Weird moments in Daredevil history

May 12, 2013

Weird moments in Daredevil history

May 12, 2013

I’m working on a certain project I dare not speak of which entails going through a lot of old back issues of Daredevil. In doing so, I’ve come across a bunch of panels and events that are just… weird, yet don’t really fit into any particular post category. We’ll cover three such moments below, but I can pretty much guarantee there will be plenty more of these to come.

Isn’t he dreamy?

The Black Panther guest starts in Daredevil #52, by Roy Thomas and Barry Smith, where he is recruited in the search for the critically ill Daredevil. Before he comes face to face with our hero, who is battling a bad case of radiation poisoning, he has the pleasure of meeting Foggy Nelson, the city’s District Attorney. As seen below, T’Challa appears to have made quite an impression on Foggy.

“He never said a word! But his eyes gave me my answer! They were the eyes of… a man!”

Just out of curiosity, would that be “man” as opposed to panther, man as opposed to woman, or is Foggy just getting a serious macho vibe? Who knows…?

Foggy Nelson meets Black Panther, from Daredvil #52, by Roy Thomas and Barry Smith

Why would you say that?!

Have you ever used a fake ID? I haven’t (I’m really a very law-abiding citizen), but I’m sure at least a few of you have. Did it ever occur to you, as you were flashing that thing, to say something along the lines of: “I hope it doesn’t look fake to you.”? No, of course it didn’t. Because that’s just stupid.

But apparently, there are people who are that stupid. Case in point: Matt Murdock, as seen below in a scene from Daredevil #54, by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan. Yes, that’s Matt in a black wig. He’s just had the brilliant idea of staging his own death, by dragging a red-headed dummy into a plane and letting it explode over the ocean. In order to do this, he needs to rent a plane, and fake a pilot’s license. (And let’s not even get into how many times Marvel’s foremost blind superhero finds himself at the helm of some kind of aircraft.) Everything is going smoothly when he decides to utter: “Hope you don’t think my pilot’s license is a phony!?”

Luckily for him, everyone else in this comic is also a Silver Age character and Matt actually gets away with this. And faking his own death.

Matt fakes his own death, in Daredevil #54, by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan

No one will see me. Because it’s the middle of the night and all.

The panel below, from Daredevil #102, by Chris Claremont and Syd Shores, is really trying to pull a fast one on the reader. They are trying to convince you that there are certain times of the day (or night) where even a guy on stilts, hundreds of feet in the air, can walk around unnoticed in a major metropolitan area. Not even the artist (or was this a decision made by colorist Artie Simek?) seems to believe this nonsense as many of the windows show the lights turned on.

“He moves unafraid –who is there to see him at this hour of the morning. And even if he was seen, who’d believe it? This is San Francisco, pilgrim, not New York, dig?”

You’d also have to wonder whether being seen is really a major concern for Stilt-Man. If it were, you’d think he’d find a more inconspicuous costume…

Stilt-Man stalks the streets of San Francisco as seen in Daredevil #102, by Chris Claremont and Syd Shores

That’s it for now, have a great week everyone!


  1. geb

    here’s the dude!.. chris has all of our memoirs in a time capsule.. how cool.. these are all so innocently goofy that they just seem to get hilariously fresher with the passing of time.. and not just..

    many times, many of these gems rebound in a (n analogously) relevant manner of historic significance.. i can’t believe that you stowed this one away,, this one was a monumental moment for me personally,, and that panel’s dialogue so to the point.. below..

    i was always attracted the falcon for, as do we all, the love i’ve of animals.. i always wanted one (from my “my side of the mountain” days).. and see, here, I knew he had a name, and also that he was (a) black (man).. even with his mecha-wing suit.. but this dude above.. he’s another story..

    see, whenever mention of t’challa was scripted, i was impressed it referenced some really groovy, very hip but (of course) cryptic connotation unbeknown to young immigrant kids..
    and being that i couldn’t read very well back then (and for some time after and, like, meaning having to reread some even less than avg length paragraphs 2, 3, 4, or more times to get even a ballpark), and not being sure of him from the panels or rather never really making the connection.. well.. and..

    being hypercritical then, as kids are (and rightfully so).. i always thought.. “what’s with the BLACK?.. of course he’s black.. you can see a melanese jaguar!”.. and discouragement brought unwilling disinterest and further grew to disconnection.. and under less than happy terms.. for here was superb, conceptually subtle creation where kirby outdid himself.. and when i rediscovered him later, i was a bit older but, had somehow now become super-hypercritical.. hmm?.. i mean

    here was great idea on par to an mwf budd-around, and they call him the BLACK panther.. like calling mwf the RED daredevil.. sheesh, why didn’t they juggle it up a bit in class and come around with oh.. umm.. pantera, per say.. there you’d hit two birds with a stone and eliminate the black and the THE.. huh?.. but then further frustration, they spoiled daredevil with addition of “DUH man without fear”,,

    considering that he was raised in the jungle, and imperviousness to curses aside, his extra umph didn’t appear all that much of an exaggeration.. and since he was chief topcat?..

