Daredevil news update, March 8

Mar 8, 2013

Daredevil news update, March 8

Mar 8, 2013

Just as I posted this, further details on the long-rumored Lee Weeks Daredevil project came in. This is huge news! Read more about it in this week’s Axel-In-Charge!

Hey all! Quite a few things – which I have neglected to report – have happened over the last couple of weeks. For starters, Daredevil: End of Days #6 came out on Wednesday. As I mentioned in my “non-review” last month I’ve found that I’m not feeling this book. That doesn’t actually mean I’m no longer reading it (I am a completist and I have an in-store subscription), but I probably won’t really feel a need to discuss it until after the final issue comes out in May. So, I’ll refer you to the rest of the Internet for reviews and more information.

In other news, there have been a couple of conventions to report on. In London, End of Days collaborators David Mack, Bill Sienkiewicz and Klaus Janson participated in a Daredevil Through the Ages panel at the London Super Comic Convention. This report from Geeks Unleashed provides a pretty good summary of what they discussed.

At Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Mark Waid participated in Marvel’s Next Big Thing Panel. In it, he hinted at an upcoming team-up between Daredevil and the Hulk. According to news coming out today, this will happen sooner rather than later, with Daredevil making a guest appearance in Indestructible Hulk #9, due out in June. And, it’s got a neat cover by Paolo Rivera!

Mark Waid and other panelists at ECCC

A video of the entire panel is available here. If you’re just interested in the Daredevil info, a transcript of that portion of the panel, written by yours truly, can be found below. We join the conversation just after Matt Fraction has talked about bringing back Clint “Hawkeye” Barton’s loser brother Barney and Sam Humphries joking about West Coast Ultimates.


Mark Waid: In Daredevil, we’ll be introducing West Coast Daredevil. Great Lakes Daredevil, that should have been…

Matt Fraction: Barney Murdock!

Mark Waid: Barney Murdock, he’s color blind. That’s his only problem.

Off-screen: Would West Coast Daredevil have to drive?

Mark Waid: Believe me, and I will get to this at some point in the future. In a lucid dream I had about two months ago, I plotted an entire issue of Daredevil that when I woke up was still really good. And in that dream, I figured out how to do the ultimate car chase with Daredevil in it. Behind the wheel of a car. I can’t wait to write that scene so… we will get there.

Until we get there, we’ve got… we finally in the last couple of issues of Daredevil have started turning over the cards and showing a little bit more about who it is that’s been targeting Daredevil since issue one, with some things that he’s been aware of and some things that he hasn’t been aware of. And this sort of spills out for the next two or three issues as we really unfold all those layers and we see who is ultimately behind a lot of these attacks on Matt Murdock and where that leads it and how that will make his quest to help Foggy with his condition now even darker and even harder to deal with. Ah, comics are for kids!

And on the other side of that we’ve got, there’s that… Chris Samnee is still knocking it out of the park every month with that book, it’s amazing looking.


Mark Waid: Not to make it Hulk team-up comics but Hulk and Daredevil really ought to hang out more often.

Sam Humphries: Brunches…

Mark Waid: Brunches, exactly. Phone calls, late-night texts. So that’s one of the directions we’re headed.

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  1. Ellen Fleischer (formerly 'E')

    So, THAT’S why Matt really moved to San Francisco! Mark still wants to write that car chase!


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