Seeing things #10

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Yes, it’s time for the next chapter in the series “Seeing things” in which we catch Daredevil, well, seeing things. While we know that Daredevil’s senses can be tuned up or down to suit the writer and/or story, what these incidents have in common is that they clearly appear to be writer (or, more rarely) artist goofs.

For those who’ve missed this series in the past, I particularly recommend the mother of all seeing goofs in which Daredevil sees a painting of the Deathstalker’s mother from clear across the room.

The example below is from Daredevil #126 by Marv Wolfman with art by Bob Brown and Klaus Janson. This is the issue which sees Daredevil fight the Torpedo and it also marks the first appearance of Heather Glenn. In these panels, we see Daredevil interrupt Brock Jones in his attempt to rescue a young boy. Matt is such a glory hog. That bastard.

Daredevil points out the color of someone's clothing, Daredevil #126

Interestingly for the purposes of this series, Daredevil also sees fit to describe Brock as “the man in the gray flannels.” Well, how would he know that? He wouldn’t. On the other hand, to complicate things even further, Brock isn’t even wearing gray, he’s clearly dressed in green throughout the issue. This begs the question of who messed up or even if Wolfman deliberately had Matt call out the wrong color (and has thus made a fool of yours truly). On the other hand, this could be another example of the process that made the originally gray Hulk turn that lovely shade of green.

EDIT: “I’ve since learned this is a literary reference (see the comments) and thus not a seeing goof at all. Aw shucks!”

Either way, I think we can assume that it’s safer for Daredevil to not be shouting out colors at random. Later in the issue, he again proves his blindness by putting on the absolutely hideous pajamas pictured below. Yes, I know this issue was written in the 70’s but that’s really no excuse. Taking advantage of someone’s blindness to sell such a hideous clothing item should really be a crime.

Matt puts on his hideous pajamas, Daredevil #126

Another example of Daredevil seeing things comes from his first encounter with Klaw. Since we know that Klaw will be making a return to Daredevil during Mark Waid’s run, you may want to take a look at it.


  1. Gary

    My assumption is that it was a reference to the novel “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit” by Sloan Wilson Per Wikipeida, it is a novel published in 1955 about the American search for purpose in a world dominated by business.

    Also, a 1956 movie with Greory Peck.

    I remember both as I had to read it in college and after reading it rented the movie.

  2. Christine

    Well, that makes a ton of sense! Glad we cleared that up (and that Matt’s literary knowledge exceeds my own). Sadly, that means it’s not a seeing goof which does pain me a little (because those are fun!). Oh well, will leave it up anyway. 🙂

  3. Gary

    Oh geez, now I feel like I burst your “seeing things” bubble! Didn’t want to come off as a smarty-pants or anything but that was just a book that stuck in my mind.

    I agree to leave it up as the goof is still there in those crazy pajamas Matt is wearing!

  4. Robert

    Only a truly fearless man could get away with those pajamas.


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