    (break-up to pt2.. so as to not be too long)

  2. geb

    (geronimo).. not that much of an exaggeration one bit..

    but i guess he made an entrance in avengers-ultron.. with a storyline that although sort of evolved around him, lost me in terms it’s relevance.. and also pre-filming is underway for a solo in ’18..

    i guess what i wish to propose is that this figure, to me personally, has a feeling of misplacement in the avengers, and would do (far) better as part of the defenders.. in the series.. and then a solo,, to be sure of success..

    but they already began.. is it too late?.. am i mistaken?.. perhaps..

    he’ll be in his solo, but really solo.. i did not see mention of any other defenders or supporting marvel cast.. i do not think this is wise because first, and foremost, i don’t want him to bomb.. everyone needs support.. and second, i prefer variety.. but if must be, then, well, luck..

    whittaker seems to be putting all faith in this director.. i hope he is as capable and distinguishes creed from marvel.. who knows though.. it may stand on it’s own, i hope.. but i hope moreso that they regroup, rethink, and take a fresher angle..

    he should be in defenders.. and mwf3.. and especially cage (1), 2, 3.. at least


  3. geb

    error: avengers-ultron.. he was in cap’n’usa-civil war: correction.. sorry for the mixup folks..

    “didn’t see mention of any other defenders”.. “he should be in defenders.. mwf/cage/jones”.. “everybody needs support”..

    because netflix doesn’t have an avengers tv series.. as of yet anyway.. he should be in defenders series and mwf/cage/jones series’.. everyone needs support, especially when just beginning.. and whitaker’s faith says QUITE a bit.. i meant and should have clarified..

    forgive me.. (i’m not quite christine material.. but if you can bear with me, thankyou)

  4. geb

    yea, some things that are a good idea to begin with perhaps shouldn’t be tampered with (too much at least).. others that would lend positive effect to the whole could/should be if they can truly be done better without sacrificing something signature..

    with tie-ins and overlaps increasingly becoming the norm, especially in film/tv now, maybe they should gather separate teams of experts to go back for thorough proof-reads and checkups of what holds water and what seeps.. and then execute one well planned, massive, in phase, and one time house cleaning.. a mass, yet subtle, mind wipe..

    think the expenditure would prove well worth it in the longer run in terms of the company’s fortunes.. (not to mention saving lots of headaches and requisite therapeutic leaves of absence for fans, and future creative teams)

    concerning the former, i recall the title (actual physical cover) and the few changes it went through.. to dashed even-height over/under lettering, and same to include the widow, and others, upto near a full year’s worth of inverted variable height, until d.g. and weeks exploded it back to it’s original form with the last issue (esp including the original initial D height), maybe having learned after trying to stylize it along with the “tok” arc under it on each issue.. although on the “ffg” arc they were onto something when reducing it to app half size and leaving more room for cover art i think, but “mwf” under it was replaced.. the original everett/ditko also best gave the optical illusion of depth for “coming at you” effect..

    nit-picking now.. well.. if it can’t be improved (yet), then i’d leave case well enough alone..


    wow, those old gals are so tough”n”sweet

  5. geb

    the previous suggestions presented were formed from mere initial instinctive feelings.. a bit difficult to outline but perhaps may be understood best if relayed as being the use of an opposing tactic instead of anthropomorphism in storytelling..
    wherein the emergence of a deeper theme can be cultivated if attached to an animal/object recognized by the bearing of a specific trait which exemplifies the commonality of the manner in and/or route by which the meaning of said theme would be transported to the reader..
    and with an outcome of both easing interpretation and driving the point home with even more impact due to the rapidity decreasing the time taken us toward reaching a connection to that meaning, which would otherwise spur needless confusion if of a longer span..

