Thank you, Paolo!

Jun 18, 2012

Thank you, Paolo!

Jun 18, 2012

As revealed in this interview (with Waid, Rivera, Samnee, Allred and Wacker), and in this post on Paolo Rivera’s blog, he will be leaving his (interior) art duties on Daredevil. Daredevil #10 was his last issue, and Chris Samnee will take over full time from now on. While I’ve loved Paolo’s work and am definitely bummed to see him go, I’ve decided to look at this from a glass half full kind of perspective. It goes something like this:

  • As much as I like Paolo Rivera, the artist, I also like Paolo Rivera, the person. I understand his reasons for leaving and truly wish him all the best. I hope you’re still going to Thought Bubble, dude, ’cause I just might have to pester you again!
  • “It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.” Nope, that’s not me being a creepy fan girl, it’s merely an observation that even if Paolo’s stint on Daredevil didn’t last as long as I would have liked, I’m so happy we got to have him on the book. He’s made a huge impact on the look and feel of the relaunched Daredevil and this visual language is something for other artists to add to and continue exploring.
  • Even though we are losing Paolo’s talent, we’re not going to be left with stick figures. Chris Samnee is a spectacular artist and is able to carry the title solo. There will be no fill-in artists for the foreseeable future and Samnee seems to be as wild about drawing Daredevil as my cats are about eating shrimp. (For those of you who don’t know my cats, shrimp is their crack.)
  • While this is bad news, it’s not even close to the worst news I’ve heard over the last forty-eight hours. So, let’s put things into perspective people.

Thank you Paolo, for your dedication and your creativity. Thank you for the generosity you’ve shown me and other fans throughout your run. Last, but not least, thanks for for your pitch perfect work! I wish you all the best! And keep those covers coming, as long as you can… 😉

Two-page spread from Daredevil #9, by Paolo Rivera


  1. Jeremy09

    I agree with everything you said, Christine, but I look at that amazing, amazing artwork there and realize that we’re never gonna see something quite like that ever again on this book. Can’t help but feel disappointed about this news.

    Gotta do what’s right for you, though. Whatever he’s working on in the future, I know it’ll look amazing.

  2. CBL

    I was a fan of Paolo before his DD stint and I’ll continue to follow his work. I was honestly a bit shocked that he has moved on so soon. I think I was expecting one more arc (2-3 issues) at the very least.
    I’m not too sad about this though. I am very much a Samnee supporter and remain quite positve about the future of this book… provided we get on past this Omega stuff.


  3. Bee Clayton

    They are replacing quality with quality which shows that Editorial, at least in the Hell’s Kitchen portion of the MU, has their priorities right.

    Though, thanks to his beautiful work on DD, I’ll be following Paolo’s work from now on.

  4. Robert

    First Marcos Martin, now this. I love Chris Samnee, but to lose two talents like Rivera (6 total issues) & Martin (3) are very disappointing especially after setting the bar so high. Let’s hope Samnee can at least complete 15 issues in the next year.

  5. Noof

    It’s my thought that Matt’s gotetn new clubs every time he’s gotetn a new creative team. I have always loved the billyclub and it’s appealing that someone is paying attention to it its functionality. My billyclub related thoughts are as follows:1. I hate when it’s drawn so stubby it looks like he’s fighting with a Sharpie.2. I love it when Matt makes it ricochet off a bunch of stuff to hit a target (bonus when it returns to his hand).3. There is no way you can fit 30-45 ft. of aircraft control cable into a billycub along with a mechanism to fire it (but I’m very glad they ignore that fact).4. I love the snoop scope.5. I love when Matt jumps through an entangled mess of line.6. I hate when they put the holster on the wrong side or just leave it off (really bugs me).7. I hate when non-fans think they’re nunchuks.


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