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by | Feb 8, 2012 | Silver Age Madness | 2 comments

It’s been a while since we looked at something from the treasure trove of insanity that is Silver Age Daredevil, but here’s a couple of nuggets from Daredevil #44 (vol 1), by Stan Lee and Gene Colan, originally published in 1968. The war in Vietnam at the time was touched on by having Debbie Harris (then Foggy’s fiancée) participate in demonstration and rallies, something which sets Foggy off in the scene below.

Foggy yells at Debbie, from Daredevil #44, by Stan Lee and Gene Colan

Real smooth, Foggy, bringing up her prison sentence and everything. Way to make a girl feel like you love her no matter what. The male chauvinist pig award in this scene goes to Matt, however. After making a genuinely funny, and slightly “bromantic” joke about Foggy not being his type, he says something you could get away with in 1968, but certainly not these days: “How can you expect her to be sensible? She’s a female!”

To even things out in the gender department, we also learn this issue that Karen has been a bit of an inconsiderate jerk to Matt. I don’t know how else to explain why Matt has a signed and framed picture of her!

Matt touches Karen's photo, from Daredevil #44, by Stan Lee and Gene Colan

I would love to have a fly on the wall when she gave it to him. Maybe it played out something like this:

Karen: “I got you something sweetheart! Go ahead and open it!
Matt: “For me? Oh Karen, you shouldn’t have!” *opens present*
Karen: “Do you like it?”
Matt: “I don’t know… It’s a frame. Right?”
Karen: “With my picture in it!”
Matt: “Oh.” *stunned silence*
Karen: “It says ‘All my love, Karen’ on it… Oh God, I’m sorry, do you hate it?”
Matt: “No, I don’t hate it. But you know I’m blind, right?”
Karen: “Yeah, okay, this is awkward.” *crickets chirping*

Okay, that’s it for now!


  1. Polter-Cow

    This is a prime example of why I enjoy this blog so much. Only you would zero in on a framed picture and find the hilarity.

  2. Aaron K

    Did people in the 60s really call women “females”? Apparently, Matt has a thorough understanding of the difference between gender and sex and used the appropriate term.

    @Polter-Cow – I second that! 🙂


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