Matt’s new law partner: A list of suspects

Aug 20, 2013

Matt’s new law partner: A list of suspects

Aug 20, 2013

Daredevil #30 comes out tomorrow, and I personally cannot wait! We’ll see Chris Samnee back on art duties, and a guest appearance by the Silver Surfer. It also seems highly likely that we’ll get the big reveal that was teased at the very end of the last issue (see below).

As far as I see it, the list of candidates for who this might be is fairly short. What we do know is that we’re probably dealing with a woman, and one that is familiar enough with Matt to feel that she can simply waltz into Foggy’s office and just sit there in the dark without freaking Matt out (not that the darkness itself would freak him out, but you know what I mean). Not only that, Matt seems quite amused by her presence. Just who can this be? Let’s look at the list of suspects!

Matt finds someone in Foggy's office, as seen in Daredevil #29, by Mark Waid and Javier Rodríguez

A few months ago, I suggested that the person Mark Waid had been talking about in a recent interview might be Becky Blake. And she is still absolutely a candidate, even though there is something about the above scene that doesn’t feel like Becky to me. Would someone like her, who hasn’t been in touch with Matt for a long, long time, and left under less than ideal circumstances even know about Foggy’s disease? And, even if she does, is she presumptuous enough to just barge in? Probably not.

On the other hand, there is always the chance that she and Foggy are still in touch, and that he might have sent her himself to make sure the job is done right. That would actually be an interesting twist. Becky is also someone with whom Matt has never been romantically involved, and Mark Waid has indicated in the past that he enjoys writing platonic male-female relationships. I guess we’ll find out!

Another obvious candidate who would definitely be arrogant enough to simply take charge without asking is Foggy’s biological mother* Rosalind Sharpe. She is an attorney, someone Matt has worked with in the past and also someone who might consider this an appropriate way to help her son, given her – how should I put this? – less than nurturing personality. Mark Waid has also mentioned her name in past interviews (such as this one from two years ago) so we know she’s on his radar!

On the other hand, one very valid question is whether Matt should be looking amused to have her back. I would say that that depends on whether that smile at the end of Daredevil #29 is an actual smile or more of a smirk. Rosalind Sharpe is not one of Matt’s favorite people. However, the two did have a strange kind of relationship that included a lot of gentle teasing and deliberate pushing of the other’s buttons. So if we look at that smile/smirk and insert a piece of inner monologue along the lines of “Well, well, well… Who do we have here?” the scene above does not rule out the reappearance of Foggy’s mother, who was last seen in Daredevil some fifteen years ago.

Panel from #353, by Karl Kesel and Cary Nord

Matt meeting Rosalind Sharpe, as seen in Daredevil #353, by Karl Kesel and Cary Nord

Someone I hadn’t even considered until I read the last issue is Matt’s most recent not-quite-girlfriend Kirsten McDuffie (the ill-concieved Facebook relationship status “it’s complicated” was clearly devised with people like these two in mind).

Kirsten obviously knows Foggy is sick, but she and Matt parted on uncertain terms last time they met, in Daredevil #24, so she would have reason to seek him out, at the very least. Given that she has her own career to think about, I still consider her a somewhat unlikely candidate, but she most definitely belongs on the list of suspects. Suffice it to say that it wouldn’t be a huge shock if it turns out that I’m wrong on this one.

Last but not least, Jennifer “She-Hulk” Walters deserves a mention. However, she definitely would be the dark horse in this race. She and Matt have very rarely crossed paths (off the top of my head, I can only think of House of M), and I have no idea how well they would have gotten to know each other between panels and issues. She is certainly a possibility, but very much a long-shot. Mark Waid has also suggested that the mystery person is someone who is known to Daredevil fans:

“The writer adds that the subplot involving Foggy will go on for a while — and in the meantime, to help with Foggy’s law duties, Matt hires ‘somebody who’s very familiar to Daredevil readers.'”

If Mark Waid had been talking about Marvel fans generally, as opposed to Daredevil fans, specifically, it would have been a very different story.

So what do you guys think? I think the first three candidates all make sense. If I had to bet money on it though, I’d probably go for Rosalind Sharpe, if only because it’s the kind of weird idea that only Mark Waid could get away with. 😉 Now, what do you guys think? The issue will be out tomorrow, so place your “bets” before it’s too late!

*) Note for Daredevil newbies: Foggy was raised by his father Edward Nelson and his second wife Anna who adopted Foggy. Rosalind left the family at an early stage and her relationship with Foggy is not close.


  1. Patrick

    I would really like Kirsten or Jennifer to come in. 1) I loved the Kirsten/Matt relationship and was really upset when that was suddenly cut out. 2) Jennifer is a fellow lawyer and I think that Matt and her would be good friends/colleagues given their avenger statuses.

  2. Steven Springer

    Hmmm…all very interesting choices. I suppose it could be Rosalind, because one could draw the conclusion that one way or another she’s learned of Foggy’s cancer. It certainly gives her a chance to step back in.

    On the other hand, I always liked Becky, and when she was reintroduced to Nelson & Murdock in Volume II, I thought she had grown up as a character. I was bummed that she left and wouldn’t mind seeing her back.

    As for Kirsten, let’s not forget that she was taking guff from her fellow attorneys about seeing Matt on the side, so perhaps she got fed up with working in the DA’s office and decided she could help out Foggy and Matt by joining the firm.

    Finally…and here’s a dark horse possibly as off the wall as Jennifer Walters — what about Dakota North? She’s not an attorney, but she’s a damn good investigator, and Matt could use that help. It also brings back the issues that weren’t quite resolved after their fling in Volume II.

    So that’s where I am on this. Can’t wait to see what’s in store when I open up Issue 30!

  3. joshuastar

    my guess is still McDuffie!

    also, Waid’s got RADAR???

  4. Patrick

    OH MY GOD! Dakota North! I completely forgot about her (kicks self) I’d love her to come back into the fray. She was amazing in Vol II and I’d love to see that thread get tied up.

  5. Robert

    Dakota would be great but part of me still hopes its She-Hulk. There could be some great humor there. Like having them be totally professional and actually not hook up, but everyone just assumes they have/will because, well, its Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters. Thats what they do.

  6. Rebekah

    Rosalind was my first thought, but that smile doesn’t look like Rosalind. Becky would not be “the last person I’d ever expect”, though Kirsten might. And while She-Hulk would definitely be amusing (I vaguely recall seeing her across a courtroom from Matt at some point), I’m not sure she’d qualify as such an unexpected choice. Plus she tends to spend her time in green form, and that figure looks too small for a gamma type.

    But what says we have to be dealing with a woman? The figure in the chair isn’t exactly hulking, but there are relatively compact men in the Marvel universe (Iron Fist comes to mind, although that might be because he’s so often seen next to Luke Cage).

    Still, Kirsten would be my pick, with Rosalind a close second.

  7. Christine

    Thanks for all the comments, guys! I also didn’t think of Dakota North, mainly because she doesn’t have a law degree and all the rest of them do. Unless she actually got a law degree since the last time we saw her, which might be cool.

    As for whether this is really a woman? I agree that we don’t know that for sure, but I think Matt’s smile and the silhouette suggest it (while proving nothing). Also, I can’t think of any male lawyers in the Marvel U who might fit the profile. On the other hand, I clearly don’t have Mark Waid’s imagination.

    It’ll be exciting to find out, that’s for sure!


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