Are the Daredevil movie rights going back to Marvel?

Aug 15, 2012

Are the Daredevil movie rights going back to Marvel?

Aug 15, 2012

Hey guys! I know, it’s been a long time since you heard from me, despite all that’s happened on the movie front (the subject of this post), along with the Daredevil Annual that came out last week (read it, will review it later in the week), and the latest issue of Daredevil which came out today (read that too, will post a review tomorrow). I’ve been out of town for nearly three weeks and I always seem to overestimate how much free time I’ll have while traveling – and underestimate the access to reliable Internet access… Either way, it’s good to be back!

The future of the Daredevil movie that was in development at 20th Century Fox has probably been the most talked about Daredevil-related news item of the last few weeks, and it’s been a rather dramatic development too. I guess it all began with director David Slade bowing out due to scheduling conflicts (even though the lack of any real news about the project had started to concern me much earlier), which was followed by much speculation about whether Fox would have the time necessary to get the wheels turning (i.e. start shooting the actual movie) before running out of time. According to the more recent reports, mid-October appears to be the specific deadline we’re talking about. If Fox can’t get their ducks in a row by then, the movie rights to the character will be returned to Marvel and, let’s face it, two months is an awfully short time to take a project that was still seemingly in its infancy to a point where you can start filming.

However, that didn’t stop there from being reports of Fox bargaining with Marvel for an extension (was Marvel willing to give up Daredevil for Galactus?). While this was being discussed, it was also revealed that Fox was in talks with a new potential director in Joe Carnahan. The latest twist came when Carnahan decided to post the “sizzle real” (a term I will freely admit I’d never heard before) he’d presented to Fox, after it appeared that the movie wasn’t going to happen.

So, what’s my take on all of this? Honestly, Daredevil going back to Marvel is a dream come true. I’ve liked all of the movies Marvel have made thus far and am convinced the could make a good Daredevil movie or – dare we dream? – a live action TV show. I don’t even care that this may not happen for another five years (or longer). I’m also relieved that we probably won’t see Carnahan’s vision realized. Don’t get me wrong, it does have a really cool vibe to it, and makes no attempt to be family friendly (a Daredevil movie should have an older teen/adult audience in mind) but the idea of having it set in the early 70’s makes the concept much less palatable to me, personally. What do you guys think?

That’s it for now, please chime in with your comments and I’ll be back at the keyboard shortly!


  1. equustel

    Agreed! I’m of two minds on the sizzle reel: on the one hand, the 70s setting is cool and hearkens back to an era of DD I’m definitely fond of. On the other hand, it risks rendering DD totally irrelevant in the public eye (again). Even if the movie was a success, where would a franchise go from there?

    There’s just so much great, compelling *recent* material to mine… I’d hate to see it wasted with the cinematic DD stuck in retro-land. As much as I adore Born Again, I’d like to see that story brought into the modern day, if someone attempted it.

    But yeah, if Marvel had the guts to do a TV show with the right scope and ambition, I might actually stop breathing. In a perfect world…

  2. patricio córdova

    I don t think Marvel would do justice to Daredevil on Film. As you pointet out, Marvels movies nowadays are family oriented, I dont think they will make a more teen /adult version of DD ( which is the best for the character). Movies based on Marvel characters, that have an adult target , such as Daredevil , Punisher , Elektra, have been very bad or forgettable. These characers deserve a treatment similar to Batman; and I dont see Marvel/Disney aiming for that target.
    Be well.

  3. Bee Clayton

    I would like to see DD as a live-action TV show versus a feature film. Given the state of CGI these days, coming up with a cost-effective way to show his radar sense might be feasible. Having the luxury of a TV season would be beneficial towards establishing the various characters’ relationships and building dramatic tension by having an overall story arc last the entire season.

    I liked the ‘sizzle reel’ (first I’ve heard of that term too), the 70s vibe and time could work for DD in terms of corruption and action, but I agree, where could you go for any sequels?

  4. Pat B

    I thought the reel was pretty interesting. For a start it would/could have differentiated the movie from the rest of the pack…but it would/could also have mined the heritage of the best urban/social/political films of the 70’s such as Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Parallax View, Pelham 123, Taxi Driver, Dirty Harry, The Conversation, All the Presidents Men etc etc.

    Maybe it could also have had it’s ‘cerebral’ cake and then eaten it by then tapping into the 70’s Kung Fu and Exploitation sub genres….a real mash up.

    (Matt even looks like Robert Redford in those shots from Born Again…. one of the classic 70’s ‘paranoid action/thriller’ movie heroes)

    Marvel films are great at the “crash, bang. whallop” but I feel that they’ve always failed to deliver whenever nuance or real character psychology is required. This reel looks like an attempt to come up with a ‘USP’/niche for a ‘minor’ Marvel character…and deliver a new(ish) genre of super hero film…a ‘comic book’ film that is gritty and addresses current concerns thru the lens of the 70’s….but one that is also knowingly playful, ‘textual’ or referential…

    At it’s best it could have been somewhere between a Dark Knight and a good Tarantino or Edgar Wright movie…at it’s worst it could have just been a Tarantino movie…

    That said, there are very few writers and directors out there that can pull off the fine balancing act that Nolan did for Batman…i.e. box office and character credibility. So maybe it’s for the best that it’s shelved and – if the Daredevil ‘reboot’ ever gets made – that they go for something a bit safer or straightforward….


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