Daredevil gets his own “television” series on Netflix!

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In an announcement that positively surprised everyone with even a marginal interest in Daredevil and/or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we learned earlier today that a Daredevil series will reach Netflix subscribers the world over in 2015. The Daredevil series is part of a complete package of four other Marvel offerings – the other three showcasing Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, respectively – and culminating in a Defenders mini-series featuring all four heroes. Each series will run at least thirteen episodes.

This is really a huge deal for both Marvel and Netflix (and us!), and for anyone who is interested in the details of all of this, as far as they’re known, I recommend any of the following links. When you’re done with that, I’ll tell you a little bit about my hopes and fears!

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My thoughts

First of all, I should say that my overall reaction is one of excitement. It’s fantastic to see Daredevil back with Marvel, and that they are clearly eager to put the character to good use. I’ve also mentioned before that I think Daredevil is a better fit for a television show than a movie. This way, we’re getting thirteen hours (assuming each episode is an hour, eight hours if it’s forty minutes) instead of two hours of Daredevil entertainment. That, in turn, makes it possible to spend more time developing the character. I look forward to a nice balance between Matt Murdock’s private and professional life, and his swashbuckling antics as Daredevil.

I would love to see a nice legal/crime drama with maybe just a touch of humor, and several touches of superheroics. At the same time, I don’t think that making the most of Daredevil’s senses requires a massive special effects budget, and we really don’t need to see Daredevil bouncing around town like Spider-Man (as in the 2003 Daredevil movie).

One of the few concerns I have is that they cast someone much too young to play Daredevil. So many of the actors who were apparently up for the part (back when it looked as if a new Fox Daredevil movie might still happen) had that teenage heartthrob thing going on, and that wouldn’t feel right. Please, get someone who’s at least thirty (and looks it) to play the part!

Another thing that’s a constant concern whenever a change is on the horizon (whether it’s something like this or a change in creative teams), is that they go completely overboard with the senses in a way that goes against the grounded nature of the character. Hopefully. Waid & Co.’s treatment of Matt Murdock – in terms of both strengths and weaknesses – will have made enough of an impression on the people in charge.

I will most certainly have reason to return to this news, but for now, let’s hear from you guys! I will also share the comments that were left on the Facebook page, as seen below


  1. Robert

    Two biggest concerns I have is that Agents of Shield has been mediocre at best. Also, like Shield, these will be extremely limited by budget.

    I’ll be extremely cautious in my optimism until we hear who is going to be behind and in front of the camera.
    Agreed on the age thing. Matt Murdock should be a grown man, not some baby faced pretty boy who looks like he should be chugging beer in a frat house rather than a professional and hopefully successful lawyer.

    My personal preference would be for them to aim for late 30s. Let Murdock be a little older than the rest. No one has a problem with Downey Jr. as a hero and he’s almost 50. DD could be the older, wiser of the group. Maybe he’s been doing the vigilante thing in a black jumpsuit for a while like in The Man Without Fear and the Avengers showing up inspired him to make a costume.

    I also hope they don’t dwell on the origin too much. As much as I love the various tales of DD’s beginning, there’s nothing that can’t be covered in a 3 to 5 minute prologue or flashback.

    Whatever it turns out to be, I’ll be checking it out.

  2. Christine

    Agreed on Agents of SHIELD. However, that doesn’t particularly concern me when it comes to Daredevil. There are many pitfalls along the way that could end up being disastrous for a Daredevil show, but I can’t really see any reason for why they would try to emulate the Agents of SHIELD formula. It’s a different kind of hero, in a completely different kind of setting. AND, Daredevil doesn’t have to “live” in the shadow of the Avengers movie the way Agents of SHIELD does.

    If anything, I think Marvel’s various cinematic efforts have shown that they are able to do different things with different characters, all depending on the nature and natural environment of that character. Besides, Netflix seems to have pretty good standards. But yes, please give us a grown-up Daredevil!

  3. Matt Ingrouille

    Us brits seem to be good at playing Superheroes these days. I reckon Damian Lewis would be great as Matt Murdock. My only reservation is that since being a Daredevil fan I’ve enjoyed the fact that I like a B lister. I wear my tshirt with pride and grin when I’m occasionally asked what DD means. I hope this show is done well and not over done. I don’t think Daredevil works as a major main stream A lister and that’s why I like him. That’s just me being selfish though.

  4. Bee Clayton

    Wow, surprising news indeed. Like Robert said, cautiously optimistic over this, depending on the cast and creators they eventually get for this venture.

    DD needs to be already established from the start though, no drawn-out origin story please. So an older Matt is definitely required. But what about Foggy? Will we see Karen?

    Very tantalizing and eager to see the results.

  5. Medda

    I am excited for this as I love all of those characters. I think the first things I ever read with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist were when they appeared in Daredevil during Bendis’ run.

  6. Owen Choules

    Usually I’m fed up with Hollywood’s obsession with youth. Back in the day, leads were at least 45 years old! Over the last 15-20 years Matt’s middle-age has been integral to the character, particularly in Bendis’ run – however, I am a huge fan of those early Stan Lee issues, I love Daredevil Yellow and Waid’s DD feels very young to me, probably due to the swashbuckling aspect of his character which has been sorely missed for some time.

    The important thing I think, is the reflection of Matt’s mental maturity and not so much the physical. He had an old head on young shoulders. Yes, it was interesting and refreshing to have him complaining about his aching back, but is that what we need to see on TV? It’s the fact that Marvel have allowed him to age is what works, not so much the fact that he is older in the beginning (which of course he wasn’t – he was far younger than a lawyer with his own practice could have been).

