New York Comic Con – Part 2

Oct 19, 2011

New York Comic Con – Part 2

Oct 19, 2011

Okay, how about we get to the Daredevil portion of this modest NYCC coverage? Yes, it may be a week late, and you’ve probably read all about the Amazing Spider-Man panel (which also featured Daredevil news) elsewhere. However, what kind of Daredevil site would this be if I weren’t at least trying to be a Daredevil news completist? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, Daredevil is apparently gearing up for a crossover with Spider-Man in January in the pages of Daredevil #8 and Amazing Spider-Man #677. The story will be by Mark Waid, Emma Rios, and Kano and feature an appearance by the Black Cat. This sounds pretty cool to me, Daredevil and Spidey make for a good team and it will be fun to see them playing off each other.

Daredevil #8Amazing Spider-Man #677ASM #677 variant
Cover to Daredevil #8Cover to Amazing Spider-Man #677Variant cover to Amazing Spider-Man #677

As mentioned in my last post I was at the Amazing Spider-Man panel and had a great time. While at the con I also took the opportunity to get my very own piece of Daredevil art by none other than Paolo Rivera! I also got an adorable Daredevil sketch from Chris Giarrusso.

Daredevil painting by Paolo Rivera
DD sketch by Chris Giarrusso

I also got some things at the con that I will use as contest prizes for the future so keep your eyes open for those. On the whole, I really enjoyed this whole experience and will definitely try to go back next year. Maybe then I might even try some cosplay. How does Black Widow sound? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, tomorrow it’s time for Aaron’s first post so be sure to stop by then and let him know what you think!


  1. R.M. Hendershot

    I vote yes on the cosplay. I suspect you’d be awesome. And ooooh, Paolo Rivera!

  2. EmmJ

    Yes! You should cosplay as Black Widow… that would be awesome.

  3. Robert

    Hmm… I guess Daredevil #8 isn’t going to make much sense to me. It would have been better to have Spidey just guest star in 2 issues of DD. As awesome as Waid’s issues have been so far, I consider them shoving a crossover with any other book this early in the new series a serious strike against.

  4. Gloria

    A Convention Sketch done brush… Wow!

  5. Christine

    Black Widow it is then!

  6. Bill

    Very cool art, love the original Rivera and the cute little Daredevil. I also love DD Spider-Man teamups, but now I have to buy more books (not a fan).

  7. Bee Clayton

    Love the sketches, Chris G. has always been a favorite of mine too.

  8. Gary Clute

    Wow, reading your posts on New York Comic Con it sounds like we were in the same place at same time a few times! From the spot you were in line on Friday (by that truck) to the place where you took photo at Spider-man panel..too funny.

    I also had some cool sketching experiences, I posted some pictures here:

  9. Anders

    You haven’t mentioned it, but I just have to ask…

    You were in NY on a very comics dedicated trip. Did you visit Hell’s Kitchen? :-). Last time I was in NY i simply wasn’t that interested in comics but I’m going to NY this spring to visit my brother who’s doing post-doc over there. I will do surely do a pilgrimage to Hell’s Kitchen ;-).


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