Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera talk Daredevil

May 16, 2011

Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera talk Daredevil

May 16, 2011

CBR posted an interview with upcoming Daredevil creators Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera earlier today. There was also tons of preview art, by both Rivera and Marcos Martín, on display. What can I say? It looks fantastic!

In the interview, and also highlighted by the accompanying art, Waid and Rivera once again underscore the emphasis on exploring Matt’s senses, which I think is just awesome. The Martín pages show some really nice page layouts and includes a wonderful use of humor and Rivera’s art is just pretty as hell. I can’t wait to see these pages in print and in full color. (And, speaking of the latter, it was also revealed today that the new Daredevil colorist is Spanish artist Javier Rodríguez).

I only have one complaint: What’s up with the pre-WWII cane in Martíns panels? I really like his art here otherwise, but that’s one annoying little detail I hope he will consider changing down the line, especially with the reveal of the new design Rivera came up with.

Okay folks, it’s way past my bedtime, but please discuss away!


  1. Andrew

    I love the detail in those images, especially of the backgrounds. I’m not as crazy about how DD himself looks though. I have mulled it over and I think what bothers me is the old school approach that others seem to like so much. I like how Batman’s suit/look has evolved over time to remain contemporary but DD in contrast looks like how he was drawn in the 70’s. Murdock’s cane is very last century as well, which makes no sense.

    That said, I am blown away by the emphasis on his radar sense and the focus on his perspective (how he senses everything happening in the world around him). The sound effects for instance are a nice touch. That is all just very, very cool.

  2. Isaac

    That artwork is too good for Daredevil. Really. If correctly inked and coloured (and maybe not by Hollingworth, who makes everything look the same), it would be terrific. As I said, too good for Daredevil. The writing will never cope with the quality of the artwork. It’s like something from another medium.
    We may all love the character (I’ve read almost everything about him), but I think it’s clear that Daredevil is (just) a Marvel product. The last issues were a confirmation of it. Marvel comics are like plot-repeating summer Hollywood films, and Daredevil would be more like a nice B-Series-Flick, Frank Miller’s work would be a real good example of a good spaghetti Western, but no one of them, despite our love for them, are serious cinematography. Since I’ve seen “serious” comics in Paolo’s artwork, I think it may be a waste of talent…
    Anyway, it’s just an opinion…

  3. equustel

    Issac: I respect your opinion, but I think you seriously underestimate the potential of the DD character. He has been both serious and cinematic in the past, and he’s got more depth than any other superhero I can think of. Attaching artists like Paolo and Marcos to him makes sense in a way it wouldn’t on other superhero books. And clearly, they are excited to work on DD. They don’t consider him a “waste” of their talents. Why should we?

    All of the Marvel characters can be described as “products” if we want to completely strip away all the talent, artistry, and inspired writing that has shaped them into who they are today. Why diminish all of that?

    Anyway. The more I read from Mark, Paolo, et al… the more excited I get for July! Everything they say feels like music to my ears, frankly. I’m more amped up about this run than I have been for any of the recent creative teams. Optimistic!

  4. AP

    Regarding the penciling/art style, I guess you’re just more of a fan of modern art Andrew. Regarding Batman’s costume evolving, are you referring to the movies or comics? Because Batman’s costume has changed very little in the comics to make it contemporary. Same thing with DD, so of course his suit looks like it did back in the 70’s. The costumes haven’t really changed over the years for many characters, but the style and approach pencilers, inkers and colorists use has certainly diversified and changed since the 70’s. For some characters, I really wish they would update the costume. DD is definitely one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the old look but I feel his costume could go through some minor changes in texture and such to make it more contemporary with little to no uproar. At least get rid of the underwear on the outside!

    There is the occasional cover artist that changes it up but very few interior artists mess with DD’s costume. Marco Checchetto did use a costume design in his interior work that was similar to the design Lee Bermejo and Marko Djurdjevic used when they penciled a few covers. Basically Checchetto added some piping flourishes and got rid of the “underwear on the outside” during the Left Hand Path arc in #505-507. It looks a bit like the Ultimate Captain America costume. I thought it looked cool and contemporary and would be a nice update for Ol’ Hornhead, so long as they be sure to place the holster on his left side. 🙂

    Also, ditto to what Equustel said. Well said.

  5. Andrew

    @AP: I was referring to the comics. If you look at Batman today he is drawn with a lot more detail in the costume revealing the suit to be armour rather than say spandex (look at the gloves for instance, and the symbol), plus no more “underwear” on the outside. That’s another thing that’s gone and which I think makes him look more modern. Here is what I mean, these are scans from recent issues:

  6. AP

    So this has happened in the last few months, since he’s returned from death? I haven’t been keeping up with Batman since he “died.” Not too shabby. It definitely is more modern. I do miss the bit of color the underwear gave it though, but not the underwear! The blue broke up the dullness of the gray. It’s such a large are using such a dull color that it can be boring, but the piping and other details really help. It’s a lot like Marco Checchetto’s DD that I was talking about:

    Getting rid of the underwear for DD isn’t as much of an issue since the underwear is the same color as the rest of the suit, so most people wouldn’t miss it. It also helps that red is a more vibrant color to begin with.