    (needless definition, huh? sorry, but felt a full contrast could help)

    my thought which grew from instinct began as that, in languages where we use a triple prefixed article “the”, masculine, feminine, and neutral (most similar to “the”) and/or also a suffix companion added to the noun, where the man, woman, child would be les homme, la femme, le files (if i remember 8th and 9th grade french correctly).. this diverger is seen as an enhancement even further identifying the human characteristic (and some innate objects and some animal species too).. of course, as with english, it can also be omitted with no loss due to the “it’s understood without saying” rule..

    (ha.. kinda funny, the neutral child.. not yet a human)

    (one enhancement and ingredient making for a richer language would be the justification.. although one could easily argue that these type of things make for unnecessary, time consuming extras that create confusion.. and i would say that they would be correct in certain instances.. the panther in greek-o panthiras msc., while h (ee) panthiras fmn., whereas the tiger- h (ee) tigris fmn., while o tigris msc.)

    so, perhaps you may have guessed at my (attempted) reasoning for proposing a form of opposing application of the above tactic when regarding the application of a non-human identity to a human being..

    in this case (as with many other marvel characters), the identity is an animal.. and it’s descriptive proper and the language that is spoken by it’s user and processed by the end-reader is in english.. so would the maintenance of the article before the noun, if neutral, affect this resulting combination?.. (in a positive relative way?) no.. would this maintenance be wise if we wish to distinguish, empower one as a super-“hero-human”?.. hmm.. yes and no?.. still holding a neutral position depending on condition.. at a time when marvel is searching for expansion and increasing audience sector appeal by way of injecting as much believability and squeezing out as much reality as possible for a touchdown to earth?.. no, i think it not wise, but only as from the view of a mere oversight.. and, in context, when personification could viewed as a form of glorification, a decree of honor when attributing human characteristics to those not, and contrarily viewed as a demotion when happening in reverse (sub-human in worst case scenario) then the containment of the article could be hitting the nail of the period on the head..

    (i now guys… trivial?.. yea most probably, but.. it has been said about life and details.. depends on what and how important that may be to one i suppose)

    taking the falcon for another example.. would it help, subconsciously at least in the audience mind, to turn his banner from a proper noun to an ever so slight linguistically different, proper name?,, such as, falco, or falx and thereby also discarding the need for any article at all in the process?.. if it is so to, it will first relay his additional ability obviously referred by the anthropomorphism but, while at the same time and even more importantly, through that same, but inverse method of adoption, also fortify the more difficult confirmation of that of the PERSON himself being the escalation of that personification to super status.. super-personification..

    kool?.. yeah, i know it takes some thought, which in turn takes time..

    but it’s the panther i’m really interested in and worried about.. i noticed they attempted an upgrade on his threads.. not bad.. but..

  6. geb

    uhoh.. i’m seeing too many newer pictures with overly extended and/or pointy ears.. and outrageous lapels.. with capes of ranging size.. from short rain hood to full length.. and ornamentals with some in gold..

    are they going to give him swashbuckling boot folds too?.. let’s not cheapen the character image, turning him into marvel’s batman..the capes and the gold could be ok, but in ceremonial scenes only..

  7. geb

    I’m coming back to this in an attempt to clarify better and eliminate as much confusion that I may have unintentionally created by overlooking, or assuming in some posts. I take us back to my 5th post here, where I succumb to tradition and forget the “in fact”.

    The error, or oversight, is found in the 4th full paragraph all of which has been parenthesized, in the example given to show when tongues using declension can become confusing.

    It refers to the noun masculine by name of species, the panther which in greek, o panthiras is easier to feminize by the elimination of the s-ending, becoming (H) ee panthira, giving a different enough word. I, forgetfully, use a colloquial habit (in general, referring to both gender by species name) which leaves no distinction. Fault, sorry folks.

    Whereas the feminine tiger, ee (h) tigri, is not simple to masculinize, remaining the same word in o tigri, because the addition of the s would still render it feminine, as the species’ name is thus related (so categorized as an abnormal noun).

    So here we have the contrast highlighting one problem with synthetic languages.

    Hope going back to clarify is helpful, and that this clears some of the unwilling confusion that I created. (confusion over a post regarding confusion.. ha) Because, as I have confessed, philology (linguistics esp) is not one of my strongest suites and I hope that I did not come across as one whose it is. Not my intention.

    For detail noticers like myself, for one, I suppose that I could and should have started my suggestion by just simply stating that a great part of the appeal of Daredevil is that his is a moniker not requiring a “-MAN” suffix after, nor an article “THE” before it. (like The Bearman, for example).

    That most likely would have set a better stage for comprehending what was psychologized in the writing afterward. Hope that this helps. Be well folks


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