Where is Daredevil?

by | Nov 11, 2011 | Daredevil News | 4 comments

So, where is Daredevil these days? Well, in his own title he’s gone for a swim that will end in this month’s Daredevil #6, but what I’m really wondering is why exactly Bendis chose to introduce Daredevil as a new Avenger (well, a new “New Avenger”) back in New Avengers #16, and then make no mention of him at all. He was nowhere to be found in #16.1, which wasn’t suprising, but didn’t even make it onto the roster page for New Avengers #17.

With the Dark Avengers making a return, the story focus isn’t really on any of the other main characters either at the moment, but it still begs the question of why this particular moment was chosen to have Daredevil join the cast when there were apparently no immediate plans to do anything organic with his story from that point onward. Maybe Bendis just wanted to write a Daredevil one-shot? 😉 I don’t have very much else to add on that topic, I just wanted to raise it and check to see what thoughts and opinions you guys might have on the subject.

In other news, it seems like even though Daredevil hasn’t been spotted with his Avengers buddies lately, he will seemingly be everywhere in 2012. Aside from the Season One original graphic novel, by Antony Johnston and Wellinton Alves, due out in April, there’s been talk of a “point one” issue of some kind for Daredevil. Mark Waid also had the following to say in the interview that you can see in full below:

“Because it’s been so successful, Marvel actually wants to publish more than twelve [issues of Daredevil] next year, they want to publish fifteen or eighteen or as many as I can write so we’re going to have to bring in some more people.”

More than twelve issues of Daredevil? I can certainly get behind that!

UPDATE: Of course now that I’ve been complaining about Daredevil being a no show, we get an unlettered preview of New Avengers #19 with Daredevil on every page. 😉


  1. Axel

    I hadn’t bought New Avengers #17 yet, and now I don’t have to. Bringing DD aboard was a good move to get me interested, but between their roster having too many of the same kind of characters, and #16.1 making them look kind of incompetent I was really beginning to wonder about this book… what does Mockingbird do on this team exactly?

  2. Bill

    he’s even on the cover … very odd.

  3. Robert

    More than 12 issues of DD in 2012. Very cool.
    I’m doing my best to just pretend that Daredevil isn’t actually part of the Avengers.


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