Chris Samnee joins Waid and Rivera on Daredevil!

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We’ve known for a while that Marcos Martín was leaving after his first arc, Daredevil #4-6, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been curious about who Marvel would find to fill his shoes, alternating arcs with Paolo Rivera. With the May solicits out (and Daredevil makes two appearances that month!), it was also revealed that the new artist is someone who has been on a lot of people’s list of favorite artists to draw Daredevil, none other than Chris Samnee. I couldn’t be happier about this myself, I think Samnee’s style will be a superb fit for this book. 🙂

If you haven’t checked out Samnee’s blog where he regularly posts amazing black and white sketches (with some of the best examples of use of negative space I’ve seen), you’ve been missing out. He’s got some great Daredevil sketches posted as well, such as this and this.

This isn’t Samnee’s first Daredevil assignment though. He did three pages worth of artwork for Daredevil #500 – namely the ones that take place in Japan – as well as all of the interiors for the one-shot Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula (2008) which was co-written by Ande Parks and Ed Brubaker. Take a look below at some snap-shots of Samnee’s earlier Daredevil work!

From Daredevil #500

Stick and Izo talking, from Daredevil #500 by Ed Brubaker and (among others) Chris Samnee

From Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula

Foggy and Matt talking, from Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula by Ande Parks, Ed Brubaker and Chris Samnee
Daredevil in action, from Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula by Ande Parks, Ed Brubaker and Chris Samnee


  1. Aaron K

    While Samnee is doing the art for DAREDEVIL #12, Khoi Pham is doing #13. I think it’s at least worth a *mention*. He’s talented too! 🙂 Tonally, he is a bit different than Samnee or Rivera though.

  2. Christine

    You’re absolutely right! My bad for neglecting to mention Pham (who’ll be doing the art for Daredevil #13). I guess the reason I gave Samnee the spotlight is that he’s been given ongoing artist status.

    By the way, I wonder who’ll be the artist for Daredevil #14 and the next few issues after that. It’s also not really clear to me if Daredevil #12 is the start of a new arc. Then again, it’s nice how Waid has kept the arcs short with long-term plot threads connecting them.

  3. Sw00shman

    I’m excited for both artists on the title. Samnee is consistent and detailed and Pham is pretty kinetic and detailed. The Amazing Spider-man has been doing well with a rotation of talented artists that are all have different styles among them. But they all have cool renditions of Spidey and his supporting cast. Hopin DD goes the same route if there is not going to be a regular artist. The rotation gets the book out on time too.

  4. Isaac

    I don’t like him so much. His art is too similar to Lark’s…

  5. Clayton

    “His art is too similar to Lark’s” – I’d take that as a compliment.

    I have been following Samnee since his Queen & Country work. This is a perfect fit. I recently picked up his Cap and Bucky HC. Great stuff.

  6. Isaac

    I’d also take it as a compliment, if it was the Lark from “Terminal City”. I have not been following his career, but when I saw his work in Daredevil, I didn’t dig it. Was it that he was trying to look like Maleev? It can also be, that I didn’t like Brubaker’s writing, following a very boring Bendis. Daredevil had been consistently boring after v2. 50…

  7. Christine

    Here’s another idea: Both of these issues came out during Michael Lark’s time at the helm, so to speak, so I’d say that’s a likely explanation for why it might lean in the Lark direction. His Ultimate Spidey artwork, on the other hand (see below from last year’s Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #155), is a very good fit for the current style on Daredevil.
    Peter Parker on the phone, by Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Samnee
    (Note: Panel borrowed from Blogtown, my bad for hotlinking it.)

  8. Bee Clayton

    If you subscribe to the notion that DD has been (and remains) a crime noir book, then certain artists’ style, such as Maleev and Lark, will be better suited to convey that genre than others.

    Samnee falls within that range I think. I like his art.

  9. CBL

    I see there is another Clayton. Bee Clayton. To avoid confusion, I’ll be posting here as CBL in the future. (Clayton Blind Love)


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