  7. Bill

    Something about this art reminds me of John Romita, clean lines, handsome faces, attention to backgrounds, etc. It makes sense coming off a rough story that was experimental and controversial to go back to a simpler formula as a symbolic cleaning up of the mess. I like DD’s classic costume and I think the simple monochromatic look is cool but if you really look at it it’s subtly but significantly different than the original.

  8. AP

    Bill: Yeah, Paolo Rivera’s art reminds of Romita Sr’s art too. I love clean lines, so Romita Sr has always been one of my favorites.

    Regarding the costume, are you talking about Paolo Rivera’s version of DD’s costume compared to DD’s “classic costume?” Because I hardly see any substantial difference between the two. The only ssubstantial difference I see is the new holster and how it attaches to his belt. Anything else is just a minor tweak to what we’ve seen before from what I can tell. I see that Rivera’s added the small heel back to the boot that was used from the 70’s until Romita Jr took over and reintroduced the flat sole, which they’ve been using until now. Rivera also added the center seam back to the boot that they haven’t used since Maleev or Lark was penciling. Is there something I’m missing? I’m not trying to be confrontational or anything, just curious. 🙂

  9. Christine

    Can I just say one thing? I love you guys. This conversation is so wonderfully geeky and intellectual at the same time and I’m so grateful that the comment sections on this site are so devoid of the venom you find in so many other places online.

    @Andrew and AP: I’m sorry your comments earlier took a while to show up. The spam filter sends any comments with more than two links in it to be moderated rather than published immediately so I had to manually approve them. I don’t mind, of course, but just so you know.

    On the “underwear” issue, I don’t mind them on the outside as long as they’re shorts more than, you know, underwear. In reality, a man walking around in just a tight body suit, regardless of the material would look funny as hell. Yes, I’m looking at you Spider-Man!

  10. AP

    I’m just glad I have somewhere I can be a geek and talk about Ol’ Hornhead! I don’t have too many people I can talk to about the differences in DD’s boots over the years, just how his senses really work or what the hell is going though his head when he does something ridiculously stupid. Most people I know don’t know and/or don’t care about DD so it’s definitely a huge plus that we can discuss all things Daredevil here without rancor.

    No worries about the spam filter, I figured it was something to do with the links.

    Regarding the underwear/shorts issue, I just find wearing them over a bodysuit ridiculous. Yes, wearing a bodysuit looks ridiculous, but what’s more ridiculous? Wearing shorts over a bodysuit of course! ;-P Besides finding the look aesthetically pleasing, the only reason I can think of a hero wearing them would be a sad attempt to gain some “support” and avoid lines better off unseen. Thing is, a pair of tight shorts aren’t going to help either of those, especially the latter. A hero would need to wear a dancers belt under the body suit to avoid those problems. A dancers belt is designed to eliminate unsightly lines under tight clothing, give “support” and appear seamless, so if they wear underwear/shorts over the bodysuit it’s not going to help. All it is going to do is draw the eye to that area, which is what they’re trying to avoid in the first place! Or are they? 😉

    I also read somewhere that Superman’s costume was based on what gymnasts wore at the time, so that’s why they started designing all superheroes wearing underwear/shorts. Come on, should a superhero really follow 1930’s gymnast fashion when designing his costume? Think about it.

  11. Bee Clayton

    This art looks fantastic.

    I know DD is more known as a noir-type chracter these days, but this art looks bright & energetic, a welcome contrast. Looking at the clean lines, fight choreography, the depiction of his radar sense, all this adds up to DD looking FUN again.

  12. Robert

    Wow, that is some beautiful artwork. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Everything Waid and co have said about what they are doing with Matt psounds like exactly what the character needs. As long as Marvel leaves them alone to tell their stories, this should be something really special.

  13. Bill

    @ AP, Conversation isn’t confrontation brother (who the heck else is would want to talk about DD’s boots). I wasn’t really talking about Rivera specifically, or at least not intending to, just artists over time adding little, (sometimes very little) visual stamps as they take over the book. For Rivera maybe it’s the holster, for Quesada maybe it was the short gloves and boots, for Miller maybe it was detailed ears under his mask, etc. Beyond your observations:

    1. I have seen DD’s horns on the side of his head. Don’t care for it.
    2. I have seen ‘divits’ in his mask-hole (the opening for his nose, mouth, and chin). I think that was Nord. This I liked.
    3. Blocky double DD s Colan style. Prefer them modern.
    4. His eyes white, not red. Hate this.
    5. And to totally geek out (just for Christine), I hate that Nightwing carries escrima sticks that look just like billyclubs. Thank Scott McDaniel for that legacy.

  14. themattmurdockchronicles

    Boy, I love Marcos Martin’s art – that scene with Foggy and Matt crossing the NY streets is gooooorgeous.

  15. Ellen Fleischer (formerly 'E')

    Three years late to this party, but when I took a look at Page 1 of Paolo Rivera’s art, I had to laugh at the “Friggin Daredevil!” entry for “book title”.


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