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by Jun 24, 2011Daredevil News4 comments

I woke up early this morning (it would have been late last evening in North America) to news that Gene Colan had passed away. While his old age – Colan reached a respectable 84 years – and recent string of health problems meant that this news wasn’t completely unexpected, it still felt like a bit of a shock. I don’t think there’s a hardcore Daredevil fan out there who doesn’t recognize the incredible contributions Colan made to the look and world of the Man Without Fear throughout all the many, many issues he worked on the series. I will get back to looking at some favorite Gene Colan moments tomorrow.

In other news, Marvel held a press conference/conference call today which they also made available to fans through a live blog on Marvel.com (available for playback on their site). Stephen Wacker, Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera and others participated in the conference and, due to the nature of the event itself, the major comic book news sites have slightly different – and complementary – takes on what was said exactly. I recommend you check out the “plain text” version that CBR has first before heading over to Newsarama to look at their live blog from the event (which in turn, is different from the one a Marvel.com).

Lots of new art was, including variant covers for coming issues, was on display as well. For the most convenient way of getting up to speed on the art, I recommend the gallery posted by Newsarama.

Colored art from Daredevil #1, by Marcos Martín


  1. Robert

    Tragic loss. Gene Colan was one of the classic great artists. Really Lord? We couldn’t have kept him and had, say, a bus run over Rob Liefeld’s hands.

    Speaking of art, its been a loooong time since I was impressed by comic art, but every preview I see of the new DD is just jaw-dropping. That shot of Matt coming off the top of the building, still talking on his phone with the DD peaking out of his shirt, is one of the best composed illustrations I’ve seen in a while. Also I guess thats one advantage of “seeing” with a radar sense, you can check out women without them ever being able to know you were “looking”.

  2. Bee Clayton

    Sad, sad news. A real innovator, now gone. God Bless.

    So far, Waid’s plans sound terrific. I love that they are moving him from beyond the confines of Hell’s Kitchen. New love interests abound (but good to know Dakota will still be around). A new twist on his & Foggy’s law practice. The hopeful return of some old (and some new) villains for DD with nary a ninja in sight. And the art just Keeps. Getting. Better. And. BETTER!

    I haven’t been this excited for a comic in quite awhile.

  3. Bill

    Goodbye Gene. Thank you. I feel like I lost a friend.


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