Daredevil: End of Days debuts in October

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Cover to Daredevil: End of Days #1

After years of waiting – and occasionally wondering if it was ever going to happen – Marvel has finally made a definite announcement about Daredevil: End of Days. The six issue mini-series, written by Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack, with art by Bill Sienkiewicz and Klaus Janson, will debut in October. The whole team sat down for a talk about the project (see Marvel.com, CBR and other comic book news sites for the details), which revealed quite a bit about what we can expect.

I won’t go into the specifics here, referring you instead to the above links, but I thought I’d share some of my initial reactions. First of all, the premise sounds really good. Ben Urich looks into Daredevil’s murder, which gives him (and us) a greater understanding of Matt Murdock, while also bringing him into contact with a ton of characters from Daredevil’s past. The story is set 10 years in the future. I like that this seems like it’ll be a thorough examination of the character.

When news of this series first came out years ago, much was said about how this story would be firmly set in continuity. From reading the comments this time around, the “canon status” seems a bit more ambiguous which is a bit of a relief to me. I hate the idea of Matt dying, even if it’s in ten years, and don’t feel comfortable with it being set in stone. One might argue that any fan is free to mentally disregard anything – these are all fictional character after all, created in our minds as much as on the pages of comic books – but I prefer my own Daredevil story to be open-ended, for as long as the title is still in print.

So, what are your thoughts? Let the rest of us know in the comment section!


  1. Thomas W

    YAY! I’m glad this series is finally coming out. I was excited way back when they first announced it, when Bendis and Mack were on the ongoing.

  2. Isaac

    I’m afraid about what Mr. Bendis can do to the character. He seems not to bee able to tale a story straight forward, and I think the whole thing will be a succession of flashbacks and flash-forwards placed in an unnatural way only to get cliffhangers and what not. That is no good storytelling. You pull it once on the Underboss, OK, you pull it again and again, it gets old.
    Also, the art in the preview is so old-school it almost seems too anachronic. The thugs look like Charles Bronson. People seem to be wearing moustaches once again. It’s like, wow, we are seeing Daredevil Love and War or Stray Toasters once again but, hey, it’s been almost 30 years. I checked Sienkiewicz’s page on Wikipedia and was thrilled he is only 54. I don’t know what to think: the best thing that could ever happen to Daredevil was what Mr. Waid has achieved. Daredevil must move on. Frank Miller, who Mr. Bendis is trying to emulate, is not coming back again, he was revolutionary back then, but he’s already not actual anymore. And I dare say, he was that good only compared to other dull products of the house of ideas. Do this guys at Marvel ever try other comics?
    I’ll be buying it, no doubt. But I’m not expecting anything…

  3. Robert

    This has so much going against it in my mind.
    Bendis lost whatever magic he had long ago. A dark, gritty and violent story story where Daredevil is dead. That sounds real fun. If Bendis and company had done this 5 years ago when it was first mentioned it might have been more appropriate, but everything about this sounds wrong given the way Daredevil is now portrayed. The only way this could work is if its all a trick and Matt isn’t dead and this is some plan to finally take down Kingpin and Bullseye permanently. If the so called “final” DD story ends with him dead and his two biggest villains still breathing (ie still a threat) then everyone involved in this completely missed the point of super heros.

  4. Stache Biggins

    I’m looking forward to this title, but I agree on that I do not like to see DD kick it. Solid creative team for the title. I also agree with Robert…I can see Matt faking his death and Urich reporting on DD’s demise to help Matt “escape” and maybe live a normal life with a woman he loves. I can see Matt going to great lengths to be with a woman he is in love with. He’s dramatic like that. And I think a woman is the only thing that would make him give up the superhero gig. Matt can’t stop falling in love and he knows he can’t do both without going through another Karen Page post death break down.

  5. robertjh

    Very happy to see this at long last – don’t know much about it and trying not to read too much as I like to avoid those pesky spoilers – but very excited, especially with big Bill on art duties. Good news, Christine.

  6. Ales

    Sounds like the creators just want to use a popular character to, once again, give us, the readers, their sermon on what they believe is wrong with us. In this case the way news is ‘consumed’ in modern day society rather then trying to do what we’re paying for (ie: being entertained). Undoubtedly the series will get high praise and raitings for it’s sharp social commentary from the comic reviewers but I’m growing a bit tired of attending church disguised as a comic. Mabye I’ll get it in Trade as I collect everything Dardevil but my hopes aren’t high….


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