The Other Murdock Papers Podcast #5

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Okay! Here’s my fifth podcast, which clocks in at about 38 minutes. The “colorist scandal” I mention briefly in this episode refers to an incident that well-known color artist Jordie Bellaire talks about on her Tumblr. Also, I should mention to my more sensitive listeners that I do a very unfortunate – though very brief – Gollum impersonation (yes, the LOTR character) that might disturb sensitive listerners. It sure disturbed the hell out of me. Pardon my French.

Things discussed in this post are Foggy (at length), Kirsten, Milla, and some of my thoughts on developing a greater appreciation for comic book art over the years. There’s also brief mention of Matt’s hair. Because… Well, do we really need a reason to talk about Matt’s hair?

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  1. Robert

    Thanks for the great podcast. I really enjoy talk about Daredevil. Do you think Kuljit Mithra from The Man Without Fear website would be interested in becoming a guest on your broadcast?

  2. CBL

    Great show Chris!

    I’m all for a quick Gollum review of the most current issue of Daredevil on future episodes. I’m sure it would short. I’m sure it would be The same two words each time. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be entertained by it. πŸ˜‰ Gollum probably loved issues 9 and 10 best, but thinks he’d give Daredevil a more difficult time than those stupid Moloids. Smeagol, on the other hand, loves Moloids and would very much like to play and go fishing with them sometime. πŸ˜€ I enjoyed your discussion about colorists and creative teams as a whole. I try to pay attention to everyone’s name on the credits page. I actually prefer it when the credits are at the back of the book. It’ll sometimes surprise me when I’m done reading that someone, not normally on the team, has worked on the book and I never figured it out until the end. C.

  3. Spyro

    Awesome work with that podcast!

    I am very excited for Matt and Foggy’s friendship being explored further, this is going to be interesting and it will bring more of brilliant character development as well.

    And yes, Matt totally should cut his hair after a couple of new issues πŸ™‚ I like how he looks, he really seems yonger and happier with that hairstyle, but this is just too potentially funny.

  4. Corey

    It’s nice to see real problems like cancer in a comic book world with hypersenses and siltmen. However, I still don’t get why Dardevil is not arrested even though hes an Avenger (I know that would they have clearance but wouldn’t street cops not know about them because of security reasons?). This is the first time I have read Daredevil but I have read (always knew who he was though thanks to cartoons and ben alfeck movie) all the 24 issues of this latest run by Waid. Good read, but I’m going to go back and read Miller and Stan Lee. Please put the newbie page up soon for people like me. Btw, Christine will you marry me?!


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