Bring back Becky Blake!

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Well, I just have time for a quick one today, but I thought I’d seize on something Mark Waid said in that USA Today interview that saw print the same day Daredevil #26 came out:

“The writer adds that the subplot involving Foggy will go on for a while — and in the meantime, to help with Foggy’s law duties, Matt hires ‘somebody who’s very familiar to Daredevil readers.'”

Okay, so we’re talking about someone familiar to Daredevil readers. And someone who can fill in for Foggy professionally. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Becky Blake!

Becky was first introduced way back in the late 70’s, in Daredevil #155, by Roger McKenzie and Frank Robbins. She was hired as Nelson & Murdock’s secretary and was a regular cast member for years. Later, she was brought back by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark in the first arc of their run, this time as a full-fledged lawyer, and stayed on until the end of volume 2. In the very last issue of Daredevil before the Daredevil: Reborn mini and subsequent volume 3 reboot, she left the law firm, as seen below in Daredevil #512, by Andy Diggle and Antony Johnston, with art by Marco Checchetto.

Becky leaves Foggy, from Daredevil #512 by Andy DIggle, Antony Johnston and Marco Checchetto

I think Becky would be the perfect character to join the cast, even if it’s just for a little while. She’s a good enough friend to Matt and Foggy that she could lend some emotional support and she’s also been good at calling Matt on his bullshit, which is something he needs from time to time. It would also be nice to see Matt and Becky mend their friendship after things ended badly between them during Shadowland. I guess being possessed by a demon can be a real blow to people’s personal relationships.

If you’re new to Daredevil and not familiar with Becky, check out my previous post on her first appearance!


  1. Bill

    Has anyone else noticed that Foggy’s blond girlfriend is just gone?

  2. Steve

    I’ve always liked Becky Blake and would be quite happy to see her back in the fold in some fashion.

  3. Jeremy

    I was wondering what happen to her from Brubaker/Lark’s run on the book, since I dropped Shadowland faster than…well, let’s not be rude.

    But yes, I’d like to see her back as well.

  4. Mr. Friendly

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for Dakota, personally. At least Becky got a send off, Dakota just vanished.

    As for Foggy’s girlfriend I think it’s realistic that a relationship would disappear in the background, especially when it’s one we’ve been given no reason to believe was serious. I think it helps build the realism of their world, like when sit-com characters mention experiences we haven’t seen.

  5. JAY

    I would be totally happy with either Becky or Dakota returning – it would be great to have a wider cast with developed personalities in Daredevil’s current world. It’s by far my favorite book on the stands, but it’s focused exclusively on Matt and Foggy the entirety of its run. As readers we never really spent any significant time with Kirsten and as a result she just ended up being a generic, “spunky/sarcastic” love interest who faded out without much notice. More regular characters, especially ones with history in the book, equals more story possibilities.


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