Did Foggy cross the line?

Oct 27, 2012

Did Foggy cross the line?

Oct 27, 2012

If you haven’t read the last 3-4 issues of Daredevil, you probably don’t know what I’m getting at. Then again, if that describes you, stop reading right now, there will be spoilers ahead for Daredevil issues #16-19.

Okay, so did you read Daredevil #19 and are you still reading this? Then you may be ready to yell “Yes, of course Foggy crossed the line! What kind of stupid question is that?” In Daredevil #19, Foggy makes the poor – and inebriated – decision to reveal to Kirsten McDuffie, an assistant District Attorney, that his best friend is in fact the vigilante she always assumed he was.

Not only that, he also tells her that he believes that Matt may be a danger to himself and others, prompting what most likely will turn into a full-scale manhunt by next issue. So, if possibly sending your best friend back to jail is crossing a line, then Foggy most certainly crossed it. The more interesting question, though, isn’t really whether Foggy broke some kind of bro code, it’s wether he “broke character.”

Foggy spills the beans on Daredevil, from Daredevil #19 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

I’ve seen a couple of comics reviewers admit to struggling with Foggy’s behavior over the last few issues. One of them even described Daredevil #19 as the straw that broke the camel’s back. I, too, have reacted to the magnitude of Foggy’s ill feelings toward Matt. As I mentioned in my review of Daredevil #18:

“If there is one thing I would change about this issue, it’s Foggy’s too austere attitude in the face of even more evidence (from his perspective, at least) that Matt might be seriously ill. It’s one thing to realize you’re being lied to and quite another to discover that your best friend might have had a psychotic break of some kind.”

However, I will say that Foggy’s actions in the most recent issue make a whole lot more sense to me than the stone-cold façade he’d been putting up for the previous three issues. It is because Foggy cares about Matt that he 1) gets drunk and 2) actually sends Kirsten (and the people at her disposal) after him.

This seems more “in character” to me, than his just cutting Matt out of his life. If you genuinely believe that someone close to you is psychotic, seeking to have that person checked into a psychiatric facility is a much more compassionate thing to do than to tell that person to “lose my number.”

Am I willing to let Foggy completely off the hook? No. Given his supposed concern for his friend, he should have taken him to a doctor and not just kicked him out. I would personally like to get even more insight into Foggy’s reasoning in upcoming issues before I can be perfectly comfortable with how the character is handled currently.

Foggy and Matt on the phone, from Daredevil #18 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

I do think some perspective is needed though. First, there is the massive amount of bullshit (pardon my French) that Foggy has had to deal with from Matt over the years. I’ve covered some of their former conflicts in “Matt and Foggy’s roller-coaster relationship” parts 1 and 2 (there’s a third part coming…). Aside from the events of Shadowland, we also need to remember that Matt’s former wife Milla actually killed someone after losing her mind.

This means that Foggy’s fear that Matt might injure someone else is a result of personal experience. Then again, we’re still left wondering why he cut his friend loose to begin with…


  1. Bee Clayton

    I think his recent behaviour is more in line with ‘last straw’ mentality. As you’ve mentioned, Foggy’s dealt with a lot of stressful situations from Matt over the years. At the start of this run, Matt seems to have turned a corner but Foggy isn’t sure. He finds evidence that, in time, confirms his fear and concern for Matt.

    But then the anger kicks in. Anger is strong, powerful, we are capable of saying and doing things in the heat of anger that, in hindsight, we shouldn’t have done. I think Foggy’s anger and aggravation with Matt got the better of him in those moments, why he kicked Matt to the curb.

    The bar scene is Foggy coming back to his senses. He realizes he needs to help his best friend, not abandon him (although part of that ongoing stress is having to continually do this for Matt. I think Foggy just wants Matt be well and whole.)

    Telling the ADA might not have been the best move, but at this point, any help is better than none from Foggy’s point of view.

    I feel frustrated by Foggy’s recent behaviour and actions, but I can also see where those actions may be coming from and why. So, I’m not ready to given up on Franklin, not yet. 😉

  2. mrfriendly

    Also there was the Bendis/Maleev run. Foggy was convinced Matt had lost it back then, so this isn’t even the FIRST psychotic break from Matt he’s sure he’s dealing with. Hell, with comic time being what it is it’s not the first psychotic break of the year. Breaking contact was unreasonable, but drunken confession seems to be the next step rather than a recanting; he freaked out and told Matt to go away, but he was always going to try to help him again once the dust settled. Between The Devil in Cellblock D and S********d Foggy has been stabbed because of Matt and nearly stabbed BY Matt, so a mini-freakout when he thinks Matt has gone over the edge again isn’t unreasonable.

    Obviously it was a stupid thing to do if you consider the wider universe; calling Black Widow, Cage or Doctor Strange would have been a more obvious move. But if characters did the common sense stuff there’d be no stories.

  3. mrfriendly

    Also compared to other superheroes Matt gets off lightly. Peter Parker’s best friend is a legacy villain, Foggy just gets cross when he’s drunk.

  4. Ste. G.

    Pehaps FOggy has crossed a line, but we’ll forgive him won’t we? Lets face it being Best Buddy with DD/MM could be kinda freaky. At least Foggys’ reaction is realistic ,probably in character and does set up future plots…

    What I want to know is how will Matt take to the idea that Foggy is having rendezvous’ with his latest squeeze??


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