And Matt’s new partner is… (Spoiler alert!)

Aug 21, 2013

And Matt’s new partner is… (Spoiler alert!)

Aug 21, 2013

Hi there! Daredevil #30 came out today, and while I don’t have time to review it (I have some more work to do), I thought I’d at least open up a discussion about who was revealed as Matt’s new partner, especially in light of yesterday’s post. I’m quite excited about it myself!

Now, to avoid spoiling this issue for anyone (some people might view this in an RSS reader and thus get an unintentional look at the entire post), I’m going to try my hand at some visual subterfuge before we get to the meat of the story at the bottom.

Milla shows up in Matt's apartment, Daredevil #18 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

That was a radar image of Milla. It’s not her. Below you’ll find some intriguing text in Latin

Donec lorem urna, bibendum luctus semper at, porta eu nulla. Quisque luctus, lectus eu condimentum volutpat, quam massa tempus urna, interdum semper erat ipsum sit amet diam. Phasellus cursus massa id posuere tempus. Sed nec massa quis justo imperdiet pretium. Nulla facilisi. Vivamus tincidunt lacus purus, non dictum lorem facilisis tempor. Aliquam a quam ac augue fringilla venenatis.

Are you sufficiently confused? Good, let’s get to the point!

And the mystery character is…

Kirsten McDuffie!

I really was leaning toward Rosalind Sharpe, but I’m very excited about this choice (and definitely prefer it to what would have been the result of my own hunch). I think this will be a very interesting partnership!

Radar image of Matt's new partner, as seen in Daredevil #30 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee
It's Kirsten McDuffie! From Daredevil #30 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

I really enjoyed the whole issue, by the way. It was a genuine, old-fashioned, done-in-one story that was exciting and fun. I’ll get into more of that tomorrow or Friday though, when I have more time to write my review.

How did you feel about this reveal? Let the rest of us know in the comment section!


  1. Gloria

    Foggy’s Hat, Kirsten says? it looks much more like Mike Murdock’s 😉

    BTW, I loved the nod to Heather Glenn: have been re-reading some old issues with her and I find a bit sad that Miller pushed the character aside.

  2. Matt Ingrouille

    I have the new issue courtesy of Comixology’s new subscription feature. I took a peek this morning before work to see who it was. I was really hoping for She-Hulk but I’m sure Kirsten will provide some fun. I like the dynamic between her and Matt. I’m surprised She-Hulk and DD haven’t teamed up before what with them both being lawyers. Daredevil is my new found fav and She-Hulk is a favourite of my daughters. It would be nice to read some comics to her with both characters in.

  3. Patrick

    the last page….it broke my heart. I really do love these two and would love for them to actually be together.

  4. Steven Springer

    So Kirsten it is. But Mark W. did tie it in to the troubles she was having at the DA’s office, so that has some sound logic to it.

    I like Gloria’s comment about it looking like Mike Murdock’s hat! Didn’t Matt have that hanging around the office earlier on (I’m too tired to go back and look for it)? Loved the “Sandpaper for hands” thought about Dakota.

    Would you believe that when I woke up this morning I was still thinking about the reveal? And then I came up with someone even less likely than our other guesses — Candace Nelson.

    The “I’ll drive” double spread was priceless, especially the look on the Surfer’s face!

    Now that we’ve had this little intergalactic interlude, let’s see how Messrs Waid and Samnee reinvent the Jester!

  5. Eccentwrit

    I really liked this issue. I loved Matt’s angry face when Surfer accidentally shot at his staff and Matt threw him out the window. I did notice something in that scene though that I’m wondering if you have an answer for.

    If Matt keeps his costume on under his clothes, when he shucks off the outerwear after diving off a building, when does he put on his mask, gloves, holster, and boots? Does he have that all under his clothes? Has Matt somehow managed to do the impossible and fit one pair of shoes inside another?!

    I really don’t mind stuff like that, and I consider it as falling under creative license, but sometimes it’s fun to poke at things like this. Anyone have their own opinions on where Matt keeps the rest of his costume?

  6. Christine


    “the last page….it broke my heart. I really do love these two and would love for them to actually be together.”

    Go back and read the scene prior to that when Daredevil talks to the Silver Surfer before they part ways. The Surfer mentions what these aliens can do to get someone off their game and that there’s no way to know when they’re lying. 😉

  7. Morten

    Very enjoyable issue. Loved the reveal of the mystery character! And that was definitely Mike Murdock’s hat (we’ve seen it before in this run, you can see the mannequin head with the glasses in the background). Highlight was the “I’ll drive” line, and the surfer looking not amused.

  8. Dan Without Fear

    Those four radar panels leading uo to the reveal are beautiful. But I have to ask, what exactly is that in Dakota’s hands? Is that a silenced pistol?

  9. Robert

    Easily the most predictable choice, but also probably the best story wise. Waid obviously has been setting this up for a while and I have total faith in him to make it great.

  10. Elizabeth

    DanWithoutFear – It looks like she is pulling a gun out of a shoulder holster.

  11. Dan Without Fear

    Oh yeah, I can see it now. That does make more sense. Thank you! 🙂


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