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“What’s that? A podcast?” Why, yes it is! Though you may be asking yourself why I would feel compelled to add yet another medium to this modestly active website, there are a few different reasons why I’ve decided to take this route, such as:

  • I like talking.
  • I like talking about Daredevil.
  • Perusing this site while driving is most definitely not safe. Listening to me talk while driving is much safer, though I can’t guarantee you won’t choke on your coffee. As you can tell, I care deeply about your safety.
  • Podcasting seems to be “in” right now. Being cool obviously means a lot to me.
  • A couple of people have actually asked me whether I might consider doing a podcast. Consider it officially considered.
  • It’s a challenge! I like challenges. At least the kind that doesn’t involve throwing myself from an aircraft at ten thousand feet.

So with all of these reasons in favor of doing a podcast, why has it taken me this long to actually get to it? Well, lack of time has been one reason, but certainly not the main one. The big hurdle I had to get past was coming up with a format that works even when it’s just me talking. It would be fun to have a co-host from time to time, or maybe do interviews, but if I’m going to do this on any kind of regular basis I can’t be dependent on other people helping me along. So, the key to getting this to work is do find a nice balance between improvisation and carefully planned talking points. You’re going to have to let me know how you think I’ve handled this one! Below is everything you need to know about this first episode, including relevant links or other resources mentioned. Thanks for reading and listening!

The Other Murdock Papers Podcast #1


Link to this podcast on iTunes

On the podcast…

This podcast is 33 minutes long and some of the topics I cover are random news (Chris Samnee joins the team!, sales figures etc), what’s going on in New Avengers, and when exactly Daredevil: Season One comes out. We also talk about the sneak peeks of Daredevil #12 and #14, what happened in DD land 1, 2, 3, and 4 years ago and I also briefly offer my thoughts on Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. Finally, at the end, a look at the medical phenomenon of blind sight.

Additional resources

  • Here’s the link to Chris Samnee’s website
  • This sneak peek from Daredevil #12, by Chris Samnee, was posted on Twitter by Daredevil editor Stephen Wacker the other day (click the image to read the tweet). In an ill-disguised attempt to drive fans up the walls, he cut this beautiful page in half, creating much confusion when it comes to deciphering what exactly is depicted in that top left corner. So, here’s a contest for you. Whoever comes closest to guessing what the heck that panel is supposed to depict (post your answers in the comments below) wins a copy of Daredevil #145.
    Sneak peak of Daredevil #12, linked to Stephen Wacker's tweet


  1. Stan

    Nice start on the podcast! I cannot wait for it on an iTunes feed. It’s hard to believe there are no other current Daredevil podcast. Thanks very much for the site and new show.

  2. AP

    Regarding Daredevil: End of Days, that project is still moving forward, as far as I know. On February 18, David Mack indicated via his facebook page that he was working on pages of art for the book and that he and Bill Sienkiewicz had been discussing/working on the project. Also, last thing I heard was that the story is intended to tell Matt’s canon death. That’s what David Mack told me in December 2010 at the Wizard World: Atlanta convention. Things may have changed since then though since that was over a year ago.

  3. Shin Willow

    bummer about the contest, looks like newsarama beat us to it, lol

  4. Aaron K

    Great first podcast, Christine! I really enjoyed it. Your enthusiasm and charm are always fun to read or listen to.

    For the record, I was way off on my DAREDEVIL #12 guess. I thought Matt would be sitting on a park bench, his hands in his lap and cane sitting beside him, watching the crowd, with his pants leg rolled up to his knee. I had no clue why his pants leg would be rolled up, but it just kind of looked like that to me!

  5. Christine

    Ha ha! Yeah, that podcast contest didn’t amount to much. Oh well, the real deal is gorgeous so I won’t complain!

  6. Isaac

    What the heck? Matt taking a walk with a blindfolded woman? How kinky is that?

  7. Katie

    I think hes showing her his world, its not weird when you think about it

  8. ISAAC

    Maybe to the end of the issue we’ll get to see some bondage…

  9. Katie

    Don’t worry to much about the dates for the Season One. It will likely become clearer and I am fairly certain that Amazon had a date that was after it came into Comics Shops.

  10. Simon

    Great podcast, Christine! It’s hard to believe English isn’t your first language. I look forward to the next one.

  11. CBL

    Grabbed it off iTunes last night and gave it a whirl while doing the dishes. Great job Christine! Very enjoyable. These are very good times to have DD on the brain.


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