New Mark Waid interview

May 1, 2011

New Mark Waid interview

May 1, 2011

Well, first of all, “new” is a descriptor that should be taken lightly here since the interview in question is actually about five days old. However, I didn’t get the chance to write about it until now and I suspect it might still be new to many of you guys out there, so here goes:

The Westfield Comics Blog posted a brief interview with new Daredevil writer Mark Waid this past week that shed some light on one new cast member to come Matt Murdock’s way this July.

“My favorite is the new assistant D.A. who–like about a third of all New York–is utterly convinced that Matt is Daredevil despite his claims to the contrary. She’s constantly trying to get him to admit it–but not in a “Lois Lane trying to prove Clark is Superman” way. In a sexy back-and-forth way that’s almost foreplay to them.”

Waid also had the following to say regarding what we can expect from his handling of the character:

“Heavy emphasis on sound effects, heavy plot emphasis on what Matt can and can’t detect with his enhanced senses. A focus on how in our screen-focused 21st century, how Matt’s powers are actually maybe NOT as useful as they were 15 years ago or so–not in an era where almost everyone communicates via smartphone…”

Anyone who knows me (or has been following this blog for any amount of time) will know why that alone would have me jumping for joy. While Daredevil is – and should be – primarily a superhero comic, and not an after-school special, I’ve long had the feeling that writers actually go out of their way to avoid this topic and Waid apparently not being afraid to tackle it is very good news to me.

On the topic of Matt getting a female legal professional from “the other side” to interact with, I thought I’d offer these pages from Daredevil #372, by Joe Kelly and Ariel Olivetti, featuring Matt and D.A. Kathy Malpher (originally introduced during the Chichester run as Kathy Malper). Those two had good chemistry!

Matt running into Kathy Malpher in the elevator, Daredevil #372
Matt running into Kathy Malpher in the elevator, continued, Daredevil #372

P.S. Paolo Rivera also posted a new update to his blog in which he talks about finishing the first half of his first issue of Daredevil, so be sure to check that out too. His blog is a nice place to visit generally, so I’d definitely recommend getting acquainted with it if you haven’t done so already.


  1. Aaron K

    @Christine – Is “Mark Waid” your secret identity? And now you’re using that identity to write the DAREDEVIL you’ve always wanted? I’m on to you!

  2. Christine

    Eh, yes… We’re one and the same. And as Mark Waid I’ve had this blog for more than three years, that’s how badly I wanted this assignment. 😉

  3. Andrew

    I think it will be great if Matt’s limitations are presented as real and not waved away as if his radar sense is all encompassing (no more watching a TV by placing his hand on the screen for instance…)

    That said, yes DD would be unable to see things on screened devices which are increasingly prevalent in today’s world, but he can and should still use them. How? Well, there is assistive technology for the blind (I know Christine has talked about this) such as software that reads text aloud on both smartphones and traditional PC’s. I use a hearing aid as someone with a congenital defect. Thanks to modern technology I don’t have to just accept that there are some things I can’t hear under certain conditions. And believe me, Matt would use modern technology to navigate the world, just differently than a sighted person would.

    That to me would be a more contemporary approach and I am not sure if Mark Waid or anyone else is thinking of that just yet.

    • Christine

      I wholeheartedly agree (not surprisingly) and I do think we’ll see more of this. Will get back to this one.


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