Things that have me excited for the Daredevil relaunch – Part 5

Jul 15, 2011

Things that have me excited for the Daredevil relaunch – Part 5

Jul 15, 2011

This time around, I’d like to talk a little bit about the people around Matt Murdock. We already know that Foggy will continue to play a major role in Matt’s life (though they obviously have some things they need to work through), but it seems clear that Waid intends to expand the supporting staff a bit, especially around the law office which makes a ton of sense. In fact, there have been many points in Daredevil’s publication history when the law offices of Nelson & Murdock have seemed a bit understaffed to me.

For much of the Brubaker run, for instance, the only people on staff appeared to be Matt, Foggy, Becky and Dakota. That’s three lawyers and one private investigator, but not a single receptionist, paralegal, personal assistant or secretary. At other times, the firm has had a much larger staff though most of them, with a few exceptions, have been nothing more than mute background elements serving the same function as any other piece of Nelson & Murdock office furniture.

Mark Waid himself had the following (emphasis mine) to say in the supporting staff chapter in series of interviews. This is in response to the question “Are there characters that fit into Daredevil’s world but can’t bleed into Matt’s and vice versa?”

“Uniquely for Daredevil, not really. I mean, there may be someone I’m overlooking, but by and large, everyone fits into both worlds on some level, from Foggy to Dakota North on down. But we will be introducing some new interns and assistants at the Nelson and Murdock law offices who are more “Matt”’s crew than DD’s, including maybe the most infuriating receptionist of all time.

I have to say, I’m curious about all these new people. Without knowing anything about them (though we’ve already talked about the suspicion that Michele Gonzales might be one of them), I like that there will be more people in Matt’s life. Why? Because a wide range of different kinds of people for the main character to interact with is usually a great opportunity for the writer to explore new aspects of said character and a great chance for us to learn more about him.

Adding new people to a cast of characters that has been fairly static for a long time can be a great way to revitalize it. (And I can’t wait to see who the most infuriating receptionist of all time could be and just why she’s so infuriating.) Bring it! 🙂

PS. I hope you didn’t miss the official preview for Daredevil #1. Superficially, it looks like we’ve seen all of this before, but there are a couple of minor script changes. Can you spot them?


  1. Mark

    Whoever this new receptionist is surely she can’t be worse than “I’m just a temp”. I know I’m glad I never needed to contact Mr. Murdock during the Bendis run!

  2. Robert

    I’ve wondered that too over the years, especially in Brubaker’s run as good as it is. How in the world does their law office function without a staff? I’m also really glad he’s not ditching Dakota North. She is easily the best supporting character DD has had introduced since the 80s at least. I know its very unlikely to ever happen, but I would love to see Matt and Dakota actually try a real relationship. (after time has passed and Matt has worked through the more recent stuff)

  3. Christine

    @Robert: Not only did it function without any administrative staff, that Murdock guy seemed to be skipping work A LOT! I guess Foggy and Becky did everything.

  4. Bee Clayton

    Putting aside the public notion of is he or isn’t he DD, if Matt has always been considered one of the best lawyers in town, then shouldn’t more paralegals be lining up to train/learn from him? (Of course, it could boil down to simple money issues and they never had the proper funds for a proper staff).

    Most infuriating receptionist? Maybe she’s one that wants to treat Matt as helpless and in need of plenty of pity and concern given his handicap. (Best receptionist in Marvel history? Mrs. Arbogast. For years, she was the secret cog that made Stark International run).

  5. Christine

    @Bee Clayton: Yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re right about the receptionist. I mean, they probably wouldn’t hire anyone who wasn’t at least a decent person, but it could be a case of someone who is “aggressively helpful.” 😉


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