News Update and The Beating of Dead Horses

Jul 7, 2012

News Update and The Beating of Dead Horses

Jul 7, 2012

While I was gone on business this past week, a few things of note happened. One was the (virtually ironclad) confirmation of the existence of the Higgs boson. You might think this doesn’t have much to do with comics, but 1) it’s cool, so I will mention it anyway and 2) I’m pretty sure that, somewhere down the line, it’s going to make it into the pretend comic book science our fictional heroes like to throw around. Given that my knowledge of the life sciences is far more extensive than my knowledge of particle physics, I doubt it will give me as much of a headache as the reading of Hank Pym’s take on genetics from a couple of years ago.

In the comic book world, something similar happened. Marvel launched a big ass initiative called Marvel NOW that everyone realizes is sort of a big deal, but one which leaves most of us a bit clueless as far as the details go. Yep, just like that Higgs boson. Joking aside, from what I gather, Marvel NOW is an effort to shift gears with some new titles that will shake things up big time in the Avengers/X-Men part of the Marvel Universe. There may be much more to it than that, but my own research into this news item has been limited. As far as I know, it won’t affect Daredevil in any way, though I suppose it may end Daredevil’s stint as a “new” Avenger. That would be quite alright with me.

Mixed in with the Marvel NOW announcement, Marvel managed to sneak some unlettered preview pages of Daredevil #16 (due out in August) into the weekly Axel in Charge column at CBR. What I don’t get is why they would release anything so heavy on spoilers. I’m not overly sensitive about that kind of thing (I never mind reading solicitations), but even I kind of wish I could unsee those pages, despite the fact that the artwork itself is gorgeous. Now that you have been properly warned, here’s the link to those preview pages.

We’re going to have to wait about ten more days for Daredevil #15, but there will be some Daredevil coming up next week as well, when Daredevil faces off against Psylocke in AvX: Vs #4 (click link for preview), in a story by Rick Remender and Brandon Peterson. This also brings me to the beating a dead horse portion of this post. You see, I took a look at that preview and saw the following:

Panel from AvX VS #4, by Rick Remender and Brandon Peterson

If you know me at all, you’ll know that the “AvX fun fact” was what made me groan. “Daredevil’s radar sense gives him more information than sight gives you.” No it doesn’t. I can easily name a hundred random everyday situations or activities in which regular vision trumps any and all versions of the radar sense from every era of Daredevil history (I won’t bore you with it now, but if this kind of crappy logic continues to rear its ugly head, that list might one day become a reality). But that’s not even what annoys me most. The bigger issue is why it is still, in 2012, so important that Daredevil’s senses and overall physiology not be seen as flawed. I don’t get it. I won’t say more on this subject – I’ve already devoted many posts to it – but I will continue to exercise my fangirl right to complain about this every time I feel the need to. On a more positive note, this reminds me of how fortunate we are to have Mark Waid handling this topic so much better in the main book.

Okay, that’s it for now! I will be back with more posts early next week. 🙂


  1. Bee Clayton

    1) The discovery of Higgs-Boson particle is quite the achievement. As the head of a French research team was quoted as saying, “Thank you Nature!”

    2) Apparently the lines between mutant super-hero and ‘regular’ super-hero are becoming blurred and merging. Mutants are being accepted more as heroes Thus, why some X-Men are now going to be Avengers. Hickman’s and Remender’s books sound intriguing, not so sure about Bendis handling the Original 5 X-Men. They’re relaunching Thor, Iron Man, Cap with new #1s but DD is being left alone due mostly to the success of the new run.

    3) Yeah, that line is misleading but it also shows a regular misconception about DD. I don’t read any of these Versus issues simply because of the ‘Fight because We Can’ mentality of the mini. Throwing Matt against a trained and experienced telepath like Betsy has me groaning as much as that quote.

  2. Bill

    Maybe “more” is the 360 degrees Matt has with his radar, and they have said it’s like touching everything at once. That a lot of information, but, no, it isn’t the same as vision.


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