Daredevil #14 sneak peek and Mark Waid interview

Jun 10, 2012

Daredevil #14 sneak peek and Mark Waid interview

Jun 10, 2012

Hey everyone! As you can tell by my highly irregular blogging schedule over the last few weeks, I’ve got tons of stuff going on in that area of my life not devoted to Daredevil. So, this will just be a quick pit stop. Don’t you hate it when work gets in the way of fun? 😉

The one item I absolutely had to get to is the interview with Mark Waid posted on Marvel.com the other day, featuring gorgeous preview art by Chris Samnee.

Sneak peak from Daredevil #14, art by Chris Samnee

Since we haven’t had an issue of Daredevil for a few weeks now – and these days that seems like an aberration – I’m very excited for any little sneak peak or nugget of info. One quote by Waid that had me scratching my head was the following. Let the speculations begin!

“He’s serious and imposing threat,” Waid says of the new villain. “By the end of issue #14, he’s put Daredevil in a hell he’s never had to face before—an impossible bind from which to escape. Impossible for the Daredevil that we know; for the Daredevil that Matt Murdock knows. And take from that cryptic hint what you will.”

Nope, I’m not talking about the villain, and I should add that my head-scratching is the good kind of head-scratching. I’m definitely intrigued!

Before I let you go, I also want to give a shout-out to the blog Punisher Central devoted to all things Punisher, and thank them for plugging TOMP. Apparently, cross-overs in comics occasionally cause character-specific fan site to do the same. 😉


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