New York Comic Con – Part 1

Oct 17, 2011

New York Comic Con – Part 1

Oct 17, 2011

Hello all! I know it’s a little late to post info on NYCC, but if you’re actually at the event, finding the time to get away to blog about it is a little tricky to say the least. I’m leaving to fly home to Sweden in a few hours, but I thought I’d take the time to post a few pictures from the convention, following up tomorrow with some more Daredevil specific things (things that have been in the news as well as pictures of Daredevil artwork).

Standing in line Friday morning

I actually had a four-day pass and also visited the convention on Thursday for about an hour. I didn’t do much that day except stop by Paolo Rivera’s table to say hi (this, by the way, would turn into a daily thing, poor guy. ;)). On Friday, the whole thing really exploded with a line that went all around the Javits Center.

Photo of people standing in line to get into NYCC on Friday, October 14

On the way in, I also spotted these guys heading to the back of the line, and this little snapshot came to be known as “Hulk Disassembled.”

Photo of one guy wearing enormous hulk arms with the rest of his costume dragged on a cart by his friend.

Friday at the convention

Deadpool turned out to be a common character for cosplayers, but my favorite would have to be this lovely Lady Deadpool. Below the picture of the convention floor is one of the Avengers-themed Marvel booth.

Photo of Lady Deadpool and others at the convention
Photo of the stylish Marvel booth which looked like the upcoming Avengers movie

In the afternoon, it was time for the Amazing Spider-Man (and friends, including Daredevil) panel and it was really tons of fun. Paolo represented the Daredevil team and we got some new glimpses into upcoming stories. These have been reported elsewhere, but I’ll have reason to get back to this in my next post.

Paolo Rivera, Dan Slott, Ellie Pyle and others at the Amazing Spider-Man panel


Standing in line on Saturday morning was no picnic either. This time everyone had to wait in the basement before being let upstairs at ten o’clock sharp.

The basement filled up with people waiting in line on the final day

I found these little guys at a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts on Sunday on the way to the con. Aren’t they just adorable? ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo of two kids dressed up as Cap and Iron Man at Dunkin' Donuts

Good bye, NYCC! When leaving on the last day, I had to turn around and take this picture of the entrance. I will try my hardest to make it back next year as well, it really was a lot of fun and most definitely a worthwhile trip!

Photo of the entrance to the convention on the last day

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  1. themattmurdockchronicles

    Wow – never been to a comic con (well other than Derry’s own 2D festival) so find your pictures fascinating – that basement one looks really scary but the Hulk pic is brilliant! Hope you had fun.


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