The Other Murdock Papers Podcast #6

by May 8, 2013Podcast2 comments

Hello all! Wow, I’ve really dragged my feet on getting this last podcast up, haven’t I? My profound apologies to my guest for this episode, Daredevil fan extraordinaire Alice “Darediva” Lynch for the delay (eight weeks!) and a big thank you for agreeing to come on the podcast and talk to me!

This time around, we discuss things pertaining to Daredevil fandom, past and current Daredevil creators and braille (Alice is kind of an expert). Oh, and crafts! Below, you’ll find links to some of the things Alice has going on and that are mentioned in the podcast.

Oh, and for the first time I’ve actually slapped the “explicit” label on this podcast because of one instance of “Someone’s jerking off to this shit.” Uttered by me. Oops. That’s it though, the rest of it is very innocent.


  1. Bill

    I would cross the world to visit a Daredevil museum. Lets make that happen. Alice, I’m a collector myself, I’m always disappointed when something clever is released (like mightly muggs) and Daredevil is not included in the line.

  2. Raissa

    Hi, it’s my first time on your website and I have to say I am amazed by it. Not only the great quality material, but to listen to this great podcast, full of girls. I for long tough I was the only one who was in love for this character, that’s why I love the internet! Thank you for the great work, you two just got yourselves a new fan.
    Best wishes from Brazil


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