The Other Murdock Papers Podcast #7

Aug 19, 2013

The Other Murdock Papers Podcast #7

Aug 19, 2013

You didn’t think it was going to happen, did you? I didn’t either! However, I did manage to record another episode of the podcast in which I discuss, in order:

  • My views on the art versus writing debate (as discussed by Antony Johnston and others)
  • Why Daredevil should be a lean muscle machine rather than big and bulky. I make a mention of man boobs. You have been warned.
  • Matt Murdock’s past legal partnerships and why you don’t want to name your kid Kerwin.
  • Why I’m totally looking forward to Matt mingling with aliens!

The podcast should be up on iTunes within a few hours (see the link in the sidebar). In the meantime, you can download the file here, or listen using the player below.

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  1. Daniel

    There was actually a similar debate recently in the letter page of Conan the Barbarian about the characters build. Whether he should be body builder huge or more lean and panther like. The subject of character’s physical make ups does seem to come up a lot. Even Nightwing was made to be shorter in the new 52 reboot to better display his acrobatic background. I do have to agree with you, I have always thought Nightwing and DD were very similar as far as agility and fighting styles. So DD should have a very lean but defined build like most gymnasts and martial artists.

    As for the art vs. writer debate that one has been going around and around for decades and the majority opinion has regularly swung back and forth in favor of writers and artists depending on the decade and who was popular at the time. This is partially what lead to the group of artists breaking away in the early 90’s and creating Image Comics. But honestly you hit the nail on the head. What makes comic books stand out as a medium is the collaborative nature. The combination of writing and art that no other medium has. One only has to look at books like Watchmen and The Sandman to see writers using the talent and strengths of their artiest collaborators to take their comics to the next level, and accomplish what only comics can. Such as panel placement, rhythm, the synergy of tone and mood between plot and artwork. As well as symbolic and metaphorical images appearing in the art and enhancing the dialogue of the story. The book Saga is also a current example of what a comic can do when there is a high level of understanding between writer and artist, as well as DD of course. Heck the whole Marvel system was based on high trust and curative freedom between the artist and writer. So yeah its the collaboration that makes comics great, a writer alone can’t make a great book and even great art can’t save bad writing. So writers and artists, quit fighting and instead get inside each others heads, that’s when great comics come about. Also editorial get your hands off and quit stifling the creative people. They know what they are doing, and creative freedom is just as important as collaboration. I can’t count the times that great comics have been crushed by editorial oversight. Ok rant over, thanks for the podcast!!! love listening to these.


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