Matt Murdock’s crumbling façade

Mar 27, 2012

Matt Murdock’s crumbling façade

Mar 27, 2012

Daredevil #10 comes out tomorrow! I know that you’re probably thinking “finally!” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s been a long month with the five weeks that have passed since Daredevil #9 came out. On a more positive note, we’re going to be drowning in Daredevil stuff for the next six or seven weeks so I can’t really complain about that. Still, there’s no reason to wait until tomorrow to start analyzing what may or may not be on the horizon, so let’s get to that below!

Note of warning: While I generally post pretty spoiler-free reviews, I’ve come to realize that I’m pretty worthless at protecting people from spoilers lifted from advance looks at covers and solicitations, so if you tend to try and stay away from those, I suggest you stop reading here. Specifically, we’ll be talking about information from the solicitation text for Daredevil #10, #13 and #14, in addition to things Mark Waid has hinted at in reference to Daredevil #13.

Matt loses control with the Mole Man, from Daredevil #9, by Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera

According to the solicitation text for tomorrow’s issue, we’ll not only be enjoying Daredevil’s encounter with Mole Man, but also get to see “the cracks in Matt Murdock’s façade begin to show.” This is followed up with further hints for Daredevil #13 (“And Matt’s “happy go lucky” veneer at last begins to peel back, revealing… darker truths that may end his career as Daredevil”) and Daredevil #14 (“Meanwhile, Foggy uncovers more evidence that Matt’s not quite the man he seems”). Add to this what Mark Waid had to say on the matter in an interview conducted by MTV Geek! at WonderCon (click here for a transcipt):

“Foggy knows that [Matt’s new attitude] is probably not the most healthy way of dealing with Matt’s depressive tendency. This is probably not the most healthy way of dealing with the choices that Matt has made over the years and Foggy is always wondering – and you’ll see this more in the upcoming issues – is it a façade? Is it for real or is it a façade, and if it’s a façade, is it starting to crack? Foggy finds some very interesting things out about Matt – that he didn’t know and that we didn’t know – starting in issue 13 that may start to make the whole house of cards tumble down.”

We all know that this is the road we had to be going down eventually, but I have to admit that I’m really curious about the “how” in this case. What exactly will Foggy find? I even had some fun (jokingly) speculating about this on Twitter today, and others joined in, but as is nearly always the case – particularly with Mark Waid running the show – I’m sure it will be something that never even entered my mind.

However, what I’d like to discuss with you guys is the bigger picture here. I’ve already seen a couple of online comments bemoaning what looks (to some, at least) like the new happy vibe going out the window. Without really knowing what we’re heading into, I’m not really all that concerned. Not only do I think anything happening in the next few issues will see Waid & Co. start to lose steam or direction on this book, I applaud the decision to actually have Matt deal with his issues. I think I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but one of the biggest problems I’ve had with the last few years of doom and gloom – as great as they’ve been – hasn’t been the doom and gloom per se, but the fact that the catastrophes in Matt’s life appear to happen one right after another with very little time for Matt to recuperate. Like an overworked muscle, his psyche has kept weakening and too many things have been left unresolved. What I believe Waid is doing is restoring the character to a state where he is believably working through his massive amount of baggage. This in itself is positive and something that may superficially look like just another round of heartache for Daredevil, but is really something altogether different.

What kind of thing might Foggy discover that would threaten Matt’s future as Daredevil (though it won’t, of course)? Is he finally getting that long overdue cancer in his eyes from the radiation? 😉 My guess is as good as anyone’s, but I personally feel confident that whatever Mark Waid has up his sleeve is more about the evolution and growth of the character than simple shock value. Feel differently about what we might see coming up? Write your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Steve

    In all honesty, I’d rather not speculate as to what Waid is working towards. So far I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the way he’s steered the book. In his comments before DD #1 came out he said quite clearly that Matt would be suppressing/looking past the events of the last couple of years. Of course, no one can do that forever, as we approach the one year anniversary of the reboot, it seems about the right time to start finding out what’s really going on with Mr. Murdock. This puts me in mind of Margaret Hamilton’s wonderful line in “The Wizard of Oz”: “All in good time, my pretty, all in good time!”

  2. Robert

    Put me in the camp of people who hopes that Matt finally has to deal with his problems, but he then needs to move past them for real. Right now he is just ignoring/denying his issues, which when the faceade cracks could lead to some “dark” times, but I hope Waid will have Matt face his problems so he can actually move on from them and have a genuine positive outlook for a while. At least until the next writer comes along (hopefully several years from now) to do Born Again version 8.0.


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