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Last week I started thinking that maybe it was time to take a look at what Daredevil has been up to in the New Avengers title lately. Of course, before I could answer that question I had to actually work my way through the entire stack of New Avengers I hadn’t bothered reading yet. When Daredevil joined the New Avengers in issue #16, I knew I had to put the title on my pull list, but I haven’t been particularly excited about it. There have been some pretty good issues in there, but nothing that I felt I had to get to right away, hence some build-up.

When I picked up New Avengers #30 at my LCS last week, I realized that I it had been five months since I’d even leafed through an issue of NA after picking it up. Yes, it’s a big waste of money to subscribe to something you’re not reading and, for the sake of this blog, I should at least try to follow along. As it turns out, I really hadn’t missed much in terms of Daredevil action. New Avengers #30, the most recent issue at the bottom of my pile, featured Daredevil’s first appearance since New Avengers #24. However, Bendis makes up for Daredevil’s absence by putting him in a leading role. Below, he and Luke Cage are seen transporting a captured Emma Frost. (Click image to zoom in, click anywhere on the image to reverse the effect.)

Emma Frost, Luke Cage and Daredevil, New Avengers #30, by Brian Bendis and Mike Deodato

From New Avengers #30, by Brian Bendis and Mike Deodato

Basically, the issue revolves around this particular prison transport and the fight that erupts around it when the transport is ambushed by some heavily armed anti-mutant zealots. The plot isn’t all that complicated, though a lot of time is spent on Luke Cage trying to decide what to do about his future as an Avenger in light of his family situation. At the end, a decision has been made, and I suspect that Daredevil was chosen as an appropriate conversation partner for Luke because he too is an unusually “normal” superhero who can relate to Luke’s real-world problems.

New Avengers #30 was a pretty good issue where Daredevil was handled well, though one has to wonder what will become of Matt’s involvement in the future with all the roster and writer changes coming up in the wake of Marvel NOW. As far as I can tell, Daredevil won’t be a part of Marvel NOW at all, but will he formally hand in his Avengers card? New Avengers will double-ship in both October and November and that will end the current series and (I assume) formally dissolve the team. Time will tell whether Matt might be called in by one of his former team members in a time of crisis some time in the future.

One thing we know for sure though is that Baby Daredevil will make an appearance (albeit likely a minor one) in October’s A-Babies Vs. X-Babies #1, written by Skottie Young and illustrated by Gurihiru. I don’t think Daredevil has ever looked this cute. 😉

A-Babies Vs. X-Babies #1, by Skottie Young and Gurihiru

A-Babies Vs. X-Babies #1, by Skottie Young and Gurihiru


  1. R.M. Hendershot

    I agree, Daredevil’s appearances in NA have been lackluster. Is he really just there as a walking lie detector? C’mon, Wolverine can do that!

    That said, I have an irrational urge to sew up a plush Baby Daredevil now. And is that a stuffed Spider-Bear he’s cuddling? I don’t think I can handle the cute …

  2. Bill

    It looks like a Bucky-Bear to me. I think DD came off very cool in NA 30. I like the easy friendship between he and Luke.

  3. R.M. Hendershot

    A Bucky-Bear would be even cuter as far as this Bucky fan’s concerned, but I have no idea why Baby Daredevil would have one.

    And now I’m looking at red fleece and chibi doll patterns online. I need help.

    Big yes on the conversation in NA. I loved actually getting to see a) Daredevil with a personality and b) Daredevil making a joke.

    Hey, Christine, you wouldn’t have a use for a stuffed Baby Daredevil, would you …?


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