On hiatus!

May 19, 2011

On hiatus!

May 19, 2011

With a little over two months to go until the new Daredevil #1 comes out on July 20, I’ve decided that now is a perfect time to take a scheduled break from blogging. This will be the first time I’ve been away from the site for more than two weeks since I started blogging in earnest in March of 2008. I plan to be back on my regular schedule on June 20, exactly a month before the relaunch. My reasons for this break (though it’s not necessarily 100%, see below) are as follow:

  1. Personal

    In the last six months, I’ve had a busier schedule workwise than ever before and I just need a serious breather from as many of my commitments as I can spare until I feel like I’ve caught up with myself a bit. As much fun as I have writing about Daredevil and talking with all of you other fans, there are times when it becomes something of a chore. That’s not what I want and I feel that giving myself some time to get my groove back is a wise decision.

  2. Maintenance

    Yep, I won’t stay away completely. I will spend quite a bit of time updating old posts as needed, adjusting old formatting errors, improve the SEO aspects and just bringing the whole site up to an acceptable level of quality. Simply put, I will be doing the kind of work that I never really got the chance to get to while I was busy producing new content.

  3. Secret project

    No, I don’t want to make this into a bigger deal than it is, but suffice it to say that I have a little Daredevil-related pet project that I’ve been wanting to get to for a long time. Now would be a good time to do so and work through it at my own pace. So, hopefully, my absence will have something to show for it in five weeks’ time.

I’m not moving into the bat cave…

I should point out, however, that when I say I’ll be on hiatus, that means I’ll be taking a break from regular blogging, not from reporting on whatever sensational news might come out in the next month. If it’s major enough, I’ll write a short post about it to let people know (and, if you don’t want to have to keep checking the site for new posts, know that you can subscribe to updates by email). For smaller day to day things, I direct people to either my Twitter account or The Other Murdock Papers’ Facebook page.

Keep commenting!

I will absolutely stop by to check on and reply to comments during the next few weeks and please feel free to do the same if you want to talk Daredevil (whether it’s his shoes and underwear or his sense of right and wrong). The feed for all comments are available at this address if you want to stay on top of when someone posts a comment anywhere on the site.

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and I hope to see you back here in June!

Matt sleeping, image from Spider-Man/Daredevil (2002), by Brett Mathews and Vatche Mavlian

UPDATED: In case you missed it, Newsarama has an interview with Paolo Rivera where he talks about his work on the new Daredevil series. I can’t believe I almost forgot to remind you!

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  1. Brian Stevenson

    Enjoy your break, Christine, and thank you for your diligence and industry over the time I have been following your blog. The very best to you and your family.


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