News update: Mark Waid’s Reddit AMA and Daredevil in Superior Iron Man #2

Nov 30, 2014

News update: Mark Waid’s Reddit AMA and Daredevil in Superior Iron Man #2

Nov 30, 2014

Note! Spoilers for both items mentioned in the title coming right up!

Hello all! Before November winds to a close, let’s just do a quick news update. First off, Mark Waid answered questions from fans in a Reddit AMA earlier this week, and he is notably mysterious when it comes to questions concerning the end of his Daredevil run. Now, before you get your hopes up, Chris Samnee has alluded to wrapping things up on Daredevil next year a couple of times on Twitter so I don’t think their announced departure is another trick (remember how vol 3 became volume 4?). However, Waid’s answers are certainly open to interpretation. What do you guys think of these? The last one in particular is tricky.

Question by HannShotFirstBeta:

Hey Mark, I just wanted to say I’m a big fan of a lot of your work. Kingdom Come, Flash, Superman Birthright, being a part of 52, that Brave and the Bold issue with Aquaman and Etrigan (I liked that whole volume but that’s the one that stands out), your original Brave and the Bold mini with Hal and Barry, and of course your current run on Daredevil.
A few questions,
A) what are your thoughts on DD now that your run is drawing to a close?
B) What’s your favorite comic you’ve written?
C) Is there a character you’d like to write for, but haven’t yet?

Mark Waid:
A) That we have a whole lot more work to do.
B) Depending on my mood, it’s either Fantastic Four #60 (the first ‘Ringo book) or the DC SILVER AGE 80-PAGE GIANT, because it’s my love letter to all my favorite DC heroes.
C) I think about that a lot. After 30 years, the list is pretty short! The Lone Ranger, maybe?

Question by MattAlbie60:

Hey Mark – I really do think that “Daredevil” has been the most consistently great book that either DC or Marvel has put out since back in the Bendis days. It’s kind of shocking, actually, how the quality has managed to remain so high for such a long period of time.
My question is – IS there someone already lined up to take over after you already? You don’t have to tell me who – I just like knowing that people are at least on the ball over there, ha.
Though if you could put in a good word for Charles Soule, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Mark Waid:
I honestly don’t know who’s slated to take over DD next–whenever that happens, he said cryptically–but the last guy I’d recommend would be Charles, because I’d much rather be followed by someone who really sucks and can make me look that much better by comparison. Charles? I don’t need the competition.

Question by dragonbornrisesSpider-Man:

Hi Mr. Waid, I just want to say that I’m a HUGE FAN of your work. Your Age of Ultron issue is one of my all time favourites. What are your plans for wrapping up the Daredevil run? Also do you have any tips for young writers who want to break into the industry?

Mark Waid:
Still working out the DD plans, trust me.
Tips for young writers? Write what you want to write. Write what you care about, not simply what you think others want to read. Tell stories that only you can tell. And most of all, KNOW WHAT A STORY IS: someone wants something and someone/something is in his or her way. That’s a story. A story requires conflict, or else it’s just an anecdote.

Question by IamnotdaredevilDaredevil:

Hi Mark! I am a huge, huge fan! I absolutely loved Indestructible Hulk (the first Hulk comic I ever read) and am currently addicted to Daredevil.
Speaking of Daredevil, what are your plans post Daredevil? (I plan on crying myself to sleep every night)
What is your favorite comic out right now?
Thanks so much for everything that you do. Keep up the great work!

Mark Waid:
Ha! I can’t give up too much right now about “post-DD,” sorry–rest assured that it might not be as traumatic as you fear.
And my favorite comic out right now is probably Multiversity.

There are plenty of other Daredevil-related nuggets in the Reddit AMA (though none that specifically deal with the potential end of the Waid/Samnee run), so I suggest you read the whole thing.

Superior Iron Man #2

So, did you guys read Superior Iron Man #2? I did, and quite enjoyed it. I thought the first issue was pretty good too. This one is very heavy on Daredevil and almost feels like an issue of Daredevil. Writer Tom Taylor has a good handle on Matt’s voice and the art by Yıldıray Çınar is really strong.

Iron Man versus Daredevil in Superior Iron Man #2, by Tom Taylor and Yıldıray Çınar

Either way, one big question going into this issue (at least for me) was whether Matt would get his sight back by the end of it, and indeed he does. I pretty much expected this to happen and it’s well executed. For me, it all comes down to what happens in Superior Iron Man #3, because that tends to be the trickier part of a Daredevil-gets-his-sight-back kind of tale (there have been many). Any real signs that this will stick, as suggested by Bleeding Cool a while ago? Highly unlikely in my book. I doubt there will be any ramifications outside of this story, as Waid and Samnee are clearly busy handling other issues in the main book.

What did you guys think of it?


  1. Ellen Fleischer

    Could it be that the creative TEAM is coming to an end, i.e. Samnee is moving on, but Waid is staying put for awhile? Or that this will be another long overarching plot with various shorter arcs (like DD 1–27)? Maybe not AS long, but not a done-in-three. I dunno. I just mean to savor every minute of this.

    And if, after Waid does leave, they give the title to Tom Taylor, I wouldn’t mind. Or Charles Soule. Or Chris Gage (though that’s more of an “I’ve loved almost everything Gage has ever written and I don’t think this will be an exception” than a “Gage would be great on Daredevil!” I don’t know. But I generally like his stuff.)

    Also, Yilderay Cinar draws a gorgeous Matt, pre- and post-Extremis.

  2. John

    Given that the issue-end teaser said something like, “NEXT: THE CHOICE!” I’m guessing that Daredevil might have to choose between keeping his sight or going blind again and choosing the latter as soon as the end of the next issue.

  3. Dan Without Fear

    That last answer Waid gave about volume 4 coming to a close not being as traumatic as we’d think has got to mean this is another fake out (please, please, please)!

    Even if he and Samnee wrap up Vol.4 to launch an Untold Tales satalite book, while another team launched Vol.5 of the main book, that would be a blessing.


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