    RDJ is somewhat the opposite to this, an older man with a youthful vibe.

    I’m can’t really see Damian Lewis in the role, but an actual red head with a freckle or two would be great. Please not the half-hearted Affleck dye job! I’ve always thought the young Robert Redford would have been perfect.

  7. Gaël Mansard

    I am cautiously optimistic. I hope that Marvel television will have learned from their “Agent of SHIELD” mistakes. But I’m sure they will and Daredevil is a much cooler concept than AOS.

    To avoid that, they just have to capture the impredictability of the Waid comics. A mix of the mystery, swashbuckling and grinning in the face of danger of the Waid area and the dramatic, noir and down to earth of the Miller area will be perfect. Maybe beginning with the Waid tone and progressively evolve into the Miller tone.

    What I said on facebook about his powers may have scared you but, don’t worry, I agree with you. In fact, I would love to see them portrayed as a mix of how Frank Miller and Mark Waid did. They are effective and powerful (Matt can know if a man lie or not, can “enter” in his head), but also with limits (a pacemaker can alter his lie detector, he can “read” with his fingers but can’t “see” a picture, his radar sense are not as good as vision to “see” in detail…) They are a bless and a curse (The death of Elektra in his arms should have been one of the most traumatic scene ever if done right, knowing that he felt “everything”)

    That’s why I said that the radar sense has to be used at full potential in the series (unlike the terrible one depicted in “the trial of the incredible Hulk) We need to percieve the world like Matt.

    I don’t think that it makes him all powerful (he isn’t bulletproof like Luke Cage, doesn’t possess a superforce), to me, it just makes him “more human” than a lot of character (even Batman, with whom he is incorrectly compared)

    And while I have no problem with a “young” Daredevil, who just opens his law firm with Foggy, a young Daredevil is for me a 28 years old Matt, who has already 3 or 4 years of experience as a lawyer in the Sussman and Castro firm in Chicago (It’s the only thing in TMWF that felt a good change for me. I can’t see Matt directly open a firm on his own right after the end of his scholarity. It doesn’t feel right to me)

    Miller wrote that Matt was approximatively 29 years old in “Born Again”, so it feel right to me.

    I hope Marvel won’t cast a 20 or 23 years old actor (but I’m confident they won’t, it seems a Fox trademark, seeing what they seems to have in store for Mister Fantastic, a guy supposed to be in his forties). That being said, with a DD project, I have some huge expectations. I hope Marvel delivers.

  8. Edward

    I am so excited about this news. 13 episodes of Daredevil. Casting will make a big difference.

    Like people have been saying here, I do not really want someone cast in his early twenties. But then I am not looking for a man in his late forties, either. I would not be dismayed either way, for sure, but I would like to see an actor in his thirties or a couple years on either side of it.

    Speaking of going with an older actor, though, I would love to see an episode or two with the Punisher in his fifties or even sixties. Letting himself be taken to prison? Yes, I would.

    My guess is that most of the influence for the series will be from the Waid run, with additions from Miller, Bendis, and Brubaker. Waid’s run is current, successful, and a perfect blend of serious action and playful adventure. (Not the “only” perfect blend, but “a” perfect blend.) It is as if his Daredevil is always narrowly avoiding a fall into some horrifying abyss. And that blend would be fine by me, with a few more courtroom scenes, if it please the court.

    And if I could as ask for just one more thing, it would be an iteration of Ande Parks’ “Blood of the Tarantula.”

    Of course, I assume that some material will be lifted from Miller’s run, but as I see it the less the better. Stick and the Hand resemble Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Shadows. Now, some execs will want to use them for that reason, but after the Dark Knight trilogy I think that they will seem derivative to many viewers.

    Besides, they are also unnecessary. Matt can learn to fight in the gym where his father trained, and if Stick (or his sensei or his sensei’s sensei) learned to master his senses on his own then so can Matt. Stick even takes something away from Matt, in my view, since Stick (without Matt’s style of sensory augmentation, to my knowledge) can defeat Matt in a one-on-one contest.

    Now, I will be very interested to see designs for the costume.

  9. Adam G

    I’ve been tossing this around in my head since the news came out. I hope, for the life of me, the producers of this show stay as far away from the shallow muck that was the Bendis era in Daredevil history.

    Personally, I’d like to see three “looks” for the series, cinematically. Matt’s view of the world, visually. The gritty hustle and bustle of NYC in Matt Murdock’s life, and the world in the dark, when Matt is DD. Three different, visually distinct worlds that become chaos when they overlap(both spiritually and visually, think about it).

    I’ve always thought Alex Proyas would be an excellent DD helmer, but I admit that’s with the whole Miller-esque motif in mind.

    So far as actors to play DD, I think people are too redhead/voice-over-centric in their nod to Michael C Hall. A recurring theme amongst his critics is his “wooden” performances. Do you really think Hall could play a man with real, vibrant relationships and a sincere attachment to his environs? Hardly.

    Also, DD is an athletic masterpiece. He’s got to be built like one, not just a nod to general overall fitness. The guy grew up a boxing-oriented kid, so he’d have some meat on his bones.

    For my money, I’d toss a chance to Phillip Winchester from the Cinemax series “Strike Back”. Check it out, sometime. I think you might understand where I’m coming from.


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