, but by actor John Patrick Hayden. It’s actually an interesting casting choice considering how Jack is often depicted in the comics.

Shot of Jack Murdock, from the Daredevil trailer

Did Matt just smash a MacBook?!

Nope, it’s just a Dell laptop. We’re all good. Phew!

Matt in a fit of rage, from the Daredevil trailer

Wesley is going to steal the show

I’m calling it now. I think Toby Leonard Moore’s take on Fisk’s right-hand man Wesley is going to be a fan favorite. Sure, the trailer shows just a couple of his presumably many lines, but I love what he’s given us so far. And I bet everyone is excited to see confirmation that this show is indeed set in the same universe as Marvel’s previous movies.

Wesley steals the scene, from the Daredevil trailer

Yeah… The costume

Seriously, the black costume looks different from every angle, and I feel differently about it every time I see it. The mask is awkward, but it’s functional. It’s a little cheesy, but at the same time, I can appreciate the fact that it doesn’t look professionally made. The shot below also gives us a good look at the billy clubs.

Costume and billy clubs, from the Daredevil trailer

So, what do you guys think? Let the rest of us know in the comment section!


  1. Threshie

    Personally, I’m stoked. Really looking forward to this show. <3

  2. Medda

    I think I’d still call myself cautiously optimistic. (But I did watch the trailer a few times, heh.)

    John Patrick Hayden really does look a lot like Affleck. And yeah, it seems like Wesley will be entertaining.

  3. Rylie

    Oh man I spent so long today being excited about the trailer. That cardboard sign tho.

    I loved pretty much everything about it, except for the one line ‘you’re blind but you see so much’ or whatever, and I’m hoping that’s just a throwaway/flirty/back pickup line, because it makes me cringe.

    Super loved the shoutout to the larger MCU, because it’s means there’s that possibility, however small. Gotta have hope.

    I love seeing Matt smash the laptop, mostly because of what we get in the background. His kitchen, presumably, as there are no wall decorations. He seems to prefer pepper over salt, and I bet that lamp in the back was a gift from Foggy.

    Also those walkie talkies. Who decided those were a good idea?

    I’m excited to see little Matt, and his training. I’m also excited to see adult Matt get beat up a lot. Ahem. I mean… I don’t know what I mean.

    I suppose I’m just excited in general, although I’m really holding out for the red suit. Fingers crossed!

  4. Steve

    i was thrilled to see Scott Glenn as Stick. He really has that grizzled old man look down cold, and his voice is perfect for the character (unlike Terence Stamp’s refined English accent in “Elektra”). The trailer is top-notch.

  5. Ellen Fleischer

    Ok. We are getting Netflix for this. I’ve been holding out, but goldarnit, I want this!

  6. Medda


    I’m just glad they’re going to show him using a computer (and what seems to be a personal one too.) So many people have no idea how blind people are able to use them.

    Hopefully they won’t have him reading the screens by touch, lol. (I doubt it.)

  7. Sacha M.

    I am beyond excited about it. I have been a HUGE DD fan for 31 years, so having this coming is easily one of the most exciting things I have ever anticipated. Pretty sure my wife is tired of hearing about it. I know that most are anxious to get the red suit, but I honestly feel like that wait will be a long one. I don’t expect any red suit action until the last act. Perhaps even the last scene in the final episode.

    Regardless, I am looking forward to this and I know that I will love it and watch it multiple times.

  8. Tate

    This has been for a while, and after today is cemented as my most anticipated entertainment of the year. Avengers, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Mad Men can all just take a back seat.
    That featured everything I wanted.
    Dark and mature tone? Check
    Stick looking awesome? Check
    Ben Urich? Check?
    Ninjas confirmed? Check. Blink and you’ll miss him at the 1:25 mark.
    Battlin Jack? Check
    Kingpin looking scary as hell? Check
    Matt Murdock looking like the smug, cocky, obsessed, borderline psycho we love? Check.
    Moral grey areas? Check.

    Also like you said this trailer is only giving us the smallest glimpse into the series. I’m betting most of that footage is from the first few episodes.

  9. Matt

    You said having this actor play Wilson confirms this series is set in the same world as Marvel’s previous movies. Which movies has he been in aside from the original DD movie. It was my understanding that the Affleck movie is not linked because it was made by a different studio and may have a different back story and portrayal of the key characters .

  10. Christine

    @Matt: The guy playing Wesley has not been in any other Marvel movies. I was referring to his lines in the clip when I said that this was confirmation of Daredevil being set in the proper MCU. 🙂

  11. Rebekah

    My reaction is “eeeeeeeeee!”, which is the most excited noise I can emit. It’s not perfect, and I WOULD like to have seen a bit more humanity and a bit less of the beating people in alleys, but for a trailer it looks really good. I especially liked the way the trailer played up the parallels between Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk. If it hadn’t been Vincent d’Onofrio speaking, that opening monologue could have come from the title character.

  12. Ian

    Totally sold.

    Was hoping to see Stark tower in the Manhattan background, bit that’s not really a criticism.

  13. Rylie

    Yes, exactly. I honestly don’t know how he could be a lawyer in this day and age without a computer. I’m so glad it’s being incorporated. (Even if he’s sort of… smashing it.)
    Oh that would be the worst. Don’t feel the screen Matt. Please.

  14. Mike

    Scared about not seeing the Red suit yet…but the trailer’s great!

  15. Matt

    @Christine, sorry I totally mis-read when I first saw the article. I’m looking forward to the character of Wesley from what I’ve seen in the trailer. Which runs is he prominent in?

  16. Bee Clayton

    I’ve watched this trailer 3, maybe 4 times by now and I’m more excited to see this show than ever. D’nofrio and Cox appear to be perfect casting choices based on this, the tone, the action, the drama, everything looks great so far. I’m even liking the black suit the more I see it. If this is indeed showing Matt’s first forays into becoming a vigilante, then the suit shouldn’t look perfect just yet and his early mistakes could have serious repercussions.

    And yes, Wesley looks to be a henchman/villain you can grow to love/hate. His lines at the end were quite tantalizing and amusing.

  17. Daniel

    @Ellen: I am so right there with you. I don’t have Netflix, but I think I am going to break and get it just for this show. I was very cautious about it, but this extended preview gives me more hope. It seems to do what I am hoping it will do; and that is tell a cohesive story with heart and character pathos, be true to the character’s history while still innovating, Have a well rounded balance of all Matt’s life and personality, and overall just kick major ass in the fight scenes while still having real acting and character driven moments. Man I really hope this is good! I am definitely putting this up with Age of Ultron as one of my most anticipated marvel projects this year. Does anyone have any info or feelings regarding the other Defender series?

  18. Daniel

    Oh, just wanted to throw this out there, but I am not a fan of the heavily circular sunglasses. They look cheep and dorky. Thank you Christine, I have officially been on this site for to long if I am noticing stuff like that lol. But I am a big fan of sunglasses, Cyclops is one of my other all time favorite characters, and it kinda bugged me. I think Matt wore sunglasses similar to these during the Bendis run, which this show is supposed to pull from, but I am just not a fan of the design. Something more along the lines of ray bans or classic aviator sunglasses would have been better IMO. Anyone else?


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