Zombie Matt Murdock

Nov 4, 2012

Zombie Matt Murdock

Nov 4, 2012

Hi everyone! I was going to post this for Halloween, but since real life has the nasty habit of interfering at inconvenient times, it was not to be. Still, the issue the below page is from (Daredevil #311, by Glenn Alan Herdling and Scott McDaniel) is too weird to ignore, so here goes.

In Daredevil #310, Daredevil comes under the spell of the witch Calypso. The full effects of this encounter aren’t seen until the next issue though, when Matt takes on a ghostly appearance. Initially possessed, he gradually comes out of his altered state, though the physical effects last a bit longer. After waking up in a graveyard, Matt decides to go into work. If there was ever a time to call in sick, this would be it. Not even his Irish heritage is enough to account for that particular shade of pale… 😉

Page from Daredevil #310, by Glenn Alan Herdling and Scott McDaniel

In other news, Daredevil guest-starred in last week’s Winter Soldier #12 (thanks to Rebekah for the tip!), something I’ll have reason to get back to tomorrow!


  1. R.M. Hendershot

    You are welcome! I can’t wait to see what you think of it … I’m very excited.

    Hee hee … zombie Matt. I wonder if there was a Marvel Zombies version of Daredevil